The AFKers!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Tallguy, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Tallguy Well-Known Player

    I'm currently on the T6 area with my character anything below that. End game content usually quite good but the levelling process in instances is my main problem.

    They either stand around or stop half way through the content they expect you to finish it. What bothers me is they accept the queue into the instance so they are clearly present when it begins.
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  2. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    This is something I've wished would have been addressed for years. It's not so much at end game, but low level and seasonal instances are notorious for AFKers. I think it's far past the time for us to have actual sidekicks or something for alerts and raids. Many other games allow you to level up a sidekick or companion. Why cant DC? I enjoy playing most of the game solo or with the few friends I have left in game. Why cant we have sidekicks with their own AI as healers, trollers, and tanks? Get rid of the group buff and make everyone level up and gear out sidekicks for roles.

    DC could also restrict who goes into what instances, but this could hurt lower level que times.

    Hate trying to compare things to other games, but on Fortnite PvE side. You can report someone for going AFK. They track these and if you get to many complaints, you can earn yourself a suspension. Life happens, but your playing games with groups. Some things can be avoided. If you have kids, pay attention to them. Play games later when they are asleep.

    Another thing I've wanted since it was added to PvP is the force field wall at the beginning. Pvp had to add this because of AFKers. Why not carry it over to PvE? Sure, people can walk out of the area, but just add a feature to have some random NPCs to spawn and attack someone not moving. They would be killed and sent back to the beginning, and eventually kicked for being AFK.

    There are lots of options. None of which are being done to improve any of these issues that have been around for years.
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  3. High Troller Loyal Player

    Report the player, place the player on ignore, and move on in life.

    Feel free to refer to my guide at the bottom of my signature.
  4. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    *Off Topic*

    the title sounds like a really cool band LOL
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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Simple fix

    No damage on the scoreboard = no loot.

    If they're then participating to a purposefully minimal extent then they could be reported for griefing.

    The reality is we never know why a person has gone afk, just because they've queued in and accepted the queue does not mean something hasnt happened in that moment afterwards.

    Going afk isn't bad only purposefully not contributing is which can be easily distinguished from my suggested change.
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  6. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    Brb with a response on how to remedy that.........

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  7. Proxystar #Perception

    The reality too is it's also not hard to type brb.
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  8. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    if they're actually AFK report them, just make sure they're areally awol first as some player's systems lag and hang on loading screens. it's usually easy to distinguish people who are actually griefing vs just stalled at entering the content. genuine dead weights will usually also stall or just stand there about halfway through or at the final boss/es. give them about 5 minutes cause after that they're safe to be assumed either awol or disconnected.
  9. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    Meh... Isn't most 2 man content easy mode anyway? o_O

    It's no big deal IMO, not that I want to spend an absorbent amount of time in an instance mind you, but, if on occasion an individual has a urgent BIO break/life circumstance to attend, I don't mind smashing a few extra baddies and spending 30 extra seconds in an instance...

    Now if the group wipes, repeatedly without the individual, it is probably an alert or higher content right? At which point, can't you just kick them?
  10. Brit Loyal Player

    Last night, I did a Titans Raid, and I'm not exaggerating, there was one guy who went afk during the Captains/Turrents fight, and didn't budge until we got to Terra. Then, he raced up and joined us during the Terra fight, but was AFK through the actual fight, to the point that by the end when we were zoning out, he had the (Away) tag in front of his name. While he did move in the middle for a little bit, I suspect he was alt-tabbed out of the game just letting us carry him.

    My solution is exactly what they already do with PvP. Set a minimum participation threshold. In PvP, if you do not meet a certain level of participation, you do not receive rewards (losers get 100 MoV as long as they were actually putting forth minimum effort). They could do the exact same thing in PvE. If you didn't deal damage, or give healing, or give power, or accomplish objectives, or ANYTHING, then when the boss drops and gives loot, you get nothing. You don't necessarily have to be loot-locked; I'm not talking about penalizing people who have connection issues, go to the bathroom, or who get killed and not rallied in the first few moments of a fight and end up stuck standing at the door. But if, over the course of the entire raid, you're not doing anything, you do not get rewards.
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  11. MajorPrankster Active Player

    Same refrain, every single MP gaming forum.

    This is a people problem, not an issue to be solved by writing code.

    No matter what the game or the level of kick-votes/auto-boots/reward-trackers, there will always be AFK players, or other players that for some reason cause overly-invested gamers to lose thier minds.

    Welcome to reality, not everyone plays the same way, not everyone takes the game as seriously or as friviously as you might.

    This is a no-win, waste of development, intractable problem based on the human condition.
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  12. Noble One Committed Player

    tbh i would call them out on this but they arent lying. ive gone a couple days doing my normal routine of running duos and such that yes there seems to be afkers in almost every one of them. the worst is the TT duo as that seems to get quite more than just a few. the last one i ran into was a raid for the machine event and i basically flat out told the person either commit or get reported since i was recording them sit there. they started fighting after that.
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  13. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    Ha! So like clockwork, went into the seasonal and someone was refusing to do anything. I was amused that someone else called them out first so that I didn't have to. We kept trying to wipe but the healing buff was too strong. So, we just agreed to disband (it was a random queue group) and re-group to run it. I added 'em and we did it quickly the second round and had a good laugh at the guy who was afk. A pain to regroup and restart? Yes. Worth it? Totally yes. #justsaynotoleeches
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  14. tukuan Devoted Player

    IMO for a duo or alert if a player does 0 dmg (or within another relevant threshold) they get no rewards. I know some ppl login alts on another account computer and they'd suffer for this but that pales in comparison to afk'ers.
  15. Proxystar #Perception

    Just so you know, I finished it by myself after you all left.

    Haha kidding
  16. Zamara Dedicated Player

    I've had 4 players go AFK during the whole event instance today, out of 7 times i did it and one of those 4 almost had a 2nd player go afk too, every time it was the same thing, we were done with the fight and they were still in the same spot with 0 damage dealt.
    Another thing i see a lot is players queue into the stabilizer event, get in and stand still by the entrance, they'll wait for the boss to appear and then rush to make sure they hit it at least once so they make sure they get the drops.
    That's the main reason i started to queue in to the stabilizer event with one of my pc alts, that way i can solo it and the free loot those afk people would get will go to my alts instead.
  17. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Just going to say either you have absolutely the worse luck with team mates or you are exaggerating a bit. Not say there are not players out there they coast nut I blind Q into everything and while I occasionally see a free loader 9 of if every ten missions I do? Nope.

    And it happens on any content.. I my case I'd say the Stabilizer Fragment is the worse. I have lost track of how many players I have seen sitting at the entrance not even budging toward the battle. Now on just about anything else I'd either refuse to do anything myself and just stand there til they move/.. (hey I am retired while I don't like to waste time as long as my chores around the house are done i can sit there and do NOTHING just like he can.) Thing is with the fragment duo i know I can complete the thing solo anyway so I figure why bother wasting the time.. I put the guy on my ignore list so hopefully be teamed with him again and just go kill everything. heck even that way I am always finished and headed out in under 2 minutes. Quick fix for THAT mission, and it has been mentioned before, just make the thing a solo and be done with it.

    In the past there has been a lot of trouble like this with event content. Classic cases are the Raid during the anniversary event. First year it seemed like every time we turned around another thread was on here complaining because the freeloader would quickly get them selves killed, rez at the mission entrance ans then just never to back in the combat area again.. Problem was once the fighting started it was impossible ti start a kick vote.. Seemed like it was not AS bad this year. Big thing with the Halloween event last year was players that actually joined a team and entered the alert.. then ran to the vendor to use up their spooky bites and left without ever entering the combat area... Some how that was faster that actually go to the east End and using the vendor there. i think the new map with the option to teleport right to the East End Police Station and use the vendor may have helped get rid of that group.

    I was on the Titan Alert a while back and we were at that point where we battle Death Stroke ... It seemed like it was taking longer than usual to get him to run off after teasing Night Wing. then I happened to notice the guy next to me and he was not using any sort of attack,,, Pretty easy to tell since he was in the exact same stance constantly . Weapons fire or an attack from the tray would produce no just damage but an animation. This guy was a statue. Now at the end of that mission I checked and he had almost no damage out at all (and no he was not a tank or a healer...... he just was tagging along and watching us kill everything.) Now the ONLY reason I even notice him was the lack of any movement during that boss battle. A little too busy attack Death Stroke to pull up the scoreboard at that moment. Thing is a lot of the loafers just pick a spot and sit far away from the battle and make it very obvious you are carrying them.. his guy stayed with the group so it wasn't as easy to see what he was up to and just stood there watching.

    I could go on and on and on and ON and ON.. because I've seen thing like that in just about any and all content (hell at one point when riddled with crime was the new DLC we discover two team mates on the weekly outdoor missions just sitting on top of a building while the rest of us were attacking anything that moved... BTW they both got kicked) The thing is it can and does happen anywhere but like I said unless you just have the worst luck with teams I can't even imagine running ten missions and having a tag along on nine of them.
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  18. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    sadly this "solution" would screw more than a few players over in the stabilizer instance which, considering it's the only way for a lot of players to get stabilizers and open capsules, would be a huge no-no for the devs. more typically than not by time i get into the stabilizer event (my computer hangs for about 60 seconds more on the loading screens, literally just a minute) the other player has already run through the first half of the duo instance or even has gotten through the first wave in the second half and locked me out of the arena for the last part and it's boss. a better solution (or at least for the stabilizer duo anyways) is to make it solo which solves my problem (i can actually "run" the instance) the other person doesn't feel like they're pulling the other person's weight (cause they're doing the event for themselves and can do it as fast as they like) and the AFKERS now have to do their own work and get through the instance (provided they even can.). for others like raids/alerts/duos this system works considerably well though it'd have to be considerably low since healers do 1/4th of the dps' damage and even 1/3rd of the tanks and about 1/2 of the troller's.
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    Unless your computer is tragically horrible I don't buy hanging for 60 seconds I think you're exaggerating. I don't anticipate you liking me saying so, but it's what I think.

    Despite my thoughts they could always exclude a few instances where this might occur but apply the rules to all others.
  20. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    so you don't think computers lag or freeze or basically do computer stuff? haven't heard one that good since a kid in my geography class said they didn't believe in giraffes because they had never seen one. everybody knows computers do computer stuff and that they inevitably decline. the only irony is that it's never done this with world of warcaraft, which you'd think would be extra hard on a graphical drive seeing as it's literally a sand box with amazingly detailed forests and everything.