Test Server Hotfix - July 23, 2020

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • Doom Spin damage decreased by approximately 44%.
    • Clobber Damage Increased by 29%.
    • Mega Smash damage increased by 60% when fully charged.

    Episode 38
    Open World
    • Fixed an issue with the Hydra sometimes spawning with less base health than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible for Grail to not play her Matinee.
    • Added 'skip matinee' options if player has played that Temple at least once.
    • Queensguard Amazons in Atlantis now swim.
    • Fixed issue with doors opening again in a boss fight when they shouldn't.
    • Grail's Omega Execute will no longer be blocked by a mere Clown Box.
    • Grail will slowly add more Spinning weapons in Elite mode including weapons that will seek out players.
    • Fixed exploit spots for Grail.
    • Removed the Elite feat "The Anti-Ambrosia Equation" and replaced it with "God-of-Death Defying" feat. This feat requires no KO's ever in Elite mode.
    • Athena's Ambrosia no longer works in Elite content.
    • Grail and Zeus have enhanced stats in Elite content.
    • Zeus will no longer cage players who have become Source Bombs in Elite.
    • Source Cages now require a skill test to break out of early instead of damage.
    • Reduced the self-damage taken from Lernaea's Amulet
    • Increased base Might for Lernaea’s Amulet to 5% (up from 3 %)
    • Breaking out should no longer hurt players using Lernaea's Amulet.
    • Enhanced Captain's Gearboxes now have price discount for Members and Ep38 owners.
    • Updated tooltip on Enhanced Captain's Gearboxes to reflect discount is for both Members and episode owners.
    • Reduced price of Potent Stygian Water from 1000 to 975. Swapped cash costs of Boon of Hermes and Boon of Aphrodite.
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