Test Server Hotfix - April 13, 2021

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    Episode 40: World of Flashpoint (PC TEST ONLY)

    Open World: Flashpoint Gotham City

    • Fixed Feat display issue when defeating Aamazon and Atlantean Bounties.


    Queen’s Row Penitentiary

    • Heatwave will no longer run while firing his dual Flamethrower attack.
    • Elite: Increased size of ATOM-bot for easier visibility.
    • Elite: Also delayed when ATOM-bot fires his stun attack by 1 second.
    • Elite: Reduced damage of Intense Heat during Heatwaves fight.
    • Elite: Shortened the secure duration on the consoles for the Intense Heat mechanic.
    • Elite: Also increased how long it takes to fail the double secures for the Intense Heath mechanic


    Flashtastic Voyage

    • Elite tuning for Gorrilla Grodd and Rogue boss fights.
    • Captain Boomerang has had some minor refinements to his ability suite to make fighting him more fair.
    • Players should no longer be able to fight Gorilla Grodd entirely while standing on the little shelves in two corners of the boss room.


    • Full Throttle ability on Speed Force Cell augments now functions correctly in Flashpoint content.


    • Paradox Gazer Tier 1 is no longer immune to crowd control.

    Phase Menu UI

    • Improvements made to the Phase Menu UI associated with PvP & PvE phase tracking.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.