Test Server Hotfix - March 24, 2016 - Game Update 59!

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    Loot Choice UI available in all Tiers!

    We have extended our Loot Choice UI to the earlier tiers of DCUO! Now all solos, duos, alerts and raids available in the On Duty menu have this feature added. This gives players the opportunity to choose what loot they receive from bosses. Upon defeating a boss, the player will be presented with a new UI that allows them to choose from a list of available loot. After the main choice has been made, the UI will then display all items received from the KO.

    Tutorial Updates!

    With Game Update 59, we have made adjustments to the tutorial instance at the start of the game. Important messaging has been updated to be clearer and more instructional for the player. A full list of improvements and updates are included in the full public notes. To enable testing all new characters created this week on PC Test will start in the Tutorial at Level 1.

    Halls of Power Part I
    • Operation: Artifacts from the Past
    • Big Barda/Mantis will now appear in the necropolis cut scene.


    Modern Batman Legendary Grant
    • Updated the mission to auto-complete and mail the reward at level 5 instead of level 1. This will help fix players who are falling off the expected mission path.

    • Swoop Attack will no longer cause the camera to jump to a far away location.
    • Updated the tooltip for Offering to reflect that your character’s Guardian, Fury, and Watcher pets are the only NPCs that get power over time when it is used.
    • Important messages will appear much larger on screen and vary in color to coincide with the degrees of immediacy to perform the required action.
    • The overall frequency of system messages has been reduced to avoid spamming the player unnecessarily.
    • Brainiac Sentry models have been changed, and now use a wider range of attacks.
    • The Brainiac Guardian model has also changed to make him more epic looking!
    • The cinematic at the end of the tutorial now plays immediately after you speak to Superman or Lex Luthor.
    • Pressing 'ESC' while the connecting screen is up should no longer attempt to open the HUD and close the game.
    • Updated the icon for all tiers of the 10-count Catalysts.
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