Temporary Generator Modification Disabled

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Gunny, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Gunny New Player

    I noticed this tweet.

    Does this also temporarily disable all bonuses by the generator such as the Teleporter or Mod bonuses? Or is it simply that generator tab that is disabled and we keep all current effects and bonuses?

    Just caved and bought the teleporter + all the best mods (although I used gotham and metro mods separately because the two were MUCH cheaper combined and I'd have no use for the fourth slot yet). I absolutely love it, and it really makes visiting other people's bases very feasible.

    By the way, if you ever DO get involved with bases, make sure to give out permissions for people to visit!
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  2. Solutha New Player

    I think its all disabled. No using teleporter or getting bonus stats until the hotfix. I'll know when I log in and throw pot. If it went down 1 tick then the stats don't apply.
  3. Feenicks New Player

    No. I still have my stats and locations. It's just disabled to add more.
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  4. Gunny New Player

    Hope this is the case.

    I ran survival mode twice last night, promised the lady I'd stay off today, and sure enough made another survival mode attempt this afternoon. We'll just say I pulled plenty of agro and cant quite login to check it out right now ;)
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  5. Feenicks New Player

    My lady was in the group when I tried survival mode. She plays this game more than me.

    Yeah. I'm a lucky dude. :cool:
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  6. AkikoTsunami Committed Player

    I don't think stats were applying correctly. At least mine were not.applying correctly.
  7. Flightboy New Player

    I'm on my way Gunny!!! Hold R1 dude!!!!! Pop a soder!!!!!!!!
  8. Gunny New Player

    R1 cant save me from this.

    And people thought Black Adams pulse beam is bad? Clown Box, LoS.... nothing can save me....

    Go... save yourself....
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  9. TheLoneLantern New Player

    Let's just say there was a huge bug on them and it needed to be fixed asap.
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  10. Gunny New Player

    For those who were unaware, now that it isn't possible to replicate...

    Generator mods had a potential stat stacking problem. If you used a mod of one stat, then replaced it with a mod of a different quality, you were granted the stats for both the mod replaced, and the mod you replaced with.

    For instance, me throwing 4 precision 5.2experts in, then buying 4 precision 6.2's and replacing them gave me the precision bonus for all eight mods.

    However, the boost for the replaced mods was removed in the event you logged out.

    I messaged Mepps about it a few days ago, and didn't bother posting about it due to potential abuse. The potential benefit from this was actually very small, but it was not intentional. I suspect this is a reason behind them temporarily disabling the generators.

    If they managed to keep the current benefits and the teleporters working while fixing whatever issues they have, that would be amazing. I hope that's the case, but cant log in to confirm it for reasons above.

    Thanks for responding guys.
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  11. TheLoneLantern New Player

    It didn't have to be different mods. I could spend 12.5mil and 250k MoT to increase my precision by 50,000. Have fun running SM with those stats...
  12. CanopicJar Well-Known Player


    I was just about to start a thread about the mod tab being missing, but found this first. And I just bought 4 new power mods to throw in, fml. Well, at least I got 8 mods in... Any idea when it will be up again?
  13. Lacedog Loyal Player

    haha! man how do people find this crap out? its crazy how people spend their time looking for exploits. glad it has been found and being fixed.
  14. Gunny New Player

    I actually discovered it by accident and tinkered with it further to give more specific details to mepps about it.

    I discovered it by buying precision 5.2experts on release day, installed them, then realized there were better ones, the 6.2's.

    Upon putting the 6.2's in I pulled up my stats to look @ the increase and noticed my precision to be about 70 points higher than it should. After more tinkering, I discovered the stacking issue. You'll find almost every glitch in this game's history was discovered purely by accident - just some are beneficial like this one was, and depending on the player, will be abused and spread, or reported and fixed.

    I tested that too using T1 mods, identical mods didn't stack with themselves, only with different quality ones. That set limits on the benefits from the glitch (although the most extreme cases would allow a 3-400 point boost in every stat). However, something as ridiculous as 50,000 precision was certainly not obtainable.

    Of course, this was me testing this in the USPS servers, while you are USPC. That could account for the differences of outcomes. Glad this is getting looked at though. It was a temporary glitched boost, but would certainly be incredibly annoying if a team used something like that to advance much further in SM than they really should have otherwise.
  15. Akroma New Player

    was pretty easy to discover this accidentally. in fact i think this was discovered on test but it wasnt fixed for some reason.
  16. Ch3wtobacco New Player

    lol devs = egg on face
  17. Skyfairy New Player

    Bit off topic but I got one of the combined Gotham/Metro mod a few days ago, sold it for 15mil and then bought separate Gotham and Metro ones for 1m each. As you say currently there is a spare teleporter spot if you use all the combined locations so I figured I may as well make a bit of money and make use of all 4 slots :D

    And yes my stats bonuses are still in effect.
  18. Ch3wtobacco New Player

    well im 50 loyalty points shy of 600 for teleporter...guess ill wait until next month...wish we got the 10% off we get in marketplace, I could afford it now ... but ill be damned if I give them one red cent above my 10 dollar a month original legendary until they fix the myriad of bugs they've ignored for 3 1/2 years