Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

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  1. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Adding on to Torikumu's suggestions about Gentleman Ghost, I think an invisible skin for your body would be kind of cool.
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  2. TuniKs Level 30


    Make this type of dress and this hair style
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  3. DanXVII Committed Player

    Also I second the notion of traditional clothing posted above.
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  4. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Well I'll post a few costumes of comic characters that I have wanted to see in game and if it is said any source of costume inspiration will be accepted I'll post more.

    First is the costume of Miiyahbin Marten (Equinox). Specific construction of the costume I'd like to see:
    • The chest style would include the cloth part of the actual chest and the bottom portion around the legs. It would be nice if the bits that are shown moving in the image would be nice to see moving in-game much like how the lower portion of the trenchcoats work.
    • The leg portion involving the split colour is kind of already in-game but not exactly. It would be nice if this were a separate from the rest of the costume
    • The arm parts of the costume would be nice if they were hand items. Formal hands fro females kind of do this but leave a bit near the shoulder bare. For males the closest style would be Metalhead wbut that comes with unwanted spikes.
    • The shoulders I believe are Fourth World but if included it would be nice if such items were separate from the chest item.
    • Finally if it is possible for the back piece to be retractable that would be great since a lot of wing like styles like that don't retract when not in movement.
    Lots of details to help make the costume modular and thus more ascessible to other variants.



    Canadiana and Captain Canuck. These aren't strictly DC Comics, and a lot of these styles already exist, but with a few key elements that would be nice to have:
    • First the ability to incorporate emblems more openly in various style items. Specifically in the case of it potentially be obstructed by other features. In the case of Canadiana this would meaning intercepting a zipper. In the case of Captain Canuck this would mean being able to place emblems on more head items particularly including head masks. Or even waist styles.
    • Jackets that are less revealing for females. The Reverse Slimline for females would go great to simulate a Canadiana style but it reveals too much. If it were simply zipped up better it would fit much closer. The Biker style for females would be great too but it is very tight and vertically short.
    • Baggier or cloth-like boots. The closest thing are Druid boots but they have a bunch of detail. A lot of boosts seem to be made of leather and have a rather interesting glossy sheen to them. It would be nice to have less "rubber" boots in game.
    • Cuffed hands that don't have gems or orbs in them while also having a more cloth-like feel to them. Just like Captain Canuck's.
    • Larger but flat waist styles. A lot of waist styles are either large but bulky or smally and flat but not noticeable.



    Captain Canuck


    • It would be great if the tiara idea that are inspired by Wonder Woman and Circe could be adapted to more variations. For example a feather as seen in the Nelvana images.
    • Skirts that have less skin or are apart of a chest piece. The Metalhead skirt for females is great but everytime I want to use it to help simulate a style I think more non-superhero thoughts and not want to use it. It would be nice if either a version of that kind of skirt could be apart of a large chest style, a waist style or a leg style but with plain paints. Ideally I would like both options 1 and 2 but if I had to choose one I'd choose the waist option.
    • In general options for more plain gloves and boosts that again don't have a rubbery feel to them but instead a more cloth-life feel.
    • Nelvana chest style would be a perfect example of a cloth-like chest that could easily make use of an emblem.


    Those are a few simple styles that I have been inspired by and would like accessible to both males in females. If the Miiyahbin and Nelvana styles were released for males I could see creating a pretty good monk character.

    I'll dig more up if I know what, if any, limitations there are for potentially creating inspirations on sine I would like to be as detailed or more detailed as I have been here.

    P.S. DCUO seems to have the technology to disable or enable a style based on whether you are moving or not moving since the release of the Firefly aura. Would it be possible to apply similar technology to regular styles? Or even a different style while in combat and when not in combat? I have a character that kind of acts like Fire (character) where I envision her powering up her costume when entering combat and would share what I'd like as a costume if this were possible.
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  5. tokidokij Active Player

    Bra-type tops. For example: tidewalker chest but without the shoulder add ons.
    Still would like a loincloth type legs without having to change a colour to look like skin (ex. Vesture of Proselyte)
    Catwoman - Injustice or Ame-comi style is pretty neat.
  6. Captain Neos Committed Player


    A Question style would be great, combining a plain slimeline face with the fedora. Extra points if face styles were compatible.
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  8. Proxystar #Perception



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  9. KidSuperBoy Well-Known Player

    I'd like to see more super sci fi space tech costumes referencing Future Batman, and Injustice 2, the game, which has the metallic paneling and glowing light. Also costuming akin to the Godfall title featuring Superman, futuristic Kryptonian styles and LSH of the future, and pretty much all things futiristic and sci fi techologly themed. Those are my ideal idea for future costuming, no pun intended.:cool:

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  10. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player



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  11. KodyDerp Dedicated Player

    Flaming skull please.
    Also, new moving wing styles.
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  12. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Okay ghost rider :p
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  13. TrueArchon Dedicated Player

    Rorschach. The Comedian. Silk Spectre. Miss Jupiter.
    Dr. Manhattan. Ozymandias. Night Owl. Dollar Bill. Mothman.
    But mostly Rorschach with the animated mask.
    Oh...and cloaks. Frock coats. And fedora hat.
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  14. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

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  15. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    Booster Bundle rare drop? XD
  16. rawlings42 Well-Known Player

    waist that has lasso hanging off

    Start releasing 'common' materials for us to use

    Aquaman movie costume set (Jason Momoa)!!!!!!

    Good witch hat

    Barbarian fur type loin cloth

    Cigar (face)

    Chain wraps for hands and/or feet
  17. Caroline Dedicated Player

    Oh, boy. Alright.

    - The rest of the Bombshells' styles.
    - Queen Bee's hair and style.
    - Tala's hair and style.
    - Cheetah's hair and style.
    - Echo's style.
    - Fatality AND/OR Carol Ferris' hairstyles.
    - Jack's style, for females and males if possible.
    - Lashina's style.
    - Poison Ivy's style. ( I know there's a similar one to it, however her original style is my favorite. )
    - Whisper' A'Daire's style.
    - Parasite's style. - I feel like something interesting could come out of it, for females and males.

    I know I'm suggesting iconic styles, but I'm 100% sure that many want them. Let's have the chance of wearing the same styles as our favorite villains or heroes, or at least get some similar. The way you could give them to us is in Style Packs I/II/III or something. :p

    Please DCUO, take my money!
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  18. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    Codpiece and funny big animal masks

    Klarion styles, Pilgrim and the suit
  19. Slade Wilson Devoted Player


    - a back style combining cape and quiver, basically have the cape floating from the hip downward
    - Slipknot inspired back pack with a grapple
    - a classic Winchester rifle on the back
    - a "layer" back that allows to have our selected emblem displayed on chest styles
    - long reptile tail starting between the shoulders, seperating from the body near hip area, preferably animated instead of going with the wind.


    - the alien looking head styles already ingame for NPCs in use by the Lantern and some of the Cadmus NPCs
    - Catwoman cowl that works with the glasses/face style we already have
    - Sportsmaster hockey mask
    - Killer Croc head (or generic crocodile/alligator/reptile head)


    - simple biker jacket, open, with t-shirt (emblem display on t-shirt, not on the back)
    - Black Canary iconic style for female toons
    - Barbarian style battle straps in different versions
    - Thanagarian battle straps (Hawkman/Hawkgirl) with emblem on display or placeholder to display selected emblem (in that case, add the Thanagarian emblem as emblem)

    - bracers in multiple variations; use the skin color palette to display on the hands when selecting this style independently from the chest style
    - symetric version of the crab style hands (with the smaller/lefthand part used for both sides)

    - wildwest dual holster belt with old fashioned revolvers (I know holstering our selected pistols is far out of reach)
    - wildwest single holster belt with old fashioned revolver
    - sash style belt with "holstered" flint-lock pistol(s)

    DC licensed Masters of The Universe basic style kit consisting of fury boot and claw feet style, metal bracers/belt, claw hands and of course: furry pants (If the jackster was stil with City of Heroes at that time: they had some set like that ;))

    That's about it before I start thinking about more :D
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  20. SuperNerdGeekOverkill Dedicated Player

    These please!

    Stephanie Brown as Batgirl:

    Stephanie Brown as Spoiler:

    Cassandra Cain as Orphan:

    New 52 Batgirl Babs Gordon:

    Injustice Batgirl Barbara Gordon:

    Arkham City Harley Quinn:

    Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn:
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