The Anti-Monitor Returns!

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    Attack of the Anti-Monitor Anniversary Event

    The anniversary event is back, featuring open world missions, the Centennial Collapse raid, a new daily solo mission/instance, and a ton of new feats, styles, and rewards. Open your Mission Journal and look for "Monitoring the Situation" or queue up for "Centennial Collapse in the On Duty menu to get started. Here's what's new this year:

    New Solo Mission/Instance: A World Past Hope and Fear!

    A mysterious portal has appeared nearby and a researcher has gone missing! It’s up to you to investigate just where exactly this portal leads and what became of the missing researcher. Look for this mission in the Antimatter Invasion Zone.

    New Styles and Base Items!

    • Unlock a new style-only gear set inspired by Fracture, the original Exobyte-enhanced superhero.
      • Look for the "Exobyte-Boost" styles on the vendor for Qwardian Crowns.
      • Enhanced versions of the style can be crafted with recipes also found on the vendor.
    • Discover two new collections for a title and new Fourth World New God Aura.
    • Find new Brainiac-inspired base items.



    New Base Pet: Krypto!

    Adopt a new Base Pet: Krypto! Make sure to pick up his doggy food bowl and bed to keep him comfortable in your base or lair. Available on the vendor for Qwardian Crowns.


    New Artifacts and Artifact Equipment Slot!

    Three new Artifacts launch with the anniversary event! Complete the event's pointer mission, Monitoring the Situation, and you will be able to choose any one of the three as your reward. All three will also be available from John Constantine in your Headquarters.

    • Scrap of the Soul Cloak
      • Stats: Power, Health, Might
      • Soul Tap - Passive: Increases maximum Supercharge, Supercharge regeneration, and reduces Supercharge ability cooldowns.
    • Legionnaire's Sparring AI
      • Stats: Precision, Health, Dominance
      • Predictive Counterstrike - Passive: Countering an enemy grants CC immunity and a Precision and Weapon Damage buff for a short time.
    • Parasite's Power Harness
      • Stats: Vitalization, Health, Power
      • Power Distribution - Passive: Hitting an enemy with a Controller Debuff increases group members' Power and Precision for a short time. This stacks for each type of Controller Debuff on the target.
    PLEASE NOTE: Shortly after the anniversary event has begun, we will launch a SECOND Artifact equipment slot! This will allow you to equip two Artifacts at a time, and reap their combined benefits. The second Artifact equipment slot is not yet enabled.

    Updates and Adjustments!

    A variety of adjustments have been made to the event based on feedback from last year.

    • Centennial Collapse
      • The Centennial Collapse raid has been changed from a daily lockout to a weekly lockout.
      • Currency rewards and replay costs have been adjusted to match the lockout change.
      • Reduced crowd control from Anti-Monitor.
      • Reduced health on Anti-Matter Shards and Anti-Monitor.
      • Reduced Qwardians protecting Anti-Matter Shards.
    • Vendor
      • Vendor costs have been reduced (includes last year's rewards and this year's rewards).
      • Last year's Anti-Monitor gear has had it's maximum item level increased to item level 192.
    • Open world solo missions can now be replayed.
    • Qwardian Crowns are now available on the marketplace, like other seasonal event currencies.

    The updated event is available now for everyone in-game. Log in today to stop the Anti-Monitor!
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  2. ChillCat Loyal Player

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  3. TheLastSupermanPrime Well-Known Player

    No no no, ANTI-GREAT!!!
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  4. KHALONofOGUN Devoted Player

    Yay Fracture Style!!!
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  5. TheLastSupermanPrime Well-Known Player

    ^ And basically a new Ultimate Aura, just in blue YAY x2!
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  6. Zneeak Loyal Player

    So after completing all dailies and weeklies I got to choose one of the new artifacts. As far as I understand, we were going to be able to wear two artifacts at the same time now, one of the older, existing ones aswell as one of the new ones. How do you do that? I don't seem to find an option to have both equipped.
  7. Bladejack New Player

    If you read the notes it says...

    PLEASE NOTE: Shortly after the anniversary event has begun, we will launch a SECOND Artifact equipment slot! This will allow you to equip two Artifacts at a time, and reap their combined benefits. The second Artifact equipment slot is not yet enabled.
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  8. Jay Smeezy Committed Player

    What are batman metal emblems??
  9. Zneeak Loyal Player

    Thanks, I must've missed that text. Hopefully shortly is not two weeks from now in the next Time Capsule. :)
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  10. Bladejack New Player

    It's a nod to the ongoing Batman Metal story currently out at your local comic shop !!
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  11. Jay Smeezy Committed Player

    Ok...let me rephrase, where do i get them in game?
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  12. Bladejack New Player

    I think they are all in a box at the Event vendor for 75 Crowns....
  13. ELOfanatic2095 New Player

    Would be nice if I could get back in. I left to check my in game mailand I can't get back to the event....
  14. TehCost New Player

    I don’t see that box... I don’t see the emblems anywhere... and I don’t see anything about the new aura either... where do we get his stuff???
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  15. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Yea I dont See ANY Emblem Box Either
  16. Awsome New Player

    how long does this run for?
  17. TheLastSupermanPrime Well-Known Player

    I saw many mentioning this in shout, I said "just use the teleporter" then I go back to re-enter... low and behold no yellow ring, no ability to warp! So maybe a hotfix asap? I'd hate to wait until tomorrow to be able to see what I wanted to buy today - was about to spend real money in marketplace for Crowns and snag Krypto! Not possible now until fixed :p.
  18. TheLastSupermanPrime Well-Known Player

    I think last time it ran for roughly a month, don't hold me to that though!
  19. TheLastSupermanPrime Well-Known Player

    I just spent 12 replay badges to reset the mission, thinking it would allow me entry to the zone via teleporter - NOPE replays wasted :/
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  20. >>>KIra<<< Committed Player


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