Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. The Nature Troll New Player

    azrael inspired gear, more clown inspired gear, more animal skins or animal skin trinkets.
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  2. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Unless it's changed recently, there's a Price Cap of $999,999,999 that's been in place for many years. And that's why you won't find the rarest and most desirable items on there, because the Players that have extras to sell all want to get OVER $1 Billion in in-game cash for them. So they sell them through private trades.

    Are you proposing that they LOWER the current Price Cap? Because if they do that, there'll be even LESS items on the Broker than there are now, and that benefits NO ONE!
  3. Jett Phoenix New Player

    I wanna see Krona's Gaunlet, as the nxt style, and I know what your going to say, "we alrdy have that style in the game", which is true but just the same way they gave us ra's al ghul's proper cape, they can give us the one handed version or the "true" version of this style. I think it's loooong overdue.
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  4. sebfm Well-Known Player


    here is my personal wish list :

    - Simple slimlines with big emblems spot on the torso (basically, classic superman/batman/etc slimlines).
    - Other possibility would be to have them available through special styles like Speed Force one from anniversary.
    - Kingdom Come other styles/emblems (we have the Green Lantern armor, we need the rest of them)
    - All council of Luthor/Batmen/Wonder-Women Styles.
    - 89 Batman emblem
    - BvS Swag bag and emblems.
    - An accessory which would basically be the Speed Force accessory from anniversary but with bats to increase the Bats effects on the Swarming bat aura.
    - Red Son styles/emblems (we already have the comrad belt from Comrad WW).
    - Joker smile face style for people who want to have joy on their face.
    - Deathstroke full style
    - Titans proper emblems (including robins' ones)
    - Classic Batman Finned gloves with 3 spikes.

    Thx by advance
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  5. DiscoSoup83 New Player

    Please, for the love of all that is good, FINIISH THE FOREST SPIRIT SET. We had to wait a year between releases, getting two pieces at a time. That was cool. But you never gave us a feet style for it (or a head style, but the face kinda works for it. No feet, and the leg style simply cannot work standalone. Come on DCUO. One more piece is all we need!
  6. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Classic Batman emblem for the 85th anniversary, just as the Superman emblem returned. I've waited six years for this.
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  7. Metallix Active Player

    Black lighting hairstyle
  8. kallader Committed Player

    Dragon skin and dragon tail for the year of the dragon event please peoples ask for a new tail for years :) can be a belt or accessory
  9. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    We already have the Demon's Tail Waist Style, available from Dr. Fate in the Hall of Legends, that works great for a dragon's tail!




    As for a Dragon Skin, the existing Reptile Skin works well for that:


    You can, naturally, change the coloring of the scales by changing both the Skin Color and the Makeup Color in your character's Color Slots.

    For a dragon's head, there are at least a couple Head Styles I've found in the game that work well for a dragon-like appearance, you'll just have to see what fits your preferences.
  10. creatine1 Committed Player

  11. creatine1 Committed Player

  12. kallader Committed Player

    I have already a dragon style like this but would prefer having the real deal other than use stuff that kinda look like it - I ask for brand new skin so the model is updated while reptile model is a pain to adapt exact color with the style since no matter how well you do they are totally different shade and outdated you literally cannot see the eyes so new model would have larger eyes and better detail-the dragon tail would be larger and longer like the mob in the episode with the Metal Batman goal is to have different choice than be forced to make believe with piece that kinda look like it :)[IMG]
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  13. LavaSpitter_json Level 30

    the skins are sooo outdated u cant even get the exact color u want and u can hardly see the reptile lookin eyes . SO id rather them make a new Reptile skin set with tail...but maybe switch it up like skin 1 reptile has clean body and tail regular humanoid. reptile 2 has fins on head and tail with a more reptile snout and head. 3 has spikes on head and tail but looks more dragon like. u get me? i wish they could be more creative sometimes lol

    seriously. switch it up
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  14. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    c'mon on DCUO, give me some sheathe and weeb and stuff
  15. SheDevil New Player

    something with sorceress vibes and dracula vibes and better trench-coats that are longer with nice shoulders and capes to the floor that drag along (also please make the females versions as identical to male versions as possible to many male clothing look so good on my male toon and then as soon as I get the same style for a women toon it sometimes disappoints.
  16. SheDevil New Player

    especially the joker crazed face that really should of been a thing a long time ago, a skin or face style would be nice could call the skin joker gas infected or permanent smiles
  17. LoganCaron Active Player

    Ill say it again..put a big emblem slot on the Noble Warrior chest style, been a wile since people asking for a chest style that dosent have a neck collar, no hands sleeves and big emblem slot. But if you guys dont or wont make a new chest style like that than just add a big emblem slot to the Noble Warrior chest. People will be satisfied im pretty sure.
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  18. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    While we're at it can we somehow make the leg style for males a variant style for females? I would love to have leggings with a few stars going down the side. The Donna Troy style would fit the bill perfectly if not for its hideous built in belt.
  19. AvaAxxturel New Player

    Could you make a Cyclone character with the power wind like in the Black Adam movies???
  20. X13-KING Well-Known Player

    After playing through "Brainiac Returns". My top pic for new styles is a Skin Styles based on the clones from the new Area 52 duo.