Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. creatine1 Committed Player

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  2. creatine1 Committed Player

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  3. MisterMeanwhile Well-Known Player

    Whoa. I don't remember seeing this entry in issue #16.
  4. Engendro Nefasto Well-Known Player

    Requesting this again, maybe as a monthy reward?
  5. Engendro Nefasto Well-Known Player

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  6. Laughingknight2020 New Player

    My suggestions are the following:
    For Halloween Phantom Stranger, Tala and Klarion outfits.
    For Pride month Pride chroma, material, aura and accessory.
    For the Spring event, a spring-like chroma.
    I know that people keep wanting a lot of hero style, but what about a Darkseid style? Surely a style like that can be made.
  7. Engendro Nefasto Well-Known Player

    This one as a monthly reward as well, maybe?[IMG]
  8. J...D... New Player

    Not sure if this is the proper place for this but... Please open up more character slots for non-members. Creating characters is what this game is all about to me. I have already purchased the maximum at 22 and only have 3 left to create with parts and styles already collected for many more. I am unwilling to pay a monthly fee for access to more characters that would go away once i quit paying. please let us purchase more permanent character slots so that we can use the new costume pieces and styles.
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  9. LoganCaron Active Player

    Now that we know that Calvill's Superman not coming back, maybe wwould be a good time to try and redoo a deal with WB to bring back the BVS Emblem's;-)
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  10. Kurosaki New Player

    Lowkey would be the best, especially since I missed BOTH emblems because my ps4 was tripping or something else.
  11. Kurosaki New Player

    plus I know at LEAST 7 people who always talk about how badly they want the BvS ones
  12. Herobrin3 King New Player

    You guys should give us a Black racer Flash style. Or More helmets With the same look as the H.I.V.E Defender helmet
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  13. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    We need a Maple Leaf emblem.

    Nuff Said. ;)

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  14. FireJRStorm New Player

    General Zod please. All these people claimed to have wanted a blue beetle style and I have not seen one blue beetle since the style dropped
  15. Toshknight Loyal Player

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  16. Reese New Player

    Not much really other than the Dr Fate boots. I would love those as a style piece and everything else about his suit has been released why were the boots left off? The boots would complete the look for my character is there any plans to put those out there for us to get?
  17. darkgalahad Level 30

    I would really like to see pulp styles like Judd per style pants with riding boots, and the holster across the chest over Safari type shirt. Or the long coat and cloak combo The Shadow would wear. Something that would stem from the era from the bombshell paradox, or area 51. And if a Dora more long style of Dr Colt from the specter confrontation from the first part of the game.
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  18. darkgalahad Level 30

    I mean Jodhpur style pants. Love autocorrect.
  19. darkgalahad Level 30

    And fedora, not Dora, like Dr. Occult. From Spectre confrontation.
  20. Batman2099earthcold Committed Player

    a gohstmake style or several future states styles