Test for Core Strength vs. Pentrating Strikers for Troller PvP

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  1. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    Today I tested using the Core Strength mod. vs Penetrating strikes mod in a simple deul test for soley Controllers in PvP.

    for reference:
    The other player had a Toughness of 1365 (almost 20% damage reduction).
    i used a tap range attack from a 131 handblaster.

    over 50 individual hits with both mods had almost identical range of damage from each hit.
    both varied the majority of the time between 32 & 47.

    overall it seemed the core strength was just slightly weaker.
    this confirms the math i did before hand that suggests depending on what toughness the opposing player has, that penetrating strikes generally will come out to about 10.5/11% damage increase, but core strength is a flat 10%.
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  2. Kroye Loyal Player

    Glad to see someone testing and sharing the resluts. Thank you for that.

    Just out of curiosity, would you estimate that amount of toughness to be about what a suit of T2 provides, or is that more along the level of T3?
  3. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    no thats about half t3 half t4.
    1362 toughness is basically 19% damage reduction.
  4. OMAAR New Player

    Lets do the math:

    19% damage reduction, say a hard hitting hit that registers for 1000.

    No mod:
    1000-190= 810 damage delt

    Core strength:
    1100-209= 891

    Piercing strikes ( 10% armor reduction , I think?!? )
    1000x(0.19-0.10)= 1000x0.09=90

    So for high end pvp Ps is slightly better than CS.
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  5. Ice Lantern New Player

    Did the math (and some testing) as well and pretty much came up with the same results.
  6. OMAAR New Player

    Nice to see you posting again, you were absent for a while.
  7. Ice Lantern New Player

    I could say the the same for you. Glad to see you playing again.
  8. Potent New Player

    I mentioned this when you were talking about CS and PS in your HL guide.
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  9. OMAAR New Player

    You sir you did.
    Thing is I'd still advise using CS as it benefits most of the content. Come t5 I'm switching to PS.
  10. Potent New Player

    Stop wearing your PvE gear in PvP!!!!!:p
  11. KiLL ORDER New Player

    Lol. Omaar doesn't PVP much anyways.
  12. OMAAR New Player

    I do!
    Pvp was pirates vs pandemoniums correct?
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  13. KiLL ORDER New Player

    OMMAR could still beast in PVP dough
  14. Torse New Player

    OMAAR one shot'ed me in gorilla form lol:p