Test Server Hotfix - October 26, 2020

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    Episode 39: Long Live the Legion

    31st Century: New Earth
    • Validus fight should no longer get in a bad state where nothing is attackable.
    • Controlled Lightning Lad fight should now properly grant rewards and reset properly if not defeated.
    Legion: Convergence of Unmaking
    • Shadow Tentacles will now spawn during the Shadow of Trigon boss fight.
    • Feats
      • The following feats are now available for the Legion: Convergence of Unmaking Raid:
      • Tentacle Slayer
      • In the Arms of the Eldritch
      • Lifting the Curse
      • Line of Sight
      • Zero Volts
      • On the Edge
      • Over the Edge
    • Fixed artifact issue where Quislet's ability names were tied to the wrong effects within the artifact UI.
    Public Test
    • Added the Episode 39 Adaptive Augments Box to the PC Test Server PvE vendor.
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