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    Episode 39: Long Live The Legion

    • Legion Loot Caches now offer choice between two random gear pieces.
    • Adjusted Solar Credit cost of most Emerald Gear pieces. Most items have had their cost reduced slightly.
    • Fixed an issues where Stealth and Invisibility were breaking instantly.
    • The title "Special Agent" granted by the Redaction Action feat will now appear before a player's name instead of after.
    31st Century: New Earth
    • World Event Boss fights have been changed some to reduce confusion.
    • Controlled Cosmic Boy should no longer heal up.
    • Fixed a couple of mission locations that were sunk too far into a building.
    • Controlled Cosmic Boy and Controlled Saturn Girl are no longer healed by the Eye of Ekron.
    • Emerald Emperess remains visible throughout the Controlled Cosmic Boy, Controlled Saturn Girl, and Controlled Lightning Lad fights.
    • Added an aura for Controlled Saturn Girl's Irrational Dread to players who can spread the dread.
    • Controlled Saturn Girl paces her use of Irrational Dread and Destructive Lethargy so that they are unlikely to overlap.
    • Controlled Students respawn a bit slower during the Controlled Saturn Girl fight.
    • Mind controlled students in the Controlled Saturn Girl fight are named Controlled Legion Academy Senior" or "Controlled Legion Academy Junior".
    • Illusions in the Controlled Saturn Girl fight are named "Illusory [name]".
    • Fixed a mid-screen message typo in the Controlled Saturn Girl fight.
    • Long Live the Legion mission
      • Fixed an issue where this mission wasn't updating when players left the Legion: Legion HQ Alert.
    • Reduced the required count for the Metropolis Meltdown weekly mission.
    • Improved the interaction on broken signs for the Metropolis Meltdown weekly mission.
    • Moved a communication beacon from an unreachable location.
    • Removed (Optional) from the hint that Phone Booths provide Student disguises.
    • One of the Briefings that was spawning outside of the accessible play-space should now be able to be reached.
    Legion: HQ Orientation
    • Evil Cosmic Boy no longer encases the Tank.
    • Increased the range of the Metal Constructs cone attack.
    • Limited Rallies turned on for Elite.
    • Encasement duration shortened in Elite.
    • Added feats to all versions of the 4 Player Alert.
    • Fixed incorrect CR level for the On Duty menu.
    • Added voting Kiosks in "Heaven"
    Legion: Convergence of Unmaking
    • The Elite version of the Raid is now available for testing and feedback.
    • In the Convergence of Unmaking raid, Emerald Empress' attack is now labeled correctly as "Emerald Plasma."
    Quislet changes
    • Mega Blast proc chance is now 100% (up from 50%)
    • Reduced the internal cooldown for all ranks of Mega Blast to 5 seconds. (down from 8 seconds).
    • Increased the target split of Mega Blast to 3 targets before splitting damage (up from 2)
    • Rank 160 has been changed. Consuming 5k supercharge releases an AoE attack. Consuming 10k supercharge releases a ST target attack.
    • 2500 Supercharge costs or lower will no longer trigger Refractal Beam. Added 3 second internal cooldown to Refractal Beam.
    • Rank 200 has been changed Mega Blast grants the player 1% supercharge.
    • "Your Brain on Augments" feat is now a 2-star Feat instead of 1-star.
    • The "Zero Volts" feat has been renamed to "Superfluid".
    Misc changes
    • Daemons in Long Live the Legion no longer drop Chaos Energy Catalysts from Justice League Dark.
    • Fixed issue where Source Shard was no longer granting Supercharge.
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