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    Episode 40: World of Flashpoint (PC TEST ONLY)

    Open World – Flashpoint Gotham City
    • Additional Open World Feats added
    4 Player
    FP: The Royal War Alert
    • Elite Queen Diana: Ancient Curse now starts at slightly higher damage and each symbol cleared reduces damage done by less. Normal and Event versions of Ancient Curse are unchanged.
    • Queen Diana: Added a variant for Ares' charge path in all versions.

    8 Player
    FPt: Flash to the Future
    • Jay Garrick will now appear before the cutscene.
    • Jay Garrick will now show up after a reset.
    • (Elite Levels) Stats should now be correct when choosing different Elite Levels.
    • Multiplicity Beam attack should now always create a sphere in the center of the room.
    • Kid Flash and Cyborg should now follow you into battle.
    • (Normal) Fixed an issue where Brainiac would change multiplicity attacks after a reset.
    • You should no longer remain in combat after each phase
    FP: Flashtastic Voyage
    • Fixed issue where sometimes only 4 Rogues would spawn in the Elite mode, potentially gating the fight.
    • Slightly reduced the frequency of Gorilla Specialist respawns in the Gorilla Grodd fight. This change is more pronounced in Event mode.
    • Reduced the amount of enemies players need to defeat between the boss fights to reduce grind.
    • While fighting Gorilla Grodd, if changed into a gorilla, players should now see waypoint markers indicating where the teleporter pads leading to the teleporter platforms are.
    • Raid Bosses and awakened Statues should no longer 'leash' and walk back to their origin points mid-fight.
    • Added Ensorcelled Gem Turret to PC Test Pet Box.
    • Anti-Matter Turret is now a Tier 1 turret pet.
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