Test Server Hotfix - April 10, 2020

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    Episode 37: Birds of Prey

    Birds of Prey: The Clock Tower
    • Reduced the health on ORCL Discharge Drones in the elite version of the first boss fight.
    • ORCL Discharge Drones won't target the same player again for a short time.
    • Any remaining Trap Drones will despawn after the fight with the final boss has started for the first time.
    Birds of Prey: Fire & Brimstone
    • Fixed “Arachno Sparer” & “Arachno Slayer” feats (these feats weren’t being granted correctly).
    • Additional elite feat and title have been implemented.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the proper activation of the Loot Scanner and ORCL Encryption Key augment abilities.
    • Reduced base power cost of Birds' Blitz on B.O.P. Commlink artifact to 300 (down from 400)
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