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Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by JayJay2515, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. JayJay2515 New Player

    Watching videos of animals I need to get something done on dc

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  2. neptunesBeard New Player

    I barely got anything done last weekend on DCUO. I was too busy watching every episode of Breaking Bad.
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  3. Radium Devoted Player


    Me too...

    Finished this morning lol
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  4. One_Man_Army New Player

    You think that's bad. I have been putting less and less time into DC trying to read through A Song of Ice and Fire. Wish I could get something done in DC, lol.
  5. neptunesBeard New Player

    Hahaha nice. I finished yesterday.
    It's weird cause the first season I felt bad for Walt but then as seasons passed, I am terrified at how much of a psycho he is.
    I feel really bad for Jesse though; all that bad stuff that happens to him, most of it because of Walt. -_-
  6. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    "say my name"

    and twoface

    my fav moments
  7. Radium Devoted Player

    It really sucks cause in like 3 months it'll be over lol

    But I know the last few episodes are gunna be the bomb.
  8. neptunesBeard New Player

    I'm interested to see what Hank's gonna do. He did say he's got the family's back but I don't know how far he will take it.
    The ending as epic of a cliffhanger it was, did Walt really not think to put that book somewhere else? I mean this is the guy who takes major precautions to everything yet he leaves something like THAT out in the open? Not sure if bad writing or not. He could on some level want to be caught. But I'm guessing he doesn't get caught or die since he was alive for his 52nd birthday at Denny's.
  9. neptunesBeard New Player

    You mean when Gus died? I liked that too. lol (both) :)
  10. Radium Devoted Player

    I'm thinking he told Saul to make that getaway call.

    And Walts always been smart, but any mistake hes ever made has been based on something personal. Thats why he hasen't gone full on Vader yet, cause he kind of sort of cares. Hes really only smart at saving hes *** when he messes up.
  11. neptunesBeard New Player

    So you think he planted that there?
  12. Radium Devoted Player

    Im lost now lol
  13. neptunesBeard New Player

    You know that book Hank found in the bathroom? Do you think Walt left it there for him to find on purpose? That seems pretty careless to me.
  14. Radium Devoted Player

    Not planted, just really really careless. Walts usually pretty good at backtracking and getting himself out hes messes, but that book is gunna finish him off.

    I don't see a happy ending coming.
  15. neptunesBeard New Player

    After he killed Jesse's girlfriend and poisoned that little boy, I can't say he deserves one.
  16. Radium Devoted Player

    Definatly, especcially the last 2 seasons.

    Whats messed up is they did such a good job slowly turning him bad I didn't even realize that he was until the 5th season.

    Somewhere along the way it turned from taking care of hes family to just doing it for the sake of power.
  17. Loadingscreens Committed Player

    Walt has become increasingly unstable and went from a meek chem teacher to an all out psycho drug lord.

    He feels like he is invincible and can't be touched.

    That's the reason why he had that one dinner Concersation with hank hintig at what Walt really does and why he left that book laying around carelessly.

    He feels he is smarter than everyone basically.

    Man that show is amazing
  18. neptunesBeard New Player

    Right. That scene where he tells Skyler "I am the danger" or where he tells Jesse "I'm in the empire business" should have made it very clear it wasn't about family anymore, more so the latter. It's all about his pride and being scrooged out of Gray Matter. It's also kinda creepy just how good of an actor Bryan Cranston is, for me anyway since I grew up on Malcolm.
  19. neptunesBeard New Player

    Yeah that's true. I didn't like the show at first because of all the focus on drugs but I can't lie, it's very entertaining. It feels like a real life version of Death Note in some ways.
  20. LL New Player

    You do realize the show is called Breaking Bad? :)

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