Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

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    they NEED to add Savitars suit style from The Flash 2014 Season 3 style! i would DEF buy it!!
  3. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    As myself and others have pointed out numerous times in this thread, the whole debacle involving the release of in-game items from both movies (Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) and TV (Supergirl) resulted in the Devs doubling down on "Comic Book Based Styles ONLY, nothing from movies, TV shows, or other video games!"

    So, you want Savitar? They can make his comic book costume, which is RADICALLY different from the CW's version:


    OR YOU can make a "close enough" version on your own, as other players have done, such as the one seen in this post from Page 521 of the New Costume Contest Thread:

    I think that second option will be more to your liking. ;)
  4. Val Zod-El New Player

    I would like to see a Death of Superman “cape” Doomsday version or DCUO Lex Luthor version in the game.

    Death of Superman “cape” Doomsday version:


    Death of Superman “cape” DCUO Lex Luthor version:

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    I wonmder if it would be possible where it flies behind you when movement is activated and perch on your shoulder when not xD We already have wings and jetpacks that change wheter you're floating or standing.
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    Small idea, but I would like to see more styles that have cosmic textures like the Astral Alloy, so we can customize ourselves with moree "cosmic" motiffs without relying on your shameless cash-grab as of late.
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    His CB Costume looks dumb. and nowhere near as cool as the show
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    New 52 Enchantress
    Arkham Origins Lady Shiva
    Nubia and the Amazons Nubia
    Rebirth Deathstroke

    I would also like to see an M-Vest style.
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    Well, they're 2 completely different characters. Only the name and the fact that they have powers derived from the Speed Force is the same, everything else is different. But you can still make a satisfactory CW version with styles that exist in the game already, as I already showed you.
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    New wish-list :
    - Future Batman Arm
    - more Red Son styles :)
    - Supergirl emblem
    - more slimlines which not clip with multiple Batman cowls :)
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    Forgot some small wishes :D

    - President Superman style / emblem
    - Full style from Batman Dark Defender (ingame)
    - Full style from Batmen from the council of Batmen
    - Lex Luthor's heroic suit as seen on villain side of Brothers in Arms alert
    - Evil Superman full style from Brothers in Arms alert
    - More Kingdom Come styles
    - Dark Knight Returns inspired styles (Batman, Superman, Carrie Kelley Batsuit/emblem, Lara suit/emblem)
    - Future Lex mech-arm
    - Justice Lords emblems/styles
    - Beyond Justice league emblems/styles
    - Joker smile as face style (either Flashpoint or DCUO classic one)
    - Batwoman full style
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    machester black
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