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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TechWarrior0329, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I have been to the planet of the "Nth metal" and figured I'd start a thread on how we all feel about the new content. So here goes.....:)

    New map: I think the Artists and devs did a great job in designing a new world for us to play in and explore. Not hard to get around in and some very interesting visuals.

    The daily grind: Now so far I have no clue how many mission each contact has but I enjoyed the missions I got. I am a fan of actually engaging in combat as opposed to hunt and click .. As the prefect example think Doomed Metropolis where we had/have 4 daily contacts with 1 mission each and as long as a player is careful you can grab 4 tributes and 4 source marks and you have attacked and defeated a total of 9 Lex Corp. personnel.. everything else is find and click type stuff. Then of course you can add in daily #5 (if you can find a team) and take out Doomsday. I Thanagar I had two missions that required me to defeat NPCs and then click on something as well. The Third daily was strictly a find the bad man and kick his butt. :D

    The weekly: Now so far we have only the one where we assemble our team and take down the nth Metal Gollem.. Now relax folks I am sure at some point they wlil add another weekly for us to pound on.. Hey they did it in Metal Part 1, and the JL Dark Gotham so I am betting eventually we will have another giant monster to pound on. For all you bean counters.. take heart there is no daily or weekly that require us to run around and take out X amount of mobs to complete.. So yes no "defeat 218" oh and also there is no run around the map looking for white dots and clicking on "rifts" that someone can jump in front of you and steal. Both good things.

    Overall I enjoyed what i saw so far and am getting set to log back in and do the new Duo, alert and raid.

    A side not: Not a rant just an observation. Why is there always that one guy that has to see just how much he can get away with? LOL A group was gathering to take on the golum and one clown kept racing in close and taunting ... and managed to get himself killed twice. and then on #3 managed to enrage the Nth Metal Gollem enough to have it start attacking and defeating players not yet ready to do battle. Now getting yourself dead.. who cares but when you get 2 or 3 other players killed as well? Your a jerk LOL Fortunately I managed to avoid death and then helped get everyone some revenge.

    Again overall I like the new zone and look forward to the rest and a few minutes.
  2. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    I enjoyed today as well. lots of good, bad and ugly to go around.

    The ceiling is way too low in Thanagar. For an alien race that bases itself on birds of prey you dont really get that aerie feeling but its still a nice little city. reminds me of one of the towns in Neverwinter (cant remember the name i havent played the game in 8 or so months). i'm curious if i'm missing something~i see little motes floating around. are these part of a mission i havent been assigned yet or is this tied to a weekly that i overlooked? I managed to finish both of the collections without needing any radars. the base items are fantastic. i know everyone is all nth metal, nth metal but i really wish we could score some globlass.

    i was lucky enough that the duo did not bug out on me. i'm about to run a few alts through the open world. if i have time ill try the duo again to see for myself. i loved it. difficulty level felt "just right". this is exactly the way we should be reusing assets in the game. its been a while since we've been through crime alley (pretty sure not since OC). my only real complaint is the length of the cut scenes. also love them...especially when they can feature my characters but this one just went on too long. right now its okay...but i can see myself avoiding running this on alts. i loved the final boss fight.

    I still don't know what to think of the alert. I like the Oan Sciencels portion. Again the difficulty level felt "just right". Several attempts in and i still havent finished it. I have mixed feelings about what comes next. Lots of mechanics + a laggy server + an on duty queue group tends to = disaster. my powers kept glitching out into infinite cool downs. same thing used to happen in the original atlantis alert. the atlantis alert was just too new to reuse. once we finished up with oa i hated every second of it. i still need to get most of the feats from the first go round.

    at this point i'm sure we all know the raid bugs out. A lot. i like both of the boss fights but things felt a little too easy. the final boss fight was fun. i want to try the elite version but from what ive gathered theres already an exploit and one of them is reported to give out lots of extra marks. i'd rather hold off to see if this is true.

    there is a lot of lag. lots of bugginess. i've dc'd more times today (well since the seasonal went up) than i have in the past year.

    this one gets a A for effort and aesthetics but were at a D for execution.
  3. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    The alert is just terrible after the Science Cells part it goes down hill fast still haven't been able to be it because of the bugs.
  4. Psycho Tech Committed Player

    my first impression was "wow the devs mustve gone to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney World before designing it" lol the resemblance is uncanny, but its a good thing
  5. BSEison Well-Known Player

    I really like the look of Thanagar but agree with previous poster that said the "ceiling" was too low, you'd think a planet of bird people would let you soar a bit higher. I'm a big fan of content that goes places besides Gotham, Metropolis and Central City.

    Was unable to get out of Oblivion Bar in the duo due to glitch, so I don't have any opinions on the rest of the content.
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  6. EconoKnight Loyal Player

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  7. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    Love the content. BUT it is a bit shaky right now and a few hot fixes would seem to be in order. No big deal considering the real attempt to add new creativity to the DLC
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  8. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    It did throw me off that they added a 1 of 4 mission like they did in Titans.
  9. Tarif Committed Player

    Thanagar looked cool, but isnt all that much. Im surprised how low the ceiling is, and how small the new open world is.

    Then onto the duo, I tried 5 times, it glitched every time.

    So Im done, logged out, and hopping onto Elder scrolls online, Ill spend my money abd time there tonight.

    Rehashed content, and they cant even get that right anymore? Horrible launch. Was really looking forward to playing our new episode tonight, but trying to start a duo five different times, I could care less now.
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  10. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Well as most have already said.......... The big issues revolve around missions. Now like WilderMightnight I got "lucky?" and managed to have no real problem with the duo. But the ALERT? I have tried it twice now and still have yet to complete the thing. And since I am trying to stay on the right path to get my extra currency that mean You guessed it.. I have yet to even run a raid.
    Also and I know this has been brought up a good bit but according to the Journal there are supposedly TWO raids.... so when do we get to see the second one?

    Not sure if I should spoil the surprise or not but on that duo.... If you ever had a fantasy about battling just about every one of Batman's villains. You will like the duo. Maybe I just missed him but about the only one I don't recall defeating was Bane. Was that just me? or did the big guy take a day off. LOL I won't say anything more... Enjoy the battles when you manage to get through one unglitched.
  11. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    yeah whoever came up with the bright idea to run the bounty 77 times for a feat needs to get slapped 77 times.
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  12. Akaiko Active Player

    I think it's random. There's several feats in the duo for eventually beating quite a few people in different parts (which will take at least a few runs to do). I did get Bane, but didn't see a few others that you might've gotten. I like the duo myself (when it actually worked).
  13. Hamicrux New Player

    There are some weird CC issues in the alert. The escaping metal constructs in Oa can't be controlled or pulled until they've reached a damage threshold. The dead water constructs (is that what they're called?) in Atlantis can't be controlled but they can be pulled. The dead sea creatures in the Drowned fight can be controlled and pulled but they run away from the tank almost as soon as you pull them. Feels like a middle finger to anyone but DPS or healers.

    And don't get me started on the increasing tendency of the damage that ignores shields in new content. What is the point of improved stealth if it doesn't even prevent damage when it really matters? Hell, as an ice tank going all dom/resto with 370 sp, I took more damage in the drowned fight than I took in any raid.
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  14. Muadeeb2069 Level 30

    The only thing I didn't enjoy about the new open world area is enemy NPC's are way too jumbled together. Trying to kill and click as you put it then Npc after Npc join in the fight. Took me 20 minutes to kill and click 5 enemies cause interruptions and timer runs out. Being Electric it draws a lot of aggro if NPC's are too close in proximity. Other than that really fun.
  15. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Yeah I got to deal with some of that myself. Like I said in my first post I am not sure exactly how many different missions each contact has but I got the one where you click on and rescue a Green Lantern. Now I did not see any that didn't have an NPC beside them and even had one where I defeated the NPC and another player grabbed the actual lantern and took him but I still got credit so that is probably on purpose BUT in one spot there where about 4 or 5 of them in a circle and all it took was one stray sot and you had another NPC attacking you while the timer ran down on the Lantern you just freed.

    It's a pain but nothing we have not seen before in other DLCs. I lost track of how many times in Metal part 1 I was doing the mission involving defeat escaped prisoners and then click them to arrest them.. and the other mobs were so close I'd wind up battling something I didn't need or want while the time ran out on the group of escaped prisoner I just defeated. It seems to be one of those things the Devs do to "make it more of a challenge".
  16. Littlejaytee16 Well-Known Player

    I don't know about you guys... but the Damage Control alert..... wipe after wipe after wipe. I don't know if it has been due to glitches or the fact that I'm pugging it... but that alert... madness.
  17. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    Finally played through the new stuff last night, and overall I liked it.

    Was very happy to see a bright Thanagar as opposed to the dreary settings we’ve had all year.

    The duo was creative from a story perspective, and the onslaught of characters was very refreshing. It felt like a battle royale.

    The alert once again used locations that were bright or beautiful. The difficulty on regular can be punishing on a healer, though. A healer friend of mine says he hates that alert and probably won’t run it much.

    Phoenix Cannon was a great, new environment with enjoyable game play. This is the kind of raid I like to see.

    Into the Dark Multiverse - enh. The card game led to some group argument on how to do it and was kind of unpleasant. I think that will get better with time; it seemed to be something not difficult but convoluted enough to cause group conflict. The second boss - kind of annoying running to hide behind things; have never liked that. And the final boss pretty straight forward. Overall an okay raid - not something I would want to run over and over again.

    But the design team - excellent. The creative, story side - excellent. The game mechanics - enh. But, I play the game to relax and be a super-hero; I play to collect stuff and fulfill an OCD need to check off boxes; I don’t play to prove something. That’s where my opinions come from.
  18. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    For the moment, I had time only for the open world, duo, and alert. but I was lucky and I did not encounter any bugs.

    A new open world is always good, a new map, new buildings, chickens ... oh ... thanagarians to the place of the next NPC from Gotham, great;)

    Duo, yes, of course, old maps (but interspersed with minor changes here and there), but the story itself is well built, the ability to kick the *** of all at least slightly significant opponents of Batman in one place is fine;)

    The alert .... is magnificent, truly magnificent .... yes the map are old again ... but the mechanics are completely different, and you immediately forget that the map are old. The first boss, not a single mechanic in itself is fatal, but if you ignore everything insolently, it will systematically accumulate and still lead to a vipe ... but of course the best thing is the ending, it’s great, finally you’re the star of the show, not superman, not a batman, not a joker or any other super hero or villain, namely you;)
    The second boss is also very good, the boss stages do not just add an additional attack or additional add-ons, it changes the whole atmosphere. In addition, you have two options, you can clearly follow the mechanics, or you can ignore it and still win successfully. The mechanics do not go to extremes, following greatly simplifies the battle, but at the same time it is not so significant as to not win without it. The final music, it is magnificent, every time I just staying to listening that song to the end. ;)

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