Test Server Hotfix - April 25, 2018

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • • The Urgent Warfronts Teleporter Mod item description now lists Central City Starro Deluge Zone.
    8 Player
    Starro: Spindrift
    • • Added additional safeguards to prevent Morgwar from being able to do normal attacks while he's in his 'typhoon phase.'
    Death of Superman

    Doomed Metropolis
    • The Urgent Warfronts Teleporter Mod now contains Doomed Metropolis as a Location.
    • Props and NPCs at the Daily Planet mini hub can no longer be moved.
    • Jumppads near the hero/villain strongholds now only work for their respective factions.
    • Intel Drops - Reduced the count required and now instead of 85% of the enemies dropping intel, 100% of enemies do.
    • Added safeguards that should allow a player who rallies nearby Doomsday and his plague aura to activate a Probiotic Consumable immediately upon rallying and have it take effect rather than just going on cooldown without taking effect.
    • Fixed issue where the villain teleporter in Doomed Metropolis was misaligned.
    • Doomsday Plague Probiotic should now show up in Current Effects menu while active.
    • Fixed issue where Doomsday Plague Probiotic incorrectly stated that it would remain active for 15 minutes instead of 3 minutes.
    • STAR Labs Operatives who need to be rallied should be easier to find.
    • Plague Afflicted Civilians should be easier to find.
    • Removed the Death of Superman-related missions from the 'Event' section of the Journal. They should now show up in the Miscellaneous section.
    • Rocket-firing enemies on ledges will no longer ignore enemy players who get too close.
    • Fixed an issue where you would see the same downed Justice Leaguer around the city more and more over time.
    • Infection Protection - Reworked the way this mission grants credit so that if multiple players are going for the same Spore Cloud, they are more likely to both get credit.
    • Ambush Bug will no longer be silent after you're done helping him with his mission.
    • Fixed an issue where Doomsday would stop attacking.
    • Fixed an issue where bounties could be healed.
    • The Lost Collection - Changed the way the rewards are distributed so it is less confusing. It should no longer seem like you didn't get the rewards for completing the mission when you finish it.
    • Memorials – Collection pieces will no longer drop. The collection was moved to the next phase of the Death of Superman event.
    • Odoriferous – This collection may now be completed. The final item now appears on the vendor in Doomed Metropolis.
    • Not Today
      • Fixed an issue with displaying defeat count for this Doomsday Feat.
    • Gloating Over Memories/Honoring the Memories
      • Removed these feats. They have been moved to the next phase of the Death of Superman event.
    • The Main Man (Lobo-inspired) chest style displays properly on Sprite body types and non-Striker body types.
    PvE Test Vendor
    • PC Test CR 235 gear box added to vendor for testing use.
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