Test Server Hotfix - April 9, 2021

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • On Duty Missions descriptions no longer contain references to deprecated currencies.
    Queen’s Row Penitentiary
    • Elite: Created ATOM-bot for the Amazo fight.
    • Elite: Increased stats of Amazo's copy Role buffs.
    • Elite: Slightly increased damage of Heatwaves Intense Heat mechanic.
    • Elite: Turning off intense heat requires 2 secures now.
    • Elite: Heatwave now has an aborption shield that is removed by console explosions.
    • Elite: Heatwaves point blank fire field creates a fire trail on players.
    • Feats for the Queen’s Row Penitentiary are in the UI but not working in the content yet.
    The Royal War
    • Emperor Aquaman: Fixed Jellyfish attack.
    Flashtastic Voyage
    • Fixed an issue where additional Rogues that spawn in the Normal and Elite mode weren't trying to get to the fight.
    • Fixed issues with Grodd's Repulsor Devices and Bombs; they should now reappear more consistently.
    • Weather Wizard's field abilities have been refined.
    • Feats are implemented and ready to be tested.
    Flash to the Future
    • Brainiac received a slight HP boost across all difficulties.
    • Feats are implemented and ready to be tested.
  2. Ender1Game Developer

    Circe's Mask
    • Fixed increased regeneration to now properly apply.
    • Added additional tuning to duration of increased regeneration.

    Pied Pipers Flute
    • Added additional listeners to make it far less likely to not do bonus damage
    • Increased range from 8 meters to 25 meters across all levels
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