Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Yochanan32 Well-Known Player

    Just some examples. Fluffier tails and larger ears. maybe a nine tail variation.
  2. Ambassador of Krypton Well-Known Player

    I'm prety sure they would find a way to make things work properly. They're the devs after all, they're programmers, that's what they do. Also, I don't know how true what you said is. I mean, I'm not an expert so I'm probably wrong, but there are styles where emblems look bigger (Stalwart Defender, Fuginaut) and styles where they look way smaller (the latest one, for instance, inspired by Martian Manhunder); so I take it there's actually a way to make emblems look different sizes.
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  3. ¤¬Batman¬¤ New Player

    Dear Mepps
    I really want you to put in the game the regular custom that batman uses like you have done with the custom of Nightwing please put the regular batman custom you will make me really happy and please put it in a bundle for about 50-100 euro there are also 14 of my friends that like this ideas please do that for me
    I look forward hearing from you soon!!
  4. Tori Slainte New Player

    *Peeks in again* Can we pleeeeaaaasssse get a Lab coat like Deadman's Lab coat in Chaos Gotham or Smallville or like the the Lab coats at the anniversary event?? I have one last Armory that has been waiting on that one piece!! It could be a collection piece gift or anything!!! Merci beaucoup in lolz ; )
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  5. ACE FREHLEY Well-Known Player

    I would love to see some iconic styles!
    Green Arrow's/Speedy's classic hat
    Dick Grayson's classic R symbol as Robin
    Dick Grayson's iconic first Nightwing costume
    Captain Marvel/Shazam's pre new 52 classic cape
    Black Canary's fishnet leggings
    Zatanna's classic 80's costume
    Red Tornado's classic mask
    Black Lightning's classic 80's costume
    Bizaro's symbol
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  6. Chewsy Well-Known Player

  7. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

  8. Chewsy Well-Known Player

    Images don't seem to be working in general on this forum...That said, the link works for me. Weird.

    Another link:
  9. Beastmaster Well-Known Player

    Isn't there a couple similar like ancient urgrand boots and Apokalyptian general.
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  10. ConstantineTR New Player

    Hello Adminastör

    We will be happy if he buys the Superman emblem in the game. I've been playing for 8 years. I've never come across.
  11. Chewsy Well-Known Player

    Not really. The boots for Apok General look nothing alike his model, to be honest. No spikes, the knees are different, the feet are different too.
  12. Star King Active Player

    I agree, these need to be worked on a bit more to get the rotary's to spin. I also think it would look cooler if it had 2 more arms with spinning rotary's, like a drone.
  13. DAnomalous Level 30

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  14. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    You guys should somehow split the split personality shoes into two separate styles. I get its supposed to be one mis matched style but those two mis matched shoes look so good it kills me we can't have a normal pair of each in game. There are always tons of requsts for more heeled styles in game. This might be an easy way to get two into the game.
  15. akaivy Dedicated Player

    Starfire's hair - like the hair in the loading screen.
  16. Shazammm Well-Known Player

    Go to the Titans vendor. It's the Tamaranian hair style.
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  17. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    You must not play frequently enough, as the 80th Anniversary Emblem was available for purchase in Doomed Metropolis for a period of roughly 6 months, until December 31st of the 80th Anniversary Year (2018.) Before that, the Batman v. Superman Emblem Swag Bag was available in the Marketplace for a couple or 3 months before it was discontinued with no notice by order of Warner Bros. Pictures (the Licensor for the content based on the movies and TV shows.)

    If you didn't take advantage of one of those 2 opportunities, then you'll have to just use Chest Styles with built-in Superman Emblems. At least those are available to everyone, and there's a few to choose from. Or you can use the Emblem of a DIFFERENT Kryptonian House, and we now have several to choose from, thanks to Emblems released in one of the more recent Time Capsules.
  18. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    I think it was in the noted section, but please can we get seraphim wings? One variant with 6 bird wings, and one variant with 8 bird wings.

    Also a version with seraphim wings, however 3 are bird wings, and 3 are demon wings.

    Inspired by various angels, or Digimon like Angewomon, Seraphimon, Ophanimon etc.
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  19. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Please can we get more Ombre hairstyles?

    Magician's Hair - Ombre
    Grail's Hair - Ombre
    Carol Ferris Hair - Ombre
    Fatality Hair - Ombre

    These are already existing hairstyles in the game, just ombre versions of these please!
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  20. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Also please can we get variants of the Runes head styles from Hand of Fate, but they allow hair to appear over them?

    Eg. the hairstyle being visible over a Runes of the Norseman head style.