Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

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  1. WC Talon New Player

    I would personally would like new skins because when we take our masks off we all look the same.
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  2. Simba New Player

  3. TheSuperPhantomBoy Level 30

    Thank you very much for the gifts, but I do not understand why we have so many accessories if in the character we can only use 1 (we need to use more accessories), it would also be interesting to be able to use the shield and 1 sword at the same time as a weapon in combat as wonder woman does, Thank you very much.
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  4. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    Both of these are in the wrong thread. The Accessories request goes in the thread for Accessories Requests. The Sword and Shield Request goes in the thread for Weapon Requests.
  5. Multiverse New Player

    Bizarro Emblem Bizarro Cape Collection
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  6. Super Lantern Active Player

    Or Go full Bizarro, getting hard to mimic his skin, is it made out of rocks, crystals or flesh?
  7. X13-KING Active Player

    Now that we have his emblem. Can we, please, get a full style set based on Jason's armor.


    I would love it if this set's waist and shoulder display emblems.
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  8. X13-KING Active Player

    I'd love to get a style set based on DC Rebirth Ares.

    Personally, all I need is the head, chest, hands, and feet. That being said, I wouldn't mind getting a whole set based on this more noble God of War. When it comes to the hands and feet. My wish id that they're retools of the existing Ares styles. The Gloves of Ares and Boots of Ruin. Just replace the skulls with eagles for the boost and eagle emblazoned armbands for the gloves. Would also prefer that the color codes matched perfectly. So that when I use the Iridescent Nebula Chroma on this set. I get Iridescent blue armor, Peal white eagles, and Nebula under suit.
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  9. Multiverse New Player

    Spring Event Has his skin

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  10. Super Lantern Active Player

  11. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    The answer is... is.... 42!!!

    Oops... sorry... wrong question. :oops:;)
  12. X13-KING Active Player

    I'm not sure if this belongs here, but for the next Wonder Woman event. I'd love to get an Olympian lair. I'm basically thinking a lair that is in the style of an ancient Greek temple with a similarly cosmic view as the Space Base Hideout. I love the look, feel, and view of the Space Base, but it's small size kinda kills it for me. So to get a lair with that view, in a Grecian style, and size of a one of the larger lairs. Would be Heaven to me. When it comes to layout, I'm not too sure which would be better for this lair between what we've gotten from the Atlantean or Manor lairs.
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  13. SuperCorp Level 30

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  14. Ughitsjaylon New Player

  15. SuperCorp Level 30

    This Request is for ALL Styles.

    It would be really Nice to have the Styles BOXES Say COLLECTED OR NOT COLLECTED on them when you hover over them...

    It sucks for us that do not have a great memory to not have that shown over BOXES. Yeah We get it when we open the dang box. Half the time I end up collecting pieces I have ALREADY collected. I'm sure I am not the only person who see's this.

    See can not tell from this image if I have collected it or not. But guess what!


    I ALREADY HAD!....

    If the other option had been a belt or other item I had not collected previously. I would have missed out on the ITEM!

    PLEASE FIX THIS!?? Seriously.. PLEASE..

    If ANYONE has had this happen PLEASE Thumbs up this post so we can maybe get it fixed. Thank you for your time.
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  16. Dstdnt Source Wall Promethean Editor-in-Chief

    Loved the addition of the Wonder Woman shields as back styles! Would there be a chance we could see the Shined Brass & Heater Shield styles possibly made into back pieces with the same emblem slots on them?
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  17. Golden Frieza New Player

    Seria massa pele Aqualad e ver a Cabeça do Tubarão Rei ou A pele do Tubarão Cabeça de peixe que nem doas lanternas tipo [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] Deveria lançar Movimento Power set Elétrico mais raio Movimento fogo Movimento atômico Movimento Rage Movimento Celestial Movimento Quantum Seria Massa [IMG][IMG][IMG]
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  18. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

    Now that we have the Scale Material, can we also have Killer Croc's head as a style please?

    And I'd also like the taped hands.

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  19. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

    Can we have Hades' hair and facial hair style please?

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  20. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    If I recall, it was discussed before but not until Croc gets a high resolution revamp
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