Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

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  1. Mr.W Committed Player

    Awe, I understand there are limitations but I hope they do find a way to implement this one day. It would be pretty amazing to hop in vehicles traveling through raids or actually using the freeways in Metropolis lol
  2. Gotham Goliath New Player

    A plain slimline chest with one color channel that supports bigger emblems also the long eared bat cowl.
  3. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    Bizarros #1 necklace as an accessory
  4. Batman2099earthcold Committed Player

    this batman emblem
  5. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    WE KNOW!!!!!


    Needlessly duplicated post reported to the Mods/Admins/Devs.
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  6. RockabillyJohn New Player

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned already or not, and if so, I do apologize… but would it be possible to get more Rockabilly styles in the game? Hair, clothing, exct… I’d love to get some rockabilly hairstyles for my male character and run around Gotham with a leather jacket and t-shirt. Maybe some jeans with a rip in one knee?
  7. SuperCorp Level 30

    Supergirl looks

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  8. Cerulean Osprey Well-Known Player

    More skirt / robe styles with pants. It feels like we have either miniskirts, long gowns, or Greco=Roman skirts.

    I'm sure they could function as a Waist item, actually?





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  9. Gotham Goliath New Player

    Neal Adams Long eared bat-cowl and gloves[IMG]
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  10. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    A set of stereo headphones, as a head piece or accessory.

    Also some new animal skins, including a MONKEY! Any sort of monkey, as long as it has a tail.
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  11. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    The Engineer Head Style that's dropping in the Flashpoint Event has a stereo communications headset with a boom microphone, and that's the only Head Style I know of that has a headset on it.


    So yeah, we can definitely use more Head Styles that have headsets on them! :cool:
  12. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    Sojourner Mullein - Time Capsule Proposal


    Suit style- Prime Lantern

    Collection rewards
    -Retro Construct glasses
    -Lantern ring accessory (tin table)
    - Retro Funk hair style

    (BONUS MATERIAL) Construct Chroma

    Different style lantern logos
    -Hank Henshaw

    -Kyle Rayner
    -UV Lantern
    -Phantom ring logo
    Paralax hal/kyle
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  13. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Yep, I have a character who I'm pretty certain would run around the city listening to whatever song he considers to be his personal "theme tune". All day long. :D
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  14. PapaKola New Player

    Hey I know this isn't a thread about PvP

    But I have a solid idea for a Villian PvP Style for the next gear set (102 Gear), that comes out in the near future.

    The Penguin Style would be an amazing style for many reasons

    Head : Fairly new Top Hat that's up to date with the games new UI settings

    Face Piece : A Monocle that actually creates a glare or magnify look

    Chest : Tailored Over Top Vest/Slash sweater

    Pants : Tailored Pants with Stripes

    Shoulder : Handkerchief on coat or cigar holder

    Hands : Leather Gloves

    Back : Fur Mink Overcoat as the back piece would be amazing

    Waist : Penguin's Signature Umbrella hanging from his hip ( This is something that us as fans on waist style would like for long swords, nunchucks, etc. )

    Feet : High Gloss Dress Shoes (Shiny)


  15. Visubversa37 Level 30

    Boots and belt style?
  16. DCLegend83 Level 30

    DEV. I really don't understand why do you guys always do half the job.
    Example. The style I am gonna request now is the God Killer Sword.
    You already have it as a Back style so why would you not put it in as a Weapon style.It just does not make any sense. yuo could also make the Item an Omnipotent gear like we have in the game. we already have the mechanics to change fighting style in the game maybe that could be also granted to he players. [IMG]
  17. Charon Lead Content Designer

    I recently posted this.

    Since that post I have gotten the following in and they should start showing up in EP41.
    • Hawkman Mace
    • Hawkgirl Mace
    • Joker Crowbar
    • Joker Long Barrel Pistols
    • Joker Trick Pistols
    • Heat Wave Pistols
    • Sunblade
    • Winterblade
    • Aqualad Swords
    • Merciless Sword
    • Indigo Staff
    • Riddler Staff
    • Nekron Scythe
    • Drowned Trident
    • Zeus Staff
    • Hades Staff
    • Spear of Destiny
    • Alan Scott Sword
    • Mr. Freeze Rifle
    • Mr. Freeze Pistols
    • Steppenwolf Axe
    • Huntress Crossbow Dual Pistols
    • Huntress Crossbow Rifle
    • Ares Sword
    • Harley Quinn Mallet
    • Green Arrow Bow
    • Big Barda Mega-Rod
    • Gentleman Ghost Cane
    • Gentleman Ghost Pistols
    • Damian Wayne Katana
    • Steel Hammer
    A couple more may make it for launch but most likely the ones I missed and certainly ones that come out later will be implemented at a later date.

    Merciless' God Killer drops in a weapon style box where you can pick one handed, two handed, or dual wield. This weapon in particular lends itself to all three as 2 models were made. Most others lend themselves to one handed and dual wield or two handed and one handed.

    Now as to the half done comment - it was not half done, it was a DC and Design leadership choice to not have these weapons granted out. From DC it was because they were more strict on just how much a player can mimic an iconic NPC. From Design leadership it was because we didn't want to always have to give out a weapon or a weapon for all weapon types each time we did a gearsuit that had a weapon. Now that leadership has changed, and DC has lifted some of those restrictions when it comes to weapons, I've made it a project of mine to do this and get these items to you players.

    One day I hope to get other past gearsuit weapons that are baked into the gear to be removed and made into weapons so I can more do more of this but it is an Art ask and those take time and have a lot of competition for other Art needs.

    For the idea of making these into OP items - sounds great but that is a lot of design debt. The easiest and quickest way to get these items to you now and moving forward is me taking a bit of extra time to implement these and me making sure Art makes these items from new gearsuits as they make them (and not go back to suits years old and have them recreate these weapons from that old art).
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  18. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    where per say would we find the huntress/joker/hawks weapons? classic level content or recent DLC
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  19. Zoe· YouTuber

    Thank you so much! Where will we find the Hawkgirl Mace? I need to perfect my Hawkgirl ;)
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  20. Charon Lead Content Designer

    They drop off just about anywhere you can fight them. There are cases where they don't like if the iconics are illusions or just weak adds in large numbers: example: Saturn Girl illusions in Legion or Batscape adds in Metal 2 but everywhere else in early or later content is applicable including variations of them that make sense - Starro Controlled Penguin, Hawkman, and Alan Scott for example or Manbat Joker and Manbat Riddler.

    Oh, I also already did GCPD Batman shield and Cybernetic Lex shield. Forgot to add that to the list.

    Edit - they have a higher drop rate in any elite content they happen to be in.
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