Test Server Hotfix - May 10, 2017

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    General Updates
    • Supercharge
      • Recovery passive is no longer granting Supercharge more often than it should per attack.
    • PI Consumables
      • Damage rebalanced and now scales with item level (this should result in a net damage increase, especially at endgame)
      • Item levels now scale properly with tier
      • Properly considered “harmful” type abilities (can’t clip – no longer ignore dominance requirements)
    • Detonate:
      • Has been converted into a spammer.
      • Reduced power cost to 100, down from 200.
      • Reduced cooldown to 0.5 seconds, down from 3 seconds.
      • Now hits targets in an AoE, rather than just one target.
      • Reduced damage.
    • Fire Burst:
      • Has been converted into a heavy hitter.
      • Increased power cost to 400, up from 200.
      • Increased cooldown to 4 seconds, up from 0 seconds.
      • Increased damage.
    • Flame Cascade:
      • Has been converted into a spammer.
      • Reduced power cost to 150, down from 300.
      • Reduced cooldown to 0 seconds, down from 2 seconds.
      • Reduced damage.
      • Removed knockdown.
      • Now deals additional damage to Burning enemies.
    • Engulf, Burning Determination, Immolation:
      • Now correctly show all visuals
    • Light Weight Strike:
      • No longer calculating damage as if it has a 3 second channel time and has been reduced.
    • Mini-Nuke:
      • Tooltip updated so that it does not say it knocks enemies down without being in Control Role.
    • Pump Action Shotgun:
      • Is now unlocked at Level 1 and Laser Net Launcher is now unlocked at Level 5.
    • Roar:
      • Should now consistently hit for 3 damage ticks in the appropriate role.
      • Is now balanced around the correct dovetail time.
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