Test Server Hotfix - August 11, 2021

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    On-Duty UI
    • On Duty UI will now default to Normal Difficulty if available and the player is eligible for it.
    • On Duty UI should now take into account Group Members eligibility.
    • Replay Badges will now be shown in the top right corner.
    • Scenarios will now indicate if they are Loot Locked.
    • Scenarios can now be unlocked if they are Loot locked.
    • Scenarios inside Omnibus and Solos category will now be organized into Tiers in the Runs List.
    • Omnibus is now split into categories of Solo, Duo, Alert, Raid.
    Custom Play - OLD On Duty UI
    • Fixed a bug where "Leave Queue" Button wouldn't work on Old On Duty Menu
    • Fixed a bug where Replay Badges wouldn't update on Old On Duty Menu
    • Controller Input will now show "Back" instead of "Exit" when displaying
    House of Legends
    • Added a vendor icon to Rip Hunter.
    • Added new teleporters for faster travel between rooms in the House of Legends
    • Updated the look of the Atlantean terminal to look like The Monitor's technology. Also moved it away from the Orrery.
    • Fixed issue where Atrocitus could get stuck at his spawn point.
    • Fixed duplicate tab title for Villain Meta vendor Ursa.
    • Player housing Teleporter Amenity now has House of Legends at the top of the list.
    • Created pointer mission for Save the Universe to visit Rip Hunter
    • Allies are now more likely to speak when they arrive.
    • All summon Ally abilities now have unique summon animations.
    • Zoom
      • Refactored the movement mode increase for zoom so that it now applies for all movement modes when out of combat.
      • Zooms Arm blast has had its height increased to compensate for all the flying villany.
    • Flashpoint Aquaman
      • Drastically decreased the cooldown reduction from flashpoint aquaman.
    • Flashpoint Batman
      • Fixed an issue with Flashpoint Batman stunning bosses.
    Call For Allies mission
    • Other enemies in the Dark Multiverse Batcave are dismissed when the fight with Batman Who Laughs starts.
    Save the Universe
    • Players should no longer see loot locks for Batcave: Inner Sanctum or Throne of the Dead after running the Leveling Version of Fortress Power Core when Save the Universe is active.
    • Players may now leave the Science Spire before listening to Lois' entire VO dialog.
    Early End Game
    • Balance pass on defense buff given by the Early End Game buff.
    • Lightning Strike bounties are now solo bosses in Metropolis, Gotham, and Central City.
    • Adjusted Elite NPC levels to start 5 levels lower than a down-scaled player. NPCs will level up within Elite content as they always have.
    • Balance pass on post-clamp values for Heal Crit and Power Heal Crit.
    • Solitary Riot no longer offers choice of 9 identical gear pieces.
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