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    Episode 38: Wonderverse

    · Fixed an issue where Donna Troy was failing to animate in most places she appeared throughout the game.
    · Pointer: Solo Update - Fixed an issue where the Pointer Mission "Wonderverse" would not update after completing the first Solo Instance.

    Wonderverse: Patchwork Themyscira
    · Tuning health and damage of a number of enemies and their attacks to increase challenge.
    · Rampaging Hydra should no longer continue to attack if defeated.
    · Fixed Hydra Havok mission, so players need to return to Lieutenant Egeria, as instructed by the mission.
    · Visual on-screen timers should now message how much time is left before the players fail a World Boss fight.
    · Adjusting location and timing of teleporters that allow access and exit from the Gates of Tartarus area. The magical force field should stay open a little longer, making it easier to access that room when the Hydra awakens.

    Wonderverse: The Crypt of Penthesilea
    · The heal barrels in the boss fights will no longer heal enemies.
    · Poseidon's Trident Torrent will no longer track its target.
    · Queen Diana can be attacked after the fight resets.
    · Reward for beating Queen Diana delayed until after the cinematic.
    · Bombshell Diana is in less of a hurry to take off while talking at the start of the Atlantis part.
    · Added a closer rally point that unlocks after engaging Queen Diana.
    · The door to the Queen Diana fight now opens after the enemies in the hallway leading to it have been defeated.
    · Added a music victory stinger on completion of the relic, ritual, and armory chambers.
    · Shielded magical ward FX now matches the FX on the door.
    · Added a message for when an incorrect choice is made in the relic, ritual, and armory chambers.
    · Enemies now attack in the Event version when an incorrect choice is made in the relic, ritual, and armory chambers. This already happens in the Normal version.
    · Improved the end of the Queen Diana fight so that it better leads into the cinematic.
    · Added a message when all magical wards have been destroyed.

    Wonderverse: Fractured God Sphere
    · The Elite version has been added to the On-Duty Menu.
    · Increased damage of Zeus' encasement attack.
    · The cages themselves have more health so they will take longer to break.
    · Added Parademon adds to Grails fight.

    · Purple Healing Ray - Fixed issue where Epione's Grace [Priority Heal] on Purple Healing Ray artifact would not place shield on target.

    · Origin Augments max rank increased from 267 to 277.

    · Icons for Elite Pistols and Fistblades updated to match their slot type, and not appear as a one-handed sword.

    · Added two new feats for collecting v34.4 Generator Mods from the Wonderverse Vendor.

    PC Test Vendor
    · Elite gear on the vendor now indicates that it is elite and activates affinity mods.
    · Removed deprecated currencies from PC test currency box, and increased source marks grant from 100 to 999.
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