Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Original Kal Well-Known Player

    The JSA Wonder Woman style would be great for players.
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  2. SparklingMayo Well-Known Player

    Don't care, put the fun back in the game.
  3. Bitesize Sammy New Player


    Lol I just ordered this Figure xD
  4. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    They did, you're just too obtuse to see it (there are some things that still need adjustment, but they're on it).
  5. Telos Usr Dedicated Player

    Heres an idea that'll never happen;

    Justice League is releasing in November, and they did an awesome job of recreating an awesome artists work for their "You cant save the world alone" posters. Namely the ridiculously talented Alex Ross.

    If they wanted a JL Tie-In but were running into the same "License Issues" they had with the BvS emblems and posters, then give us Alex Ross' Justice League costumes:

    As much as i love the Slimline gear, i never understood why every single muscle pokes out. I get that its like that with Artists like Lee and Kubert, but this would be a nice "alternate" tie-in. They dont need to have the Iconic Emblems if thats too much to ask for, but at least give them "Large" size Emblem boxes. The normal one on 99% of chests is basically "small", the one on the Stalwart Defender chest is pretty much "Medium", but just look at that massive S on Superman or the stretched out Bat on Batman. It would be so cool even for all our original toons. We could mix and match.

    Thats my suggestion that'll never happen anyway...
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  6. Jason Rage Active Player

    In celebration of the water power can we get a Samoan tattoo skin.
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  7. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    I really like to see some hair on male bodies, actually that is so Hot :oops: I have ever seen a lot of shameful styles for females :mad:
    it is the turn of male, I 100% want to see power style and brief short on men.
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  8. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    A wish list.



    Mermaid feet style.


    Tala's style in Justice League Unlimited, Actually her skirt.


    Legion Of Super-Heroes special belt and Emblem.


    A hands style which gives 2 more hands based on Trigon and Martians.

    Halo's style.

    And hoodie version of Classic and Rounded and Short capes which five us a fallen hood + the capes as back style, Something like Miss Martians Short and Rounded capes with hood.


    Psimon's head style. But even dont think about that put this one in the Marketplace or Time Capsules :mad:
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  9. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    I love the idea, Raven's cape would be great too.
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  10. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    Everything is good about this, I love to have Mera's crown, it can be a briefing but please dont talk about time capsules, opening them is not that easy, it can be the briefings of Atlantis episode with a Mermaid feet style too, like the satyr legs.
  11. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    If your asking them not to talk about Time Capsules, then you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

    Just take a minute and ask yourself"What's more likely to happen, Mera Crown in a Briefing, or Mera Crown in a TC collection?"

    The Majority of many requested styles have landed in a Time Capsule specifically:
    Future Batman Gear(Original Time Capsule)
    Crimson Mist Auras(Original Time Capsule)

    Black Lantern Aura(Qwardian Capsule)
    Flash Emblem(Team Up Capsule)
    Green Arrow Gear(Team up Capsule)

    Allan Scott Gear(Arcane Time Capsules)
    Hades Crown(Amazon Time Capsule)

    The List Goes on, but you get the idea; If a Hades Crown landed in a Time Capsule; then a Mera Crown Landing inside of a Time Capsule isn't too much of a stretch either.
  12. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    Ah should you always be negative?
    I didn't want them to put the beautiful ones in the time capsules to cash more, because of that expensive marks which open the time capsules, it is a video game but it almost have no difference with the real life, everything's only with money.
    At least they could set a mission which gives that marks or let people to open their lockboxes or cash more than 1500 money without membership sadly. I is not your fault but not mine neither.
  13. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Should I always be negative? Nah I'm not negative, I'm just not Uber Optimistic; there's a difference.

    I'm sorry but if you've been playing and following this game for 3 to 4 years like I have; you'll get a general idea of what to expect from this game. GU 47, Bad Decisions, cancellations of promising features and so on have pretty much killed off any form of me being Optimistic like I used to be.
  14. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    Okay Mr. Optimist, I'm not realist and can't forget about everything and relax, the subject wasn't this anyway, it was why are they so unfair even dont let anyone cash more than 1500 or open their own lockboxes or time capsules or create a mission which gives that mission or whatever like that, like I said it is not mine or your fault, if everyone was rich, there would be no problem at all. And now please forget it because we can't do anything and we again chose a wrong place to talk about it, and that ones who should care, are not caring. Sadly.
  15. Megan Morzz Level 30

    I'd love to see Martian or Alien head style and Brainiac Emblem and Brainiac head or face style which has the Emblem and Hecate's moon mirror as a shield weapon and Doctor Fate's Helmet.
  16. Megan Morzz Level 30

    A Fat type for size for both Genders, based on Granny Goodness or Penguin or someone like them.
  17. BustaPrimes Level 30

    Bulky tech armor, mech like. Also batman beyond inspired set for heroes and villains.
  18. recoil Committed Player

    sadly i'm gonna have to agree. if you really want something and have suggested it here i suggest farming now and getting the cash count up. cause as evidenced by the wings of sin anything you really want they're gonna find a way to exploit that want.
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  19. Heywiar Committed Player

    This may be redundant to comment this with this many posts already but I think a hairstyle pack for the male characters would be awesome. The male hairstyles are pretty outdated and don't look too interesting.
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  20. stärnbock Devoted Player

    basicly a pair of skiing boots. just that in flight mode, similar to some jetpack backs, they would activate jet propulsion visuals. maybe with different effects depending on movement speed (not sure if that is even possible... when will you finally give us the option to flight with both hands in front, while fast flying for example???). acrobatics (while double jumping or glidings, not sure but even rocket asissted glide could work, even if looking silly) and super speed (also while double jump and especially while running in the air after the second jump, but also while just running might go aswell) would be awesome with it!!! how is this not allready on the MP?
    just don't come with it in a TC please...
    normal mode
    fast mode
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