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  1. Zero303 Well-Known Player

    when we going to get atleast high option on textures on dcuo?
    didnt we scrap ps3 so theres no reasoning besides not wanting to do?
    or am i missing something.
    this game could be so pretty in unreal engine . imagien the new unreal engine on this. mmmmm.
    /rant off.
  2. RTX Well-Known Player

    The "normal" Textures are already using the highest available versions. Just textures alone won´t make a game prettier, also a new engine wouldn´t. It´s a combination of all aspects, which requires rework in every area, which they do over time by reworking Iconic NPC models etc.

    It´s really rare that MMORPG´s getting a engine port, due to the amount of work it requires. Its likely to happen in shooter games, like CSGO doing now with Counter Strike 2, but that´s done within a few weeks.

    In this game you would have to rework all environments/instances (maps) with new models etc. that would require a huge team and even then it´s unsure if gameplay/combat aspects can be ported easily.

    Also, they wanna ensure that as many people as possible are able to play (required hardware)
    Another point would be the expected level of graphics, you want latest realism level or fortnite type graphic? Or a mix of both.

    They will produce environments with "newer technics" and updated/newer models, in terms of lighting you won´t going to see huge steps, also no real time reflections etc. if then it would be static (low update rate or 1 time update) otherwise it would require latest hardware.

    Also having alot players in a specific area which need to be rendered, you can´t have a detailed environment. Due to physical limitations. For example you can have everything to be cube models, after exceeding a specific number of textures it massivly will slow down, even if they´re low res. We made big steps when it comes to 3D graphics in games, however we still need alot of "tricks" to display more realism, which doesn´t work in every game.

    Look at World of Warcraft, and some other big MMO´s like Guild Wars and Neverwinter etc. they all have even older graphics as you get in here.
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  3. Limey Committed Player

    1) While you are correct that dimensional ink doesn't have the staff to support new content AND ungrades or porting the game, as is exemplified by their slow attempts to make new gen Xbox/PS5 game clients, all platforms that the game is currently on are capable of running Unreal 4. The only real hardware limitation change would be a slight increase in minimum PC specs, but considering the PC client will run on almost any computer, gaming or potato, manufactured within the last 8 years, I doubt they'd lose any players due to hardware limitations.

    2) Destiny. Warframe. Final Fantasy 14. All evidence that you can have a better environment, and more involved character models than DCUO, and still have a functional game.

    3) Comparing a 2011 game with a 2005 and a 2013 game are certainly going to show mediocrity because you aren't comparing them to anything better. That's no different than saying a stock car cant have more than 200HP by naming a handful of 2008 Chryslers. Ironically enough, Warframe is also a 2013 game, but has shown that age doesn't mean graphic fidelity cannot improve and stay up to date, or remain at the same level as it's original launch. But warframe is also a much more popular, more successful game, with a much more diverse team supporting it, and being an original IP, it doesn't lose revenue to licensing. It simply doesn't suffer from any of the downfalls that hold DCUO back - from a business and developmental perspective.

    This game could be a lot better, but they aren't willing to put the effort and money into it.
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  4. RTX Well-Known Player

    1. The code from Unreal Engine 3 differ to 4.

    2. Destiny, Warframe are Co-Op titles not Massive Multiplayer. Final Fantasy 14 better graphics?!
    Probably also the same amount of Styles, Materials etc. which do make a huge impact on performance. Player amounts per phase etc.

    3. I compared what makes most sense. It also shows that those games work without updating their graphics alot.

    4. This game could be better, they put effort into it but aren´t as big as other development teams. Dunno how much money gets put into it, i believe it will depend on revenue.

    5. You mentioned some "functional games", which seem to please you more, play them.