Thankyou players who don't switch powers every few months

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  1. BigAl Devoted Player

    I switched only twice. Once to test Earth while Ice was being revamped (went back to Ice though). And then again to play Rage, because Rage more fit my play style and was just simply more fun to me.

    Honestly, could care less what other players do and say in game. I play for me, not them.
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  2. Heartsbane Committed Player

    My main has always been gadgets. I love it too much to change. My healer has always been nature and that isn't going to change. My tank was originally ice but after seeing and hearing about rage for a month, I switched. I love it. I may eventually go back to ice but for now, he's raging out.

    I'm not interested in having to be the "best" power. I play what I enjoy and what fits my characters.
  3. Hero of Justice New Player

    Like others have said my approach has always been to explore the other powers through my alts. But my main is Mental and probably always will be. I'm an altholic anyways so my other favorite powers just become my favored alts :)
  4. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    The problem is assuming that everybody who switches powers a lot is chasing a "FOTM" powerset (aka read the OP). We know Steel is was ridiculous, but there are people who always have and still play with him cause they LIKE him. I use Zod, and hes completely average, but nobody will say anything about me spending money on him just because he isn't overpowered. If he was suddenly buffed and became one of the top legends characters, I would automatically be included in the "FOTM" crowd by anybody who sees me use him. Generalization, it's a problem.

    I've "downgraded" from Rage twice, from Ice tanking, from HL dps when it was basically #1, from Celestial, from Gadgets, etc. because I never plan to stay a power forever. I do it to add variety to the game; I can only use a power so much until I'm bored with it, and content only comes once every 3 months. I don't level a bunch of alts, I have 3 worthy chars, and the first one has been cr 70 since 2012. The last 3 alts I made got to level 8, 11, and 12 before I quit them only to switch one of my other chars to whatever power that alt is. That includes new "FOTM" powers.
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  5. Arcpope New Player

    Wait why are we assuming people who switch powers are FOTM seekers?

    I switched between powers for a long time. I had back up sets in the bank just in case. It's was never dps though always support.

    I just didn't have the time to level and gear other toons. Feat unlocking changed that.

    But in the end who cares how anyone plays this GAME.
  6. houseofcantor New Player


    Nonsensical thread is nonsensical.
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  7. RapidRay Committed Player

    If someone wants to change their powers from time to time, or even to chase the almighty top of scoreboard with the assumed FOTM, I have no issues with them.
    Honestly, why would anyone care. It's their money to spend.

    In fact, thank you all for the money it put's into the DCUO coffers. FOTM is a cash cow.
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  8. sterl320 New Player

    Im switching to the blue lantern healer power when it comes out. Been Celestial for a while, but i dont care. give me my ring.
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  9. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    Heck, everybody here is so loyal, same power since day one (yeah, sure...) I started the game as Ice, then Earth, HL, Gadgets, HL, Mental, HL, Celestial, Quantum, Nature, Gadgets, HL and now Rage. Those changes thanks to the triple SC a few years ago. And well, with the test server being so handy I changed less often now.

    You should thank the people who switches power, because their money support this game and you can keep playing the same power for all your DCUO time.
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  10. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Lightening Strikes Decmber 6, 2011
  11. rival exe New Player

  12. rival exe New Player

    Yes yes same here, except electric and indigo. :)
  13. Tre Day New Player

    Cliffs are scary. Like they say, it's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop at the end.

    I've only changed a power once on my toons. Syl went from Gadgets to Quantum, mostly because the power mechanic was interesting and it was the first time I didn't feel the urge to level up another toon with a new power.

    All my toons, heroes and villains, are a different power, except for Val and Madelyn, who are both Celestial except Val is the Blessed side and Madelyn is the Cursed side. Their looks and loadout follow a theme, but I can do their role in an instance quite well. I don't get into the FOTM craze because it seems to be heavily based on the scoreboard and a somewhat subjective thought on DPS viability. Not saying that it's all about the Damage side, but it's been enough to drown out most, if not all, talk of the other side of the 'power coin'.

    That, and the FOTM craze sure takes a lot of money out of the pocket. Anything that strips me of some 'pizza and root beer time' is not cool, in my eyes. :p
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  14. Scypher6 Well-Known Player

    You hit the nail right on the head. My healer toon has been nature since day one. My dps toon had to change at least once to adjust to changes the devs made to the power set. A role based player can't understand the challenges dpses face. As a troll he'll never get it till he dpses
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  15. MasterOfTheHunt Well-Known Player

    Your welcome. Nature from day 1 DPS side and all.
  16. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    I'm offended that anyone would think I changed powers without being concerned about my character's storyline. Before buying the respec token, I first filled the basement of my lair with the items that then exploded horribly in the accident. All those tanks with DANGER signs next to them were very clear foreshadowing of the power change.

    As for the idea that there's no FOTM in comics, I have one exhibit for you: the 90's Superman mullet.
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  17. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Missed the point I made.
    I have met players who specifically ask "Hey Which power is the best right now? Which deals more damage X or Y?"
    Or "Which legends is the best right now??" "Is this one OP?".
  18. Caligulus Committed Player

    You missed his point in still thinking everyone who switches powers are like those you just described.

    Not everyone is like the people you've met.
  19. Scypher6 Well-Known Player

    I could not have said it better. Utterly useless thread oddly started by a veteran player. I'd expect threads like this more so from noobs.
  20. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Read the original post that was quoted.