Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    well after he lost the last vote i still think we should get an cool azrael style
    thats the one from the gotham series

  2. XBlue Well-Known Player

    Can we have more movement trails, please? It is currently very limited. As an an example:
    • For the power sets (fire, ice, earth etc.)
    • Colored variants of the standard movement. With Speedster, for example, blue or green lightning bolts.
    • Color-adjustable Trails
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  3. Chain Lightning Level 30

    There are so many amazons with buns,ponytails, braided buns etc hairstyles in patchwork themyscira, can we get those in amazon hairpack...
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  4. X13-KING Active Player

    Could we get a Nebula Skin style?
    The Cosmic Skin style was on of the first styles on the Market Place, so why not make a Nebula skin.
    I also wouldn't mind some kind of Nebula accessory. Something like the Black Hole accessory.
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  5. PhoenixLV New Player

    How about actual Alien faces and body features. Can be used as Armor pieces like masks, helmets, shoulders and so on. Not all species can pass as human in their natural forms.


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  6. MISS LUCIFER Active Player

    i would like to see swim suits and for winter cute little outfits for winter
  7. AthalwolfCOH Level 30

    The Iconic one you missed all these years.
    OMAC/Brother Eye emblem.
    The Jack Kirby style mohawk.
    If you can make an emblem for sure can make an emblem for a character that actually Had an emblem.

    Sincerely Buddy Blank.
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  8. X13-KING Active Player

    Can we get a head and back style based on the Olympian's Golden Fleece
    Much like the Magic's Champion set. I see theses two working together to give the appearance of being a one piece of garb. Also allowing for the Magic's Champion shoulder style to work with them. I'm also thinking the Fleece should have a unique glowing effects and textures to it. I'd like there to by two variants of the head style. One that is more comic accurate with open eye holes to have great compatibility with face styles like the Power of Zeus. The other resembles the The Jackal's Head style. The reason for this variant is because I just want a head style that looks like the Jason Emblem. I figured that a Golden Fleece themed variant of The Jackal's Head style would do nicely. Just replace the ears with ram horns and the armored cowl with golden woofed cowl. Also would love to get a Golden Fleece Artifact to go along with the style.
  9. Ambassador of Krypton Well-Known Player

    No new style, just make it so that the second colour slot for the Fallen God chest syle only applies to the inside of the emblem. That would be basically perfect.
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  10. ARJOSAN14 New Player

    With the inclusion of Cheetah in the upcoming Episode 42 Legion of Doom, please make a style set based on her, I think it's about time she gets it, she is one of the very few original characters in the game that doesn't have a single piece of style, only if we count leopard skin perhaps. I'd be even glad with a new actual cheetah skin with a moving tail or a cheetah animal print material. She's Wonder Woman's archenemy and most iconic villain so she definitely deserves at least one style set please. Here's a few ideas I suggest based on some iterations of her:
    • Kingdom Come Cheetah: Alex Ross's take on the original Priscilla Rich
    • Injustice 2 Concept ideas: Some cool sketches I found
    • Wonder Woman #600 version of Cheetah, or at least the headpiece (which is similar to the shaman head but with the main difference that shows hair)
    • The DC Bombshells version: Barbara Minerva with a safari style
    Please consider these and don't forget about the claws hehe
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  11. DurangoKid70 New Player

    Id like to see a chain chest or boots plus long hair or pony tails for male characters.
  12. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    In regards to Cheetah, why not a skin pack? Something akin to a choice of cat, cheetah, lion, etc. Basically, single toned cat, two-toned cat, two-toned cat with spots, same with stripes, etc.
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  13. Super Lantern Active Player

    Isn't she pretty much naked most of the time, sure there's fur covering the naughty bits but still.
  14. ARJOSAN14 New Player

    That'd be interesting, what I'd really like is to have the tails animated and moving, just like Legends Cheetah
  15. ARJOSAN14 New Player

    Yeah she often is lol, that's why I collected various versions in which she's sporting different styles, being her DC Bombshells outfit one of my favourite options or something similar to Injustice 2, there's also her Ame-Comi look which is pretty unique I'd say. Another option I could see being possible is trying to adapt her DC Rebirth version, it could look similar to Nature's Primal Wolf form but with spots and a tail of course, the style would probably make toons a little bulkier and also add fur texture, her backpiece could even be the God Killer sword she uses in the Rebirth: Year of the Villain comics.
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  16. DC Drip Culture New Player


  17. DC Drip Culture New Player

  18. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    The Devs have repeatedly made it clear that there will NEVER be a new Body Type, not if the game lasts a thousand years!!!

    The absolute best we can hope for is a Style Set that changes your body proportions, or maybe a Transformation Item that temporarily changes you into, like, the Penguin or something. But even that seems to be a very remote possibility these days, as the amount of work they would have to put in to do it would not be justified by the amount of dollars of revenue that would be generated.
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  19. WC Talon New Player

    The full slimline mask but with the hair, ears and lips out, I prefer this slimline because it changes the facial appearance by making the jaw more define
  20. Brink New Player

    normal skater pads/gear
    Feet: skater shoes (like vans or even converse low tops style would be sufficient)
    Feet: rollerblades (would pair well with the skimming style - especially if you could turn off the discs (but the sparkly movement style would get the job done in lieu of the feet style negating the discs).
    Hands: wrist guards and elbow pads
    Head: helmet (not a bicycle helmet, but a skaterboarder/rollerblader helmet).
    Back: more contemporary style sk8er backpack (the spec ops backpack is pretty close, but the big tube thing on top makes it kind of odd).