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Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Saturn Girl Well-Known Player

    Megan, please make the Arisia's chest style without the necklace, we're so seeking for this, this is actually what I requested o Future Miss Martian picture.
    And please do us the fever and add high heels form of the Harley's boots.
    Thank You.
  2. Saturn Girl Well-Known Player

    Captain A tom's Emblem.
    Please don't put the ugly circle around the emblem.
  3. Exostorm Well-Known Player

  4. Exostorm Well-Known Player

  5. Exostorm Well-Known Player

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  6. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    Now that we have the Batman Rebirth Logo, perhaps we could get a few more of the other DC Rebirth content added in?
    Superman logo? Green Lantern styles? Flash?

  7. Saturn Girl Well-Known Player

    We already have all these styles in the game.
    But I'd personally like to have the straight long hair style and bring back the Superman emblem and Kid Flash's head piece (cowl).
  8. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    Yes, Lady Blackhawk, great legs, hands, feet, and hair! All those styles would be great! The jacket, without the military insignia would be awesome too. It's nice we are beginning to see some more sculptured styles in game, moving away from the bulky. we've got enough bulky already, right?


    Is that Talia, in ROTB? Great outfit; Catwomanesque.


    Would love that! I ran that alert for the first time today... lot of fun :D I enjoyed the duos as well. Personally I think the content has been very good through t6 t7 t8... and now we are on t9, right? More Bat-content is always welcome. But, hey... where the heck is Batgirl?? Isn't it about time she had a little more to do than selling vendor gear?



    Still, I do still think the t6 t7 raids were over-buffed during the revamp. Too much health for bosses and adds. Could you turn it down a notch, please?
    I love how the base items can merge now... opens up so many options for design. Great job! It's nice to have the windows now, letting in some light. Loving your work, Oceans! :D
    I'd like to see more electronic stuff for bases, consoles, computers, screens, control centres... that sort of thing.


    <3 Peace.

    (Thanks to Torikumo.)
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  9. Saturn Girl Well-Known Player

    I really want the Lady Blackhawk's boots and her skirt. Her chest style would be great too buy without the sleeves and emblem.
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  10. recoil Committed Player

    we totally need this!!! especially if they made a face style out of the horned helmet like visage with glowing eyes. also can we get the yellow energy foci as just a hand style? i love the draconian arcanum look of the handblaster style but would like to switch weapons and still be able to use the yellow energy foci style as my hands.
  11. recoil Committed Player

    the hands(with flames and claws) and mask(with horns) from this[IMG]

    and the pants from the knight in dark blue next to the atlantean one. i love the chained metal plate look.[IMG]
    i don't know about y'all but i wouldn't mind seeing two open world events with these as the styles. what with everybody wanting more batman centric content and the butcher not yet making an appearance.
  12. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    Me too!! Really nice, aren't they? Slightly chunky heels would be great... I think the stiletto heel always looks a bit spindly in game. We have the Rave boots now, with chunky heels, which are great, but they seem difficult to pair with an outfit, without your toon looking trashy :D
    Her skirt would be an awesome addition. I like it more than any we currently have available. More skatergirl skirt styles! That sit properly!
    Her gloves are gorgeous too :)
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  13. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    I was stating that as long as they have introduced the Rebirth Batman logo, that it would be good for more REBIRTH content. The Green Lantern logo in the game is the classic version, not the Rebirth one. The Superman logo is the Man of Steel one from BvS
  14. Tekwash New Player

    ninja batman styles from nexus/paradox wave...that cowl is badass

    monster themes, vampire...mummy...demonic looking at work so I cant post a bunch of pictures right now
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  15. Saturn Girl Well-Known Player

    I'm really bored of these boots, Lady Blackhawk boots are very beautiful and classic, like the kind of boots which women used to wear in the past, with a little bit shorter heels and square form (not pointed). And thigh heels. And some wrinkles on them which make them look like leather :)
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  16. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    Finding good boots has always been a struggle :)
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  17. recoil Committed Player

    some more stuff like the tier 4 amazonian suits, furious and fury helms, gorilla soldier shoulders, and yellow energy foci would be neat. i know it's a comic mmo and rpg but could we expand away from the leather and spandex for an episode or two and work on the armor aspect just a little? and we REALLY REALLY need a better selection of face and back styles.
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  18. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    More Amazonian stuff, definitely.
    This samurai suit is awesome! wouldn't work on my toons, but looks great!
  19. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

    Teekl skin as a new cat skin to go along with lion, tiger and cheetah skins we already have. Maybe add it to the Halloween list for next year?
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  20. Bodziony Level 30

    I'd actually like to see how this turned out, but it's not showing up.

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