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    :eek: I got to say and yes, its a shameless plug, but the TUBI app just keeps adding more anime titles that I just binge through. I highly recommend

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    This was unexpected, Funimation seems to have gotten their hands on a deal for Robotech. :eek:

    Their details on Robotech: The Series are a little scant, unfortunately, so I'm not sure how worked up I should get over it. I'm really hoping it's the original series that combined three different shows, if for no other reason than to be able to watch them all (I could never seem to catch consecutive episodes back in the day LOL).
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    I remember watching Robotech back in the 1980's. I absolutely loved it back then. I recently watched all 3 seasons on Netflix.
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    I saw another article on ANN, and it sounds like it's the same thing as what you watched on Netflix. So yay, I get to catch up! LOL
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    I didn't know this until i rewatched it but second season is rated M for Mature. The is the arc Robotech Masters. So when I saw it back in the 80's they must of cut some of the scenes with Dana...
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    :) Ah Robotech, the anime of my youth, which continued on with Macross. Do you remember....
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    Okay, harping on a show again, but if you're looking for a goofy fun show for this season, Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is probably your best bet.

    In addition to the school song and that poor girl who unsuccessfully keeps trying to thank Iruma-kun for his help, they keep adding odd little comedy bits. Clara alone is worth keeping an eye on after she's introduced (she's always doing something odd/funny) and the school bell/chimes in the background of the latest episode are worth keeping an ear open for.
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    So I'd love to give a high recommendation for ORESUKI since the fall season has finished up, but I can't.

    Because the show won't have a conclusion/actual finale until an OVA release later this year. :mad:

    Setting that frustration aside, I'd still highly recommend the show. The humor is great, the way the plot and story unfolds is very interesting and there's some real character growth among all the characters in the show. I'd even go so far as to say it's pretty thoughtful in how the story gets told. So as long as you know you have to wait for the actual end of the season, by all means check it out.

    Meanwhile the second season of BOKUBEN aired, and it pretty much picked up where the first season left off and ran with it. Overall it was a decent show, but not a whole lot to make it stand out like ORESUKI did. I don't feel like I wasted my time watching, though, so it has that going for it. LOL

    Interestingly, the manga artist of the source material posted on Twitter that while he thanked everyone behind the efforts on the series, he had no comment on the ending of the show.

    "Regarding the relation between the ending of the anime and the future developments in the manga... I have no comment. (laughs) I hope you keep enjoying the manga in the future!"

    So not really a controversy or anything, but interesting nonetheless. :) Anyhow, both seasons of the show are worth a look if you like (or don't mind) a harem show.
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    Couple of quick hits on two other shows.

    Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life was an okay show. Pretty much "cute girls doing cute things" meets isekai, with a couple surprise funny bits thrown in here and there. There did end up being a slightly more serious turn near the end and a few "what's that all about?" moments that hint at more story (either through a sequel or hitting the source material) but it wasn't jarring. Like I said, it was okay.

    Assassin's Pride was another that was okay at best. It kind of took itself a little too seriously, and I have to agree with some of the review comments from ANN in that it sometimes got a little too convoluted for its own good and may end up being on the forgettable side. It had its moments, though, and when it was on point it was a decent watch.

    With both shows, I think the most telling thing was that seeing new episodes pop up didn't spark a "All right, new episode, gotta watch it!" feeling with me. So take that as you will.
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    Just remembered, there was a Fathom Events trailer for that shown when I went to see Rise of Skywalker. Shouldn't have been too surprised, considering there's probably a decent crossover of anime and sci-fi/Star Wars fans.
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    Wow, so they're re-releasing Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan. I happen to gotten the dvd by chance and I enjoyed it for its weird humor
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    Anyone seen VINLAND SAGA. My friend recommended it since I liked Goblin Slayer and BERSERK. I'd like an opinion
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    So once again a new anime season brings some VERY varied shows. LOL

    Crunchyroll got the streaming for one show I was looking forward to and mentioned earlier, Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It. Basic premise is in the title, really: a scientist declares her apparent love for her colleague and being the hyper-rational scientists they are, they set about trying to prove it. It's surprisingly cute, though. The couple themselves are adorkable, and their colleagues in the lab add some fun flavor. Cool thing was that Crunchyroll put up the first three episodes at once, so it gives a good look at the series.

    On the other end? Funimation is streaming Interspecies Reviewers. VERY much a NSFW show. :D Set in a fantasy realm, it centers on two adventurers who, when not adventuring, review the pluses and minuses of engaging in carnal pleasures with the various female species in the realm. It's crude and the commentary/dialogue at times is sophomoric, but I had fun watching. The show knows what it is and doesn't shy away from it, and believe it or not right off the bat it gives you pause. You get different viewpoints and perspectives from the various reviewers (an orc and halfling get pulled into the discussions as well) and they at least poke fun at certain tropes (hot elf girls in particular). The art style is different and that (along with the content) may not appeal to all, but it was an interesting show at least, so I'll keep giving it a try.

    Besides, with Funimation streaming it, if they give it a dub they're gonna have a blast with it, and I'll be honestly surprised if Jamie Marchi doesn't end up involved with the production in some way (writing or voice acting).
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    Minor correction on the Interspecies Reviewers details, it was a beastman and a halfling that were pulled into the discussions, not an orc and halfling.

    The beastman mentioned orc girls in his discussions, so that's probably why I said "orc" by mistake. Carry on. LOL
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    Small number of shows that got my attention this season, as Seton Academy: Join The Pack is really the only other new one that I've watched and want to keep watching.

    Basic premise is human boy who hates animals (due to an incident in his past) is now enrolled at an academy filled with animals. But a lone wolf girl at the school decides she wants him in her pack and goes about trying to recruit him, and the hijinks ensue from there.

    Just roll with it, trying to figure out why he HAS to go to that school isn't addressed and probably is not worth the effort of trying to figure out. LOL

    Anyhow, all male animals look like walking versions of animals while all female animals look like cute anime girls with animal features (ears, tails, etc.) because anime. :D But they do have a wide variety of animals in the show, including extinct ones. Nothing like a T-Rex teacher showing up to break up a fight, after all.

    And the variety extends to the main cast. You have a human boy and girl, a wolf girl and a cat girl, but the second episode also brings a sloth girl and koala girl into the group (the sloth girl in particular has some great gags and comedy bits). The preview for the third week also hints at a male lion student pining for a female impala.

    Not all of the jokes land and some are repeated a little too often, but they do like to hand out animal facts and tidbits as an episode goes on, so you get to learn some kinda fun stuff which usually gets incorporated into the jokes. Overall I've been entertained by the show so I'll give it a shot.
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