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  1. dcuo gamer Committed Player

    Did Jens say at this week source cast that with dlc7 1st then dlc8 that we will get our very own loot at every boss, whether it's raids, alerts and duos. FINALLY, I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS.

    But I wonder will we wall get the same loot? Like if you beat nexus and if you see an expert plan everyone gets it? Or is it random like if two people get a promethium lockbox at the same time, will the prize be different for each character, and will it be role specific for your dual roles?

    With the league halls and armories coming up, I hope this is leading up to letting us have more than 1 power to carry on our person. Like if you purchase that power it will stay on your account or on that toon. Hopefully this getting your own loot will put to death this "Need on your role crap," "no more nina looting garbage," "increases our chances of getting expert plans more often" which should lower the value of the expert plans in the broker.

    Lastly, this will help people get the dps styles their missing in their feats.

    Your thoughts.
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  2. Redhot Well-Known Player

    I hope its not random I hope the loot that drops is only for your class and dps, If I start to get tank and healer gear i'm going to be really pissed reason being that sure this seems like a good idea for pugs but if you only run your lockouts with league this really hurts
    if they are going to keep it to only dropping your roll/dps gear than this change will be fantastic if the drops will be the whole loot table we are going to have problems it will be like getting the ace/strykers bounty suits the first weeks lots would play so pices would drop but now no one runs them and all ya get is total garbage @@
  3. Statman New Player

    I would assume the simplest move would be to place the current loot table for each boss into a box, meaning we will receive off role gear from time to time. This possibly won't include plans/f.e's as these are generally additional drops not related to the boss' loot table. These may still drop into group loot and be rolled on - I'm not sure at all.
  4. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    They already said that the loot will still be random as always. It's just that now, when you see it's yours chance of losing a roll. Which is still a major improvement if you ask me.
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  5. surge914 New Player

    I actually(surprisingly) disagree. Although I really do hate that reward boxes something give you gear you can't wear, when they give everyone their own loot hit has to be random. With the reward boxes we still rolled for the good stuff and the reward boxes were.... a reward. so I expected it to be something for you. With us getting our own loot; if we got stuff only for our role a lot of players will get geared a little too quickly IMO. On the bright side even if we get our own loot and its completely random(chance of getting gear you can't wear) at least it'll make it easier to get off role gear. I hate trying to get off role gear playing as my main role having to go up against everyone since nobody passes on things even if they can't wear it. I mean really if you just want it to trash it just pass on it. Thats why this whole need greed thing is so screwy cause of course people are greedy. Thank god for leagues and league mates.
  6. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    I too am looking forward to personal loot and to a certain degree don't want to run until it is implemented.

    The fact that the devs continuously refused to drop iconic styles as Damager gear and not just styles only and the Damager-to-other roles imbalance debacle that is T5’s “Traces in Time” and “Time Traveler” gear, maybe many will be able to actually get some of these styles.

    Although I have a strong feeling that there will be a group of players who've benefited greatly from raid group loot and don’t know the frustration of personal loot that comes from running solo missions who are going to want a return to the status quo. Especially when they release that you can't replay badge your way through the gear like they've been able to do with group loot.

    Of course this all banks on the personal drop tables not being filled with useless furniture, focus elements, and low level plans.

    That being said, I doubt they'll only drop gear that you'll be able to equip since that would take a lot of the randomness out of the boxes. But I do hope that they properly balance the boxes so that repeats aren't as common and drop rates for certain items reach a level of ridiculousness.
  7. Robbiiee New Player

    Honestly, with all the threads about ninja looting that have gone on in the past 2 years+ of the game, its a good change, some may hate it, some may like it, but in the end it'll work to everyone's benefit and happiness.
  8. XODUIS Committed Player

    Expect alot of off role gear.
  9. TheLoneLantern New Player

    When you 'all-caps' a word, make sure it's spelled correctly...
  10. TheLoneLantern New Player

    If they make the drops unattuned, expect to get 12 FE V's before one gear drop, while if they do all role drops, you would get 3 FE V's before one gear drop. Get it? You'll have the same dang odds no matter what.

    Making the drops unattuned isn't going to make completing everything faster or easier, which is an incorrect assumption of yours.
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  11. Nyte New Player

    Oh yeah that was a cool feature...finally lol!
  12. retched Well-Known Player

    Can we get confirmation on the scheduling of this? And maybe a few questions: Will this be applied to ALL reward rolls? Like will this apply to the green/blue drops during raids and alerts that pop or will that just be awarded to you? Will this be applied to all prior content as well as content going forward?

    And if anything, just thank you! I wish this was made available earlier.
  13. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    This is one of my favourite changes in the last 12 months. It solves two of my problems.
    1) My unbelievably bad luck. I am one of those cursed with awful loot rolls - I don't hold it against anyone who wins, but it'll be nice to get something when I run things :)
    2) It should put a stop to some of the fighting and absolutely horrible behaviour in game over loot. Hearing/reading people abuse and threaten each other over stupid things like who won the Kick Me Sign was one of the reasons I turned off all chat except league. Hopefully this will remove a lot of that.
  14. game007dad Well-Known Player

    If I heard correctly yes it will be slowly applied to the entire game. But the process of changing will start with the T5 & all content going forward. As for the older content it will be phased in over a period of time I think he said it would require a good amount of time to readjust the older content.
  15. kawe Loyal Player

    After being away for a week and finally running a few alerts again, and being loot booted out of Oa, I welcome this change wholeheartedly. When ever I see a yellow group leader name or 2-3 ppl of the same league in an alert, I expect to find myself in my base after 5 min.
    I'd love if the personal loot boxes would give unattuned gear, but I wouldn't be sad if they keep it as role gear.
  16. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    I've heard ideas of this floating around but it's not being implemented as of yet. If the idea was to start with the newest content, it isn't happening on test right now. The new content on the test server has loot just as we're used to on live. You beat a boss, the group rolls on drops.

    I'm torn about how beneficial I think this is going to be. On the one hand, you are guaranteed something out of the raid. I can't tell you how many times I've run duos/alerts/raids and gotten nothing from the rolls even if I'm rolling need on things. However, how good is that loot going to be? I've already seen someone bring up the new plans. Right now, an expert plan drops from the T5 raids. Is it going to be completely random as to who gets that now? Does everyone? Anyone? Right now, doing a league run in Nexus means you're probably going to have the plan go to the role it works best for. With new loot, you could have your healer getting vit plans randomly when a troll needs them.

    On that same idea, what about some of those difficult to obtain gear drops? HIVE Defender anyone? Right now it's like Christmas when you see it drop off Queen Bee. Is that going to just randomly go to one person of the game's choosing now? What if they already have that piece and would have passed on the loot?

    I just feel like the only current upside to this is that everyone gets something. But, there are a lot of issues with how loot could be handed out that make me skeptical that this will actually be better. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what the devs come up with when they start to implement this.
  17. WonderValkyrie New Player

    no more "ninja looting", love it, thanks devs