Th Damage Gap

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  1. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    No nastiness
    It's not hard
    And if your not reading very few agree with me

    I may be wrong, could be
    Hope so

    And I'm fine with this game trust me it's not hard I can tank, troll, heal, and DPS exceptionally we'll through all the content in the game even PVP as much as I dislike it.

    This suggestion was for everyone's benefit not mine but bygones, see ya brother
  2. TheVoiceOfReason Well-Known Player

    The more posts I read in this thread it seems like you are the clear minority in this issue although I do applauded your persistence whether it is warranted or not. Where are the tens, hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of gamers who agree with you and,support you in this?
  3. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    You comment on my perceived nasty then go straight for intended nasty jibe.

    It's a nice try but a defeat able argument, not looking for mass agreement, it's a rule of life a person also e can be smart and intelligent, people as a group are sheep and will walk off a cliff one right after the other.

    Yes I'm in the minority, yes I hope I'm wrong, but the delta is not sustainable through growth, that fact does not change
  4. TheVoiceOfReason Well-Known Player

    I'm sorry but your arguments and responses lack in intelligence and rational thinking. Seems to me you just want to do more damage so just dps and end this already.
  5. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    I do thank you, good day
  6. compasionate grenade Committed Player

    The reason i ask if ur joking because damagers(dps) are high in damage hence the name damage. For instance healers have the highest heals on the scoreboard and won't be topped by any other role. Trolelrs are number 1 for power out and tanks for damage in. Im just sayin...isn't it obvious?
  7. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    DPS players will still be number 1,2,3, or 4 if that's how they run just the damage difference between 2,3,4 and the next role won't be 2,3,4, or how we are headed 8 mil, it will be 1 mil to 1.5 mill you spread that difference out between the other role players and you have a more interactive and sustainable experience for everyone.

    Essentially right now we are all on train headed to point where 4 or 5,guys supply power and heals to 3 or 4 guys and they are so good and geared the first 4 or 5 won't do anything but stand there and heal, recharge, or aggro(block) depending on role.

    Cut the divide in half and spread it out amongst the other 4,5, or. 6 players makes a much more enjoyable and more importantly sustainable gaming experience
  8. Lightful New Player

    You know what's weird? When you que for an instance, it asks you to choose a role which includes "Damage". The description even says "The Damage role...".

    Huh, that's so weird...
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  9. ACW37162 Loyal Player

  10. COMBATICUS Dedicated Player

    We're trying to insult me lol cuz that was just as horrible as this thread.
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  11. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Nope making a point which you reinforced with your response, enjoy
  12. TheVoiceOfReason Well-Known Player

    You are the only one coming off as Forrest Gump in this thread. You completely missed the other guys point that damage is also a role and there are 4 roles in this game. Not 3. You keep calling yourself intelligent but nothing you say or the way you respond to anyone supports that. All you do is insult people who disagree with you which seems to be everyone, which still doesn't make us sheep.
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  13. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Said three roles and damage stance
    Never said I was intelligent
    Wasn't asking for support was explaining a potential problem, if your going to use my words use my words.

    Again, when your argument is I like it leave alone, or the above poster who said this thread is stupid because he doesn't agree don't get high horse because I point it out.

    I got you don't agree with me your more then welcome to feel free to move along

    Iedit: Ideas invite critics which I willingly accept I don't have to take your snarkyness or his there are many other threads you can contribute once you finished telling me how wrong I am
  14. TheVoiceOfReason Well-Known Player

    Except damage isn't a stance, it is a role just as any other. It is a role that any power can be. The developers have confirmed this as well as when que up for any instance in the game it is listed as one of the 4 roles you can choose.
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  15. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Which has nothing to do with damage gap and point of this thread but thanks you for pointing this out to me
  16. Deathmike Loyal Player

    Support roles can still do significant damage on the side, it's just a matter of playstyle.

    Deathmike out.
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  17. TheVoiceOfReason Well-Known Player

    Which I and everyone else already covered. There's nothing more to say about it. The damage gap is fine.
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  18. Lightful New Player

    You gain access to your support role, yes. That doesn't mean damage isn't a role. They don't correlate whatsoever, I don't even know how gaining access to your support role had any relevance with damage being a role or not.
  19. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    They correlate as much as pop up menu, noted liighful damage stance is a role , ACW damage stance is damage stance I'm in the minority with this opinion and I'm good with that.

    Do you have anything to add regarding the huge damage delta between DPS and other roles.
  20. Zerefu New Player

    If people would stop picking up bad solo healers, then they wouldn't have to worry about bad heals