Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. LastRedson15 New Player

    Can we please get Death Metal Superman style, including the hair as well
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  2. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    Any chance on bringing back emblems similar to the 80th anniversary emblems? I missed out on Batman's because I had decided not to spend any more money until certain things improved, long before it had had it's limited release. I know, I know, it was five bucks, and I did log once and say, "meh," but many people still are desperate to whip out that credit card from the old wallet at the chance at snagging classic emblems. Thank God I was still a dedicated player at the time of BvS and Superman's 80th being released.

    Also, make the new bat cowl and beyond chest available separately from the ultimate bundle. It is redundant for long time players and no one in their right mind will justify spending 25 bucks (aside from Multiverse) to get this pack when the bot sidekick, enhanced style, manor, and aura can be easily obtained within the game already. I doubt even a small fortune was generated by this pack, no disrespect to whomever is responsible for it. I will donate money to the marketplace if the devs can make this happen. Thanks!
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  3. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Can’t see any of your reference photos so I’m not clear on your exact preference, But you might try fringe that looks pretty close…..
    [IMG]Untitled by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    [IMG]Untitled by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
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  4. JoeAce65 New Player

    There are some tail styles in the game. Can we get a new tail style like the ones on the creatures surrounding the Washington Monument?
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  5. Sui7 New Player

    Could we get a Batgirl cowl with the hair sticking out?
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  6. KidKretz Committed Player

    Can I get "Amazonian" added to a vendor please :) pretty please! :)
  7. Furyan Level 30

    I'm looking for the enhanced future warden set but so far I've only found the normal version being sold by Catwoman, does anyone know where can I find the enhanced version?
  8. X13-KING Well-Known Player

    I've only known it to be given out by Dr. Fate's Daily Rewards. Just like the Enhanced Bat Metal for this month.
    It's been a concern of mine that we'd never get these enhanced styles after the rewards were over.
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  9. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    That's why it can be very important to log on every day and get your rewards! Even if you only do enough days to get the Enhanced Set once, it does appear that you can unlock it on other characters with Style Unlocking! :cool:
  10. Drake Malice Dedicated Player

    How about a skin called “Jokerized” that replicates what victims of Joker’s toxin look like. Massive rictus grin and horrified eyes. The makeup color would change the lips. As a matter of fact just more skins in general, there is surprising lack of new options on that front
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  11. Furyan Level 30

    I agree with you, why don't devs make it easy to acquire these styles? or why don't they put them on the market? At least everyone would have the opportunity to acquire...
  12. Furyan Level 30

    good thing you don't need to login every day of the month, at least if someone misses one or two or maybe five days they can still receive the items... but to unlock in another character, first you need to have the style and then use replay badges, the problem is if you don't have these styles on any character, so I think the devs should make this style available at some vendor
  13. Scarlett Jaxx aka Zodiac New Player

    I'll tell you a couple costume pieces I would love to see a game implement and that's a banded bracer and a plain bracer. I have played several mmorpg games and for some reason those 2 costume pieces are never in them. I know there is the Shazam, bombshell, and the Mera bracers, but all of them are very style specific and overly ornate, and the Shazam is very bulky on female toons. A couple of plain and simple bracers can be used with a variety of styles. Not anything extremely long (like goes from wrist to elbow) and not real bulky. We need more generic and nonspecific style pieces in all categories to help those of us who don't want to make clones, but original characters.
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  14. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Can i have this on my shoulder for Halloween Charon?

  15. LalAlA23q New Player

    Death metal superman pls, Hair style, hands style, chest does not need the emblem :D
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  16. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Broken image link. :oops:
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  17. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Well damn, it was there. Basically a disembodied hand
  18. DuffleBagBoii Well-Known Player

    samurai anime styles.
  19. WECA New Player

    What would be a honestly be a great addition to the game is the option to change the color and animation of the armory loadout change, another great option is the ability to change our characters personality in the styles section, we already have a movement color change, and instead of a one time change via the market place we can just buy another character personality and change it whenever we want. Imagine your character switching loadouts and a swarm of bats surround him or hers character or the character standing straight with his arm out and instantly changing forms. That would be awesome wouldn't it. What would also be dope is if you implemented those 2 ideas into the grinding aspect of the game, so for each new episode it would come with 1 to 2 new armory animation changes , and maybe personalities as well.
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  20. BattyBoy267 New Player

    Definitely death metal superman
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