Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

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  1. FatL69 New Player

    A anchor back style would be really cool.
  2. kallader Committed Player

    One big problem about styles is the fact that ambient light in each location will affect your colors in the style tab so would need to have neutral lighting in the tab. Right now making styles is a real pain and challenge to get the right color or shade you can have the perfect blue then you go in another place and your blue look green because was in an orange ambient light location while making the style in the tab.
  3. POS New Player

    I'm STYLED OUT!!!! when are we going to get New POWERS or WEAPONS????

    We are way overdue.

    How about we make the game interesting again?
  4. aliop1470 New Player

    Demonic set (not the one in the game), but gloves (demonic hands for the whole hand) ( I just want to make my character.)[IMG] [IMG]
  5. Wolfkueen New Player

    Harlequin skin set, where eyeshadow can be different colors on each side, customary to whatever color the player chooses.
  6. Dark Detective New Player

    I’d love to see an official Nightwing emblem. Been waiting for that since I started playing. Also, I’d like to ask, any official announcement as to when the Knight of Vengeance style gets added to the Booster Gold quark vendor?
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  7. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    I thought we had a Nightwing Emblem, but maybe I'm just thinking of the Nightwing Chest Styles we have with the Emblem built in, and we now have 3 different chests for him, depending on which version of the costume you do. We'll all just have to keep using one of those to make Nightwing.
  8. FireJRStorm New Player

    Updating the old skin styles would be nice like the rock and lava ones. The colors don't match the colors that are selected. It can be set to grey but it looks green
  9. SlNISTERSlX New Player

    Bane mask
    Deathstroke new 52 mask
    Deathstroke new 52 feet
    New 52 Barry Allen slimline with belt and emblem(current emblem referring to Wally West)
    Arkham knight helmet
    Red Hood emblem
    Red Robin emblem
    Raven slimline set
    Superman emblem
    Tail which look like a croc or dinosaur
    Murder machine chest(with emblem glowing) head and legs(we got all the dark knight styles except him)
    also npc inspired skins would be cool like Barry's or Nightwing's, this will make the game way more entertaining for players
  10. SlNISTERSlX New Player

    I think it'll never going to happen,no new weapons no new powers,we only must pay for monthly membership I guess
  11. X13-KING Well-Known Player

    I am desperate for more Aquaman styles.
    Toping my list will always be a glowing tattoo skin style based on "Drowned Earth" Aquaman.

    A FlexSuit set based on Aquaman's "Crime Syndicate" counterpart, Sea King, is not a bad idea ether.
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  12. SparkOfTheFlash New Player

    Uh classic straight Barry Allen belt please? I would appreciate it it’s been in the books for almost 80 years? Ooo and some matching hands?
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  13. RipTide Level 30

    Add in styles for Darkseid, Godspeed, rebirth Wally West Flash, Jon Kent Superman, Yara Flor Wonder Woman, Mongol, Cyborg Superman, New 52 Eobard Thawne Reverse Flash, Deathstroke, a Kryptonian/Superman slimline, a Dick Grayson Robin suit & emblem, a Nightwing bird emblem, a Supergirl emblem, a kingdom come Superman emblem, add in suits for Devastator, Murder Machine & The Robin King, a Batgirl suit or at least a batgirl cowl that shows the hair, Val Zod, General Zod, Calvin Ellis Superman, also allow speedsters to change the color of the speedforce lightning they generate when speedsters run
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  14. Ambassador of Krypton Well-Known Player

    I know Putin waking up tomorrow and announcing the Russian Army has started to leave Ukraine is more likely to happen, but maybe we can get something like this?
  15. KryptonianWarrior08 New Player

    Kryptonian Prisoners (Healer, Infantry, Sniper) and/or Zod's Phantom Zone gear.
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