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    Episode 37: Birds of Prey

    BOP: LexCorp Tower
    • Players are no longer able to Skip Cutscenes if they have not completed the instance before.
    • HIVE/ARGUS now return to LexCorp Tower with a little more gravitas.
    • HIVE/ARGUS will now appear in more places after Lobo is defeated.

    BOP: Volcano Mining Facility
    • Fixed an issue where Harley might get too enthusiastic about going after turrets that have already been destroyed.
    • Fixed an issue where Amazo could “T-Pose” when using Rage attacks.
    • Fixed an issue where Amazo was using an outdated Bracer Deflect in the first portion of the battle.
    • Added a new animation and FX as a tell while Amazo’s Bracer Deflect is active.
    • Increased Amazo’s hit points back up for another balance pass.
    • Lex Luthor’s purple environment shields now grant high defense instead of damage immunity.
    • Kryptonite Turrets start off weaker when first introduced, ‘normal’ stats the second time, and increased defense the third time – negated by Controllers.
    • Spaced out the spawning of turrets in both fights to help alleviate lag spikes – please report other instances when lag is most noticeable.

    BOP: The Clock Tower
    • Elite: During the final boss fight, one ORCL Pulse-bot will be shielded from harm by ORCL Shield Drones. These shield drones must be defeated before that pulse-bot can be harmed or interrupted.
    • Adjusted damage and flow of some of Reprogrammed Oracle-Bot's specials (especially for Elite).
    • The initial damage hit from Exoblast taken by everyone will no longer ignore shields. The DoT will still ignore shields.
    • The damage from Electrosurge will no longer ignore shields.
    • When a player's polarity is swapped (change from red to blue or blue to red), they will have about 5 seconds of immunity to the newly opposite Exobyte Overcharge field.
    • Atomic powers Density and Mass Density will not change a player's appearance during the fight with the Reprogrammed Oracle-Bot if the player has a red or blue polarity. This is only a visual change - everything else those powers do will still work.
    • Difficulty pass for first boss fight boss abilities.
    • Corrected the breakout profile on ORCL Pulse-bots.
    • Possible fix for red/blue polarity not being applied during the final boss fight after a reset.

    BOP: Fire & Brimstone
    • Fixed an issue where the final boss' multi-beam attack wasn't functioning in Normal and Event modes.
    • Brimstone's Hand Clap should do proper damage now (was nearly doing double damage before).
    • Alpha Lex should hold off on attacking during phase changes for a little bit to allow players a chance to aggro him.
    • Players should no longer take damage from lava pools during cinematics.
    • Final Boss' Rocket Barrage attack now includes a mark on the targeted player so they have time to block.
    • Fixed an issue where players standing outside the boss fight could prevent the fight from resetting properly when it is supposed to.
    • Elite mechanic added to first boss fight.
    • First boss now has additional grounding attacks

    • Larger Birds of Prey Commendation now has purple background.
    • OP Catalysts and Absorption Cells no longer drop for low level players.
    • Augment tooltip now contains final breakthrough details.
    • Augment tool tip text now appears the correct color.
    • Removed incorrect pluralization for Birds of Prey crafting ingredients.
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