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    Episode 41: House of Legends (PC Test ONLY)

    House of Legends
    • Added teleporter pads that take players to the House of Legends from the Hall of Doom and Watchtower.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple NPC's could respawn in the Main Observation Deck.
    • Fixed the description of shortcut teleporters that send players to the Foyer.

    Early End Game
    • The list of Tier 2 solos has been increased in number to include Tier 1 solos.
    • The following instances now update when completing the required type on Omnibus run:
      • Omnibus: Daily Solo or Duo
      • Omnibus: Weekly Alerts
      • Omnibus: Weekly Raids
    Save the Universe
    • Phantom Zone - Fixed an issue where Jor-El AI would not respond.
    • Fixed an issue where Jor-El AI's Power Slam was doing double damage in Normal mode and no damage in Elite Mode.
    • Removed Source Marks and CR ranges from On Duty Mission descriptions for episodes 38-40.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.