Test Server Hotfix - July 16, 2020

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    • Damage done to self will no longer count as damage dealt in the combat log.
    • All Avatar Bombardier gear now scales to 272
    • Magic Supply Crystal will no longer remove mindcontrol in Elite content.
    • Dual Wield Flurry Shot
      • Final damage tick has been shifted to happen at the end of its animation.
    Episode 38:
    Open World: Patchwork Themyscira
    • The Water Elementals that can be summoned during the Flashpoint Murk World Boss fight should be more of a threat now.
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect flag or barricade could appear with the Flashpoint Amazons.
    • Corrected the list order for Wonderverse: The Crypt of Penthesilea (Event) in the Event tab of the On Duty menu.
    • Ares' victory outro has been improved
    • Athena's victory sequence has been iterated on
    • There should now be more clarity of what is being said during the Hera/Athena World Boss fight.
    • Slight tuning to the amount of effort players need to put in, in order to earn rewards for their participation in the World Boss fights.
    Solo: Temples of Source Power
    • Ambrosias now cannot be used outside of Wonderverse zones.
    • Nectar can now be traded to other characters.
    • Players can now use the Ambrosias in all versions of the solo.
    • Reduced stack size for all Nectars from 999 to 7 to help prevent accidental overfeeding.
    • Increased the cooldown on Hippolyta's Ambrosia from 1 minute to 10 minutes.
    • Increased the cooldown on Athena’s Ambrosia from 1 second to 1 and a half minutes.
    Alert: The Crypt of Penthesilea
    • Avoidable damage adjustments for boss mechanics.
    • Feats Added
    • Only in the Event version will Heal Barrels respawn during a boss fight. In both versions, heal barrels should respawn when the fight resets.
    Raid: Fractured God Sphere
    • Elite mode
      • During Grails fight she will slowly ramp up her mind control to more members of the group
      • Added a fire pit warning
    • Normal and Elite
      • Damage has been increased for the Zeus/Darkseid Omega Source Blast
      • Lunge count has been increased for Normal and Elite for the Zeus/Darkseid Omega Source Blast
      • Reinforcements come to Zeus’ aid now
    • Lasso of Truth self healing capped at 3% of player's max health per tick. (up from 2%)
    • Lernaea's Amulet self heals via Finishers halved for tank roles.
    Adaptive Augments
    • Event players who are not Members or episode owners can now purchase extra Bronze Engravings from the vendor.
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