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  1. Lightful New Player

    This is exactly how it should be. Speaking through a DPS' standpoint, I'm not going to complain that all I can do is deal damage and I can't continuously heal myself or feed power to myself or take massive damage. That's not what the DPS role was designed for.

    Support roles are well, support roles.
  2. KemistiOMG Committed Player

    if you want a tank to be also top damage go play WoW
  3. MetalMario Loyal Player

    Could you please phrase your statements in a way that's useful/meaningful? Total amount of damage is a worthless comparison. What's the relative difference you're seeing?
  4. Kroye Loyal Player

  5. IGotYA New Player

    Im sure i was one of those bad dps'ers not sure if a support role out dpsed me,
    but i was pretty bad, ice dps using bow that had no idea the importance of a good rotation nor how to clip properly.
    But then OC came out and i had to actually learn how to dps.

    OC might have been a overall a bad DLC but it did made players (dpsers at least) strive to improve.
  6. Alpha XXX New Player

    You really need to compare oranges with oranges, compare the figure with everyone in the same tier gear and with the same skill and then see the result....but tbh a dps is only ....err 'dps'ing.... at the rate they are because the troll is providing them with power (or doing rarer troll things) and the healer is ensuring they dont need to block too often and worry about health and the tank is absorbing peripheral damage and stuns etc. A good dps figure is as much the result of a good team as of one persons individual contribution.....and that's really as it should be.
  7. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    Because this has the potential to be a MUCH better game. I don't fit in a box, nor do I want to. I run content from T1-T5 in role. Solos, duos alerts AND raids. & For me it's more about completing content, than competition or racing against a clock. & In instancesI don't just stack my HoT's & sit back, or spam heals for no reason. I use my weapon attacks. To build power, cap off weakened adds, or help boss burn, because to me EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS. I don't want to be JUST a "better healer" but a better PLAYER. to go "above & beyond the call of duty" because that what improving myself means to me.
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  8. Clutch Committed Player

    People need to start treating dps like a role instead of something that anyone can do well.
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  9. Whiteroom New Player

    Because it make it harder to argue that DPS is not a role!

    Man, why cant I put out almost as much power as a troll in DPS stance!!?!!
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  10. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I think I speak for all of the battle healers, when I say i have never been out damaged by 500k or more in trigon. If anything I have been exposing bad dps in trigon when I pug. There is no damage gap really, If you do less than 100k in trigon in any support role, that is only showing your lack of gear, but mostly it shows your lack in sp.
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  11. Dro Level 30

    Rage tank putting up 1.1mil in *** bat beating the third dps and coming within 200k of the top these are beast dps.things are about to change so don't cry a river.
  12. Captain Planeteer New Player

    The game ought to support the support roles..its not fun playing non dps role anymore, feel redundant...not long before 99% of the player base become ego centric scoreboard chasers. This current game design supports that cultural direction. But if thats what the devs want ill continue to pew pew pew. And wait 2 hours finding a troll, tank or heal.

    ...dps cant keep hogging the spot light before the other band members get angry...let the other role be in the spot light for change.
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  13. TrueOlympus New Player

    The only class DESIGNED to have respectable numbers in terms of DPS is troll.
  14. Naija born Well-Known Player

    you should think
    why is the dps healing out so low compared to the healer's healing out?
    why is the dps power out so low compared to the controller?
    why is the dps damage in so low compared to the tank's damage in? ( some dps can be real squishy anyways)
    you see? its because dps is a role, and their job is to do damage, good damage.
    you dont hear dps complaining that they are not giving out enough power, they are not healing enough or they are not taking in enough damage
  15. Kroye Loyal Player

    Forgive my ignorance - what does "battle healer" mean?
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  16. Ice Lantern New Player

    When I am healing I typically do anywhere between 30-60% of the top DPS' damage. Sadly, there have been times I out-DPSes the second DPS. And even more sadly is that there have been a couple of times I've been top-DPS as a Healer.

    But honestly, I think this has much more to do with how easy Trigon is and thus the caliber of player who usually do it.
  17. MCAZR New Player

    Nobody outside of an elite player is beating any half capable player trying to do damage by 500k in Trigon (excluding Rage) unless one of the dps' is doing nothing since there isn't that much damage to go around. I classify myself as a battle healer but a top tier dps will blow me out of the water by multiples but I'll do half to two-thirds the damage of a regular dps and even beat a lower skilled one. A better measure would be to see how you perform as a battle healer in Nexus.
  18. Poo New Player

    If a support role is doing anywhere near the damage out of the DPS then either one of two things is going on:
    1. The support role player is wayyy over geared
    2. The DPS is AFK. Lol
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  19. Whiteroom New Player

    It's one of those half-roles where people want to play their own way, but is only effective when people are over geared, skilled, or both. IE. more fun for the person playing it than those pugging with them.
  20. Zeikial Committed Player

    Damage modifiers nuff said