The Art of Warfare --- TAW --- Now Recruiting NA Members

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Mister Hemphop, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Mister Hemphop New Player

    The Gaming Community of TAW is pleased to announce it's recent spin up here in the DC Universe.

    The Art of Warface (TAW) is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established sense 2001 with over 2,700 members currently active in over 40 games.

    TAW has a strong and varied background in cooperative online gaming. We are a community of gamers from all over the world who compete together in the spirit or Friendship, Loyalty, Honor & Fair Play.

    What We Offer You In TAW

    • Huge Team Speak (Top Ranked in the World)
    • A Website at (a even more updated one in progress!), Forums & Wiki's
    • Shop for TAW Goodies
    • Badges you can earn within TAW which gives you more things to do in game when things get boring
    • A ranking system for those who like to progress within the community
    • Loyalty from your league mates.
    • Lot's of other games to play with fully developed teams just a channel away ( view our different game at -
    • And much, much more!!!
    Requirements to join us in TAW
    • Minimum Age 16+
    • Must be willing to use Team Speak
    • Must have a working mic
    • Be active
    • And most importantly ... have fun!
    If you are a casual gamer, hard core gamer or just something in between --- We have something for you here in TAW
    How to join us in TAW
    If you are interested, all you have to do is make an account on our website and join our DC Universe division by creating an account. After that, keep an eye out for our email sense we will contact you ASAP
    Need more information before joining?
    Have any additional concerns or question about joining TAW? Or just want to have a chat about it first? A more detailed description of who TAW is and what we have planned here for the DC Universe Taw Division, we have prepared the following presentation:
    Also feel free to contact me at my email, PM me in game or just leave a comment here in the forums:
    Hero: AbsolutePerfection
    Villain: Pepe LePew

    or contact our Head Drill Instructor DestroyerPA
    Hero: Arieskar
    Villain: Gynor
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  2. Mister Hemphop New Player

    TAW turned 17 years old yesterday!!! Gratz to the TAW community! 17 years and still going strong!
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  3. Mr. Destroyer New Player

    I've been a member for a short time now and they make you feel like family, best decision i have made in picking a league
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  4. BulgarianGhost New Player

    Very good community! Friendly towards new players and full of very respectful people willing to help you!
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  5. Mister Hemphop New Player

    Check out one of the best gaming communities out there guys! Visit our website or make contact with one of our officers.
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  6. allspark New Player

    What server are you on eu or us
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  7. Mr. Destroyer New Player

    we are on both, still building both sides numbers
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  8. allspark New Player

    Ok thanks
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  9. Mr. Destroyer New Player

    feel free to check us out on
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  10. Mister Hemphop New Player

    Wanted to encourage you all to come check us out at
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  11. cracklez New Player

    Thanks for having me in TAW guys!
    I'm glad I found this well structured, cooperative clan with many experienced and new players.
    and I've had a great time. I enjoy playing with everyone from around the world.
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  12. vevandre New Player

    I am so happy i joined Taw! Everybody in this community are awesome people and great team players! Thank you for taking me in! I will never leave!
  13. Thunder/3030 New Player

    This League is Awsome
    P.S.TYVM for having me TAW Community
  14. Hiakosan New Player

    TAW is a great gaming community I have been in it for five years and made many friends I highly recommend checking it out.
  15. allspark New Player

    Realy friendly groud glad i joined
  16. vevandre New Player

    Thank you for everyone that joined! And happy to make more friends every day! You all are truly awesome! TAW for life!