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  1. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Ok, now I can totally see where yall where going with the shield damage cap.To me personally, shields were definitely a meta, and some powers took full advantage of it. Others may detest, and I am up for debate on it... But right now I feel with the overall situation of pvp, shields could've been like the 4th/5th thing to be changed.

    I can understand there were no traffic in pvp feedback after the update, so you guys wouldn't know, but I implore you devs to really take a look into these fixes before the shield fix because now with the shield fix alone we will have even more cons now then we have now with pvp:

    Spam - There needs to be a interrupt symbol for those who choose to spam. Spamming doesn't take that much damage away, and shields made it even less of a problem with the 100 % reduction. But now if going with the shield fix, spam is gonna be encourage more with no counter to it. PLEASE CONSIDER SPAM.

    Blue Windows- I don't know how long it last but it feels like a second. Countering someone doesn't feel rewarded and just encourages to play spam type or not even try to go for a counter playstyle because the reward is useless from it. I can be using martial arts, if I predictably block break someone, they fall to the ground, then I try to go for a melee tap tap hold combo, thats enough time for the person to get up and block me. I don't know the reason for this, but at least 1.5 or 2 secs of blue. So someone can at least get a reward and pull off a 2 tap hold combo or 1 tap then hold weapon combo, depending on weapon.

    Un-counterable combos/Weapons - Again, powers like Hard Light, Atomic, Celestial, Mental, Earth, RAGE.

    1. Mental - If its going to keep the P.shock cc while spec as superpowered, P.Shock is spammable, has a cc effect, and hits good enough to lower someone health down without being countered(lunge)
    2. Rifle whole 5th tap combo - is unblockable and hits hard. I truly and I mean TRULY believe there is no reason for these weapons to not be counterable like it was before.
    3. Hard Light- should have its counterable parts back,
    4. Atomic melee combos - should be counterable if we're gonna allow them to heal and hit hard(especially Tanks in pvp),
    5. Celestial - won't kill you instantly like it did pre vamp, but it should be lungeable after a moment of doing combos.
    6. Rage- there is absolutely no reason why rage melee constructs shouldn't be counterable, especially outrage having a third move and E.Chain.
    7. Earth jackhammer- not blockable.
    8. Also as a side note, maybe surprise attack from stealth for gadgets and mental. Its a easy guranteed big damage with stealth only being 12secs. Its well deserved for countering someone then going into it, but someone can do it mid fight and get a surprise attack off while im hitting them. Whereass pve, if you get hit while trying to transition into stealth, your gonna cancel it out and endup on cooldown
    If all of this haves to deal with it being connected to pve, then change it back. Make people more cautious, aware and active in their gameplay. Thats what makes great players! Something that we are scarce of ALOT undeniably.

    ^^^All of this, are just in the category of powers that can't be lunge or countered.^^^

    Then.... now shields fix can come into play. You see, things have to be in order or its gonna be a mess until the next hotfix comes that makes sense for pvp. Right now, the shield change, by itself, is gonna make things worse until the next hotfix which we don't know if theres a gurantee of one coming in the next month, and even that is way too long.

    I would rather you guys do a quick fix that can preserve pvp, and possibly get some grass growing through that concrete for 3months+ ,untill future dlc and events are done and out; rather than doing this chain thats only gonna live a month tops, and that month will not be a positive month.
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  2. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    An easier fix is to reduce the available power in Arenas.

    Disable Superpowered. Then tune the Weapon Focus / Hybrid power in accordingly to the point that continuous power spamming is no longer available. This also alleviates Mental and Gadgets doing Stealth Surprise Attack / Invisibility Ambush Pain problem.

    Yes, allow all combo powers to be countered again. Of course, this means you must allow combo powers to counter also. I am not sure why this was take out in PvE even. I am sure Atomic and Rage tanks miss being able to counter in PvE with their combos.

    Log anyone zoning into Pvp in dog/gorilla/wolf form, and give them a 3-5 day temporary ban for abuse. Monitor for like 3-5 days. Then disable the zoning into Pvp in animal form.

    Set time limit for animal form. Given that I am from Sorcery, make it equal and give only 10 secs time limit (or was it 15 secs) for Nature animal forms.

    Log anyone using Rifle 5 tap combo in Arenas, and give them a 3-5 day temporary ban for abuse. Monitor for like 3-5 days. Then make Rifle 5 tap combo counterable again.

    One last thing, disable all Pvp gear. No more using gear as a crutch. Use the current reward boxes given when over CR limit in PvE and use them for Pvp. Give in-game styles, auras, and a small small chance for Stabilizer fragments and whole Stabilizers.

    Bring back the old counter-immunity window. Or if not counter-immunity, then grant a CC immune window and temporary damage mitigation.
  3. street0018 New Player

    so u think nature is ok as it is ?
  4. Ringz Dedicated Player

    On my end I haven't had any problems fighting a nature user since Gorilla 1 shot. Roar is lungeable, and even with it stuns , I still have enough time to break out and lunge them. I have beaten many nature users who relied on roar pre/post patch. Its a move that will get them punish badly because of it being lungeable and such a generous amount of counter window. Also, roar got fix so it shouldn't be doing all that pre patch stuff.

    Idk why moves like roar is lungeable, but so many melee combos are not counterable?

    As far as dog goes, If its a regular fight, I kite until sc wears off. If its node, I leave the node and let them get whatever points they get while the sc is active then swoop back in.

    Maybe its just my confidence in my pvp skills, but other then those 2 I do not find nature a problem in pvp. If blues gets better or more deserving and spamming becomes actually punishable and NOT invincible, then nature will be no problem because of the worldwide fix I suggested