Test Server Hotfix - May 12, 2017

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • Resolved an infrequent server crash.

    • Reduced in-combat power regen while in PvP.
    • Adjusted PvP stat values to use Penetration Percent instead of raw Penetration.
    • Tank Passives: Instead of the PvE bonuses to health/defense, all Tanks will get a Health boost equal to 50% of their Dominance in PvP
    • PvP Stats: Players should expect damage in PvP to be significantly higher than it was in previous versions of Test.
    • PvP gear should have a moderate advantage over top tier PvE gear in open world PvP, and a significant advantage in PvP zones (since PvE gear gives no stats in PvP zones).
    • PvP Clamps: Most normal stat vectors (such as skill points, mods, etc.) will now work in PvP, but will be scaled to PvP item levels. Note that this is different from the hard-clamping on Live.

    Iconic Abilities
    • Super Strength has returned! In addition to allowing you to lift heavy objects, it will add knockdown to and increase the damage of your Weaponized Smash (smashing enemies with objects).

    • Fireburst - Increased cost to 400 and increased damage accordingly.

    Research & Development
    • Created a new Purify power interaction consumable for all tiers called a Holy Light Vial.
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