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    Episode 39: World of Flashpoint

    Open World: Flashpoint Gotham City
    • Resolved a collision issue with Wayne Tower.
    • Added Open World Feats.
    • You now have to wait for Flash to finish talking before you can teleport to Flashpoint Gotham City, both physically and through the UI.
    • Urgent Warfronts - Fixed an issue where 2 Ep40 options showed up in the Urgent Warfronts Generator Mod.
    • Psi-Op Medics no longer spawn with Subject Doomsday fight
    • Atlantean Generals no longer have an unfair advantage over the Amazon Furies.
    Queen’s Row Penitentiary
    • Fixed the Event modes CR display on the On Duty Menu
    • Elite: Increased health and damage of Basepop in the Duo.
    • Elite: Slightly increased damage of both bosses and made them immune to CC.
    • Amazo's Stun & Suppress combo attack does damage now.
    The Royal War
    • Elite: Adds have a bit more health and do a bit more damage.
    • Elite Queen Diana: Volatile Shades will do the correct damage if they explode (were using Normal version behavior instead of Elite.
    • Queen Diana: Improved appearance of Volatile Shades mechanic.
    • Queen Diana: Ares' charge should do damage more consistently.
    • Elite: Slight bit more health for bosses.
    • Elite Emperor Aquaman: Fixed a mechanic for the Elite version of the Emperor Aquaman that wasn't happening - Atleantean troops are supposed to appear and attempt to take down The Flash. If they succeed in doing so,the full force of Geo-Pulse Eruptions is unleashed and the entire area fills with them. The Atlantean troops were not spawning, but now will.
    • Reduced the damage from Zoom's Vortex Trap and reduce the range at which it does damage.
    • Zoom no longer uses two different versions of Whilring Arms and the version used can be countered.
    • Renamed Zoom's pulling arm attack to Twirling Arm for better clarity and it can be countered.
    • Added a slight delay before Zoom's Flash Fist Barrage does damage and blocking will reduce that damage.
    • Elite: Pets and Sidekicks will not be given Aphrodite's Full Heart.
    • Speed Force Tempests will not harm anyone stunned by Zoom's Speed-Force Inertia.
    • Zoom will speedster around less often.
    • Adjusted range on Speed Force Tempest damage to better match their size.
    • Elite: Added a skull icon tell to Emperor Aquaman's Trident Surge.
    • Elite: Add a second more to the time limit to disperse Speed Force Energy before it heals Zoom.
    • Added a slight delay before Zoom's Velocitug will do damage and added a skull icon warning for this attack.
    • Adjusted the damage for Zoom interruptible AoE, Detonating Momentum
    Flashtastic Voyage
    • Players who are rallied and revive when in the Gorilla Platform Blast Fields will have a couple of seconds to try and escape before taking damage.
    • Players that get form-changed into a gorilla should see messaging to help instruct them (except in Elite Mode).
    • While in Gorilla form during the Grodd fight, the first ability on the hotbar should do a little more damage.
    • Fixed the descriptions for the Event modes of these raids so that players know which rewards they'll get depending on what their CR is.
    Flash to the Future
    • Fixed an issue where players were not receiving the appropriate progress points in Elite Mode.
    • Brainiac's Afterburner attack should now be more accurate.
    • Fixed an issue where Cyborg and Kid Flash would miss out on the fun.
    • Existing Combat Trinket Pets from Atlantean Seahorse onward have been converted to the Tier system.
      • Atlantean Seahorse – Tier 1
      • Vampire Bat – Tier 1
      • Paradox Gazer – Tier 1
      • Brainiac Drone – Tier 1
      • Mother Box – Tier 1
      • Father Box – Tier 1
      • Dark Construct – Tier 2
      • Shadow Bat – Tier 3
      • Freeze Drone – Tier 3
      • Source Lightning Eagle – Tier 3
      • Ensorcelled Gem Turret – Tier 1
      • Anti-Matter Shard Turret – Tier 2
      • Source Lightning Shard – Tier 3
      • Green Crystal Shard – Tier 3
      • Snake Turret – Tier 1
      • Shadow Snake Turret – Tier 3
      • Freeze Turret – Tier 3
    • Mobile Combat Trinket Pets Tier 2 and 3 have 50 percent more hitpoints and Tier 3 are now immune to crowd control.
    • Resolved a chat issue so /tell now works.
    Phase UI
    • Fixing an issue with the Phase Button not hiding during the base selection screen.
    Text Changes
    • Renamed Wayne Casino Chip to Wanye Casinos Tokens.
    • Renamed Pit Boss to Cobblepot's Fence.
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