That's it. I'm officially cancelling my membership.

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    I think we as a community have given developers plenty of opportunities to improve, but it's clear now that you're just planning to milk us without letting us know you plan on letting the game die. Most of the players I know have left, and I have been around since 2014. The spams on patchwork was a clear indication of decreasing quality, then 31st century, which doesn't require an essay on why it sucks.

    But this DLC is clear you're just planning on pass grinding as gameplay, while milking coin on every other aspect that you can. For my friend, the moment he decided the game was officially dead was when he realized the feats of the base mods and the grind it signified. For me, when I saw exactly how many materials and catalysts were required for the logic wings. At that point it's pretty much (even more) exhaustive grind. Instead of actually implementing clamping stats so we can run lower tier runs with lower cr players and still have it be fun, we ravage them instead ruining it for everyone, and in it's stead we are expected to just grind the last 3 DLC's.

    The bases had so much potential gameplay for both free players and members, potential that was left untouched, ironically, they still release items for bases every event. But for what?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At no time is any player encouraged to visit other's bases. It's an annoyance rather. I say that despite the fact that I had arranged my base beautifully with all 600 base items. I don't know how DCUO has it's departments, but it's unfair that while whatever department is in charge of styling and models is nailing it, the people in charge of gameplay are by far doing the bare minimum. If that's called bare minimum. Grinding.

    And its not only matter of grind. A few months ago all the best dps started leaving. Progressively all of the friends I had since years ago started leaving for one reason. Speedhackers. They struggled to get 380 sp, 400, 500. And now literally anyone comes and just ruins it for everyone. And they're pretty obvious and easy to notice as well. Whenever you meet a speedhacker there's little room for doubt and think "ah well, maybe he's just that good" no they just come and ruin it, even if they try to hide it using speedster movement mode. It's unfair to all the friends I see putting like 300% the effort I put.

    I had some premium friends who left because they failed breakthroughs that were incredibly hard to get, they weren't good with mechanics, but their dps was elite. Then like 4 months ago hackers started spreading, and now they all have 200 artifacts. Why wouldn't they? They've been speedhacking for months with no consequence. And DCUO is pretty fine with them, in fact so fine twice I have tried reporting them, and I can't submit any video or nothing. I even uploaded to drive and youtube and support was like "yeah no, we can't open a simple link we're just that incompetent" and they crossed their arms. Some people have told me the same.

    And the real deal breaker is, between all these issues, gameplay, grinding, hackers, the only thing was keeping me in the game was the social aspect, the friends, but now it's deserted, heck even the newcomers I met recently quit the game. I guess I ended up being a bigger chump.

    I know the usuals that hang around the forums will probably defend and try to pretend they're blind regarding the issue. Any player expressing a concern for the game is either denied, or their comment deleted by a certain you know who. Or he just closes comments. Heck he might appear even here and hide this thread. But that's every dying company's attitude and I don't care. The issue stands, and I'm taking my money. Every favorite multiplayer game I've had has died for the same thing. Hackers. But this game has a thousands of issues above that, plenty of resources, but no intention to do anything about them. I'm leaving and taking my money with me. That's all.
  2. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    You say you’ve been here since 2014 and say the gen mods are too grindy? The base mods aren’t even that bad. You want the stat buffs? They barely increase stats. You want the feats? Their is no time limit to the feats. To much of a grind? What grind? You passively get the mods for doing stuff you were gonna do anyways. It’s not like before when you had to take time to go around collecting exobits tha go turn them to exobytes and turn them into mods. Tha have to redo it all again when new gear was released. That was grindy. The kids? I’m only missing 2 mods and I haven’t done any grinding for mods. And if the barely grind is nothing you than you are in the wrong genre of games. MMOs have grinding involved.

    The logic wings are the easiest op items to get. Outside of the initial process of completing everything then redoing the raids, the op wings can be completed without even doing anything except the open world stuff. They are so easy to get I even started getting my lower alts who never get op items some love lol.

    The baes had so much potential? What exactly is wrong with bases? You can literally decorate it to the point that it looks like it is part of content in the game. I’ve seen some incredible bases. What exactly is missing?

    All the best dps started leaving? Maybe all the best dps YOU know but all thr best dps I know are still playing.

    Yes speed hackers are an issue. If you can’t report them for what ever reason save a clip and send it to someone who know how to report them to do it for you.

    Are there things about the game I don’t like? Yes obviously. But isn’t as bad as you make it seem? No, it’s not. Either way if you’re done, you’re done. Ok. Not to sound insensitive but ok bye? No one is forcing you to play. This is a game for us. If we don’t like it we can play other games. If we like it we will play. If your not having fun that fine. Play a game you do like
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  3. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    I mean.

    The game has issues. Yeah. All the things you said? Eh.

    My friends list is still full. You know people who quit. I just met a group of people who just started playing.

    Post is just a bit dramatic.
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  4. Aesthete Well-Known Player

    It's always interesting hearing other players perspective on what's considered grindy. As someone who's played quite a few MMO's (B&S, BDO etc) DCUO's grind was never really a concern for me, it was more of the short shelf life the episodes have. If you've missed out on bounties, progression feats and etc during current ep, best of luck trying to get that stuff completed.

    When it comes to OP gear, I don't see a problem with the current system as I view it as something meant for long-term progression ( they usually last up to 3(?) episodes before needing replacement). Despite the "grind" they seem more accessible compared to past ones too. Not to mention, there's really no rush to have it right away when elite gear is sufficient enough but each to their own. As for the speedhacking... that deserves an entire discussion of it's own because boy there's a lot to unpack.

    The shelf-life of an episode will always be my biggest problem with this game. So much content barely being utlized by the community since there's absolutely no incentive for running it after you're past relevancy. This only makes it harder for newer players to properly navigate through the game and eventually, they leave (The lack of tutorials on DCUO's part doesn't help either). Of course people will say, go find an active league but they're stretched thin and that's assuming these leagues are engaging with newer players and not their little cliques. Something needs to be done to have both old and new players want to run older content more.
  5. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    This woulda been a great dlc to introduce black and white lanterns….
  6. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    They already introduced Black Lanterns. They appear in multiple episodes.
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  7. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I’m pretty sure at this point I’ve sold more OP catalysts (including food) than I used. The drop rTe was pretty generous. I’m at 7/12 mods for the feat and should have #8 here in a day or two. I do think the numbers should be tweaked a bit on that, but not a huge biggie.

    Ine of the devs did say they were actively looking at tech to implement to address the speedhacker problem.

    I do share the disappointment in bases. It’s been two and a half years since the last (and only 2nd) premium base them with the extra room was released. In the livestream for the anniversary event that year (when the Brainiac theme was releasex) one of the devs, (Oceans I think) said there were more in the works coming down the pipeline. Still, that’s not a bug enough reason to quit the game IMO.

    It sucks that your in game friends are no longer around. I might consider quitting if that were the case for me. While there are a few who I kinda miss, my league and friends list is pretty active. All the best of luck to ya.
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  8. zNot Loyal Player

    I and many that i know cancelled membership and not playing the game at all due to the poor raid design that they give us and the low difficulty of the Elite raids,the fact that something so simple isnt being made properly is unbelivable but all they do is talk about Cosmetic things and dont give a single reply to the multiple threads that highlighted the raid issues.
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  9. PHNTM Well-Known Player

    The game is designed now for casuals to play and to milk as much money as possible.

    - Feats and skill points, what is the point in them if you don't actually feel the difference after a certain amount? I've been playing PoE recently and upgrading your skill tree can change how your character performs. Most games are similar, the more you unlock or work towards things like a skill point, the more powerful you become and feel in-game. Best to just make feats more like accomplishments or challenges now for cosmetic rewards.

    - OP gear, elite gear etc. Again, what is the point in grinding for these pieces of gear when the game is now designed to give everyone the best pieces of gear before a new episode. Also, what's the point in grinding for these pieces of gear when you can complete new "elite" content without being max CR. It could be the elitist, hardcore gamer in me but I want to work hard to get a piece of "elite" gear and for it to matter, making my efforts worthwhile. Currently that is non-existent.

    - Renown system needs to be changed/reworked. I'd much prefer a system like before, where you had to run raids to get the required drop and not farm your renown day 1 and be done. If the above points were adjusted to make elite gear worthwhile, then running raids to get that drop finally (like MMO's operate), gives the player a huge satisfaction. There is nothing that does that currently with this iteration of DCUO.

    I'd love for the designers, developers etc to actually look at other games and see what really works for them. I did love this game and will no doubt try out the new episode when it comes out but the lack of retention for players like myself who are elitist, end-game grinders, lacks severely.
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  10. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    They can't make harder raids because of how stats revamp works stats revamp is not about the players stats at all. Its about the player/group experience with machines. With that said there is no amount of difficulty the developers can give anyone at this time or any other time. We have a game thats super easy to experienced players playing with other experienced players. And a game that is over kill/burnout for players playing with inexperienced players or the whole group being inexperienced. Trust me when I say I've lost many friends and leagues after stats revamp. my friends list and every league I jump in starts full and dies out so fast. They shot themselves in the foot with stats revamp everyone is noticing stats matter so little. Gear and the skill point tree are a slap in the face for the work involved when a simple add will destroy you and your hard work
  11. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Just take a break op lol, new stuff will come, the developers I'm sure has alot on their plate from Membership overhauls to new features added to the UI etc.

    This is the type of game that is hard to quit honestly, with your characters and work you put in, friends, league members, it's like a social media on steroids basically.
  12. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    I'm hoping for this as well, I want to see more challenging content in the future, Flashpoint was too easy especially if you're just burning through enemies.
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  13. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    I hear your pain friend, and I will be honest when I say that none of your gripes with the game will improve.
    Either you decide to look past them and enjoy what you personally enjoy about the game, or reduce your playtime.

    As a day one subscriber/ PS3 DCUO game disc owner here, I offer a small tip: take breaks and return when you feel it's worth it. It's an MMO designed to take money from you, nothing more. If they are not providing you the service you want to pay for, stop paying them.

    I hate/love this game as well. currently more hate than love.
    I wish you luck and fun in your gaming, if this is truly your last visit here.
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  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Welcome to the world of premium if you stick around as non-member. Please feel free to now join all 'remove the cash cap' discussions here.

    Before you lose the ability to trade cash you will no longer really have access too.....can I have your $$tuff?
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  15. Lara Committed Player

    And the next Player and the game still keeps continue, no one listening to what people saying just sad realy just sad sad sad
    No changes aint gonna happen smh
  16. Gundraasi Well-Known Player

    The topic's headline "That's it...!" is like I feel at least once every month spending with the game since the last 3 DLCs. DCUO is like a marriage gone wrong for me and the longer you stay with someone the more his or her faults is getting on your nerves.

    I understand all points of the OP and there is no need to diminish the OP's concerns and complaints.

    Personally I just decided to only play as long as I have real fun, not grinding anymore if I don't feel like it. No one is makiing me do things I don't want to. And if others do and have better equipment/Stats/looks AND more money? Well...then it is just as in real life and I can live with it. :) (Also it won't change anything if I couldn't ...)

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  17. Robotsidekick Active Player

    I think the biggest issue with this game at the core, is that there is no compeition which allows WB games and DB to do **** all and still have a large enough base that they can extract from.

    Other big games like FFXIV and Genshin impact, atleast you can see they put money and effort into those games to get people on. As the only superhero MMO DB can just put their feet up and rack in cash regardless. I just image how big this game could be with proper care and investment.
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  18. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    Try being a new or returning player if you think you have a problem with the grind. At that point, the grind is so insurmountable that you focus more on the content and items you really want.
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  19. Proxystar #Perception

    Sorry to see you go, but the reality is you cant craft a game that is ever going to appeal to everyone in every way.

    This ranges from enjoying every element cosmetically or feeling challenged in terms of difficulty. There's always, always going to be a balance somewhere in between everyones expectations, because none of our expectations are ever the same, that's evidenced in this thread or numerous others.

    You simply have to make the most of it, if you enjoy playing the game overall and get entertainment from it and the benefits of membership provide further enjoyment through your course of playing then it's worth the payment and $15 a month is not a lot for a months worth of entertainment, people pay more at the theaters or food outlets for less leisure time.

    I feel like people often sometimes cancel their memberships to spite themselves, I get why you might do it through frustrations because you're "showing it to the man" but again, if overall you're enjoying yourself despite the aspects you don't find ideal then you're only harming your own ability to recieve enjoyment.

    If the players you socialize with are leaving then find new friends in game, who are better prepared to share your ongoing enjoyment not those people that are arent interested enough despite the odd thing that disappoints them.

    No game is ever perfect.

    The only part of your post I really disagree with as always is stat clamping, that's a massive hell no from me on that front and always will be

    Best of luck for the future.
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  20. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

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