Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Fwames Well-Known Player

    another shim'tar set
  2. Engendro Nefasto Well-Known Player

    Can we please have a bangs hairstyle?
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  3. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

    - Xa-Du's head style (the glass 'fishbowl' part)
    - Xa-Du's chest style
    - Xa-Du's shoulder style / back style
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  4. Midnight scarlet New Player

    Supergirl/superman but i really want red lantern Supergirl
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  5. Engendro Nefasto Well-Known Player

    And a Pirate style with 2 hands and 2 feet?
    Happy anniversary by the way.:)
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  6. Lonnie96 New Player

    Can you guys put a costume designed after Aya from Green Lantern The Animated Series in the game? honestly I'd be fine even if it was on the marketplace or a time capsule.
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  7. Jaelia Committed Player

    That’s super cute and it’s looks like she had highlights lol
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  8. Mystyfy Level 30

    Different styles for Armory switches, maybe use the iconic exits/entrances back to back for our own build transformation in place of the smoke bomb animation. It would really be cool to mix and match the different movement mode styles for the transition, but I would definitely settle for the generic flight/ superspeed transition. Could also add the grapple line animation for an alternate acrobatics themed transition to keep things fair for all players.
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  9. Super Lantern Active Player

    I would like a House of Zod cape like the N52/Rebirth version, it resembles a cross between classic cape and cloak of hades with Zod's house symbol on the side, or maybe an entire outfit based on this version of General Zod, I would also love a customizable superman emblem, you know to be able to change the red and yellow to the black and white version from Clark's recovery suit or to the black and red Superboy (Kon-El) version.
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  10. Super Lantern Active Player

    Like for flight characters you have the classic superman shirt rip & phone booth spin transformation and the flash ring transformation from the flashpoint animated movie for speedsters.
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  11. Mystyfy Level 30

    I was thinking more or less the way certain characters enter or exit in this game, considering those animations are already there to use. Superman or any flying character will fly off and return from a random direction for instance, I was thinking use those animations for our armory transitions. The Flash/Zoom have their own entrance/exits, and Batman does as well, so why not give a movement mode variant for each?

    Those would also be cool to have, but I don't know how or if they could animate the actual costume change. This is more or less directly in place of the smoke cloud in use now and would not require any new animation. Your character would fly/run/grapple line off as one armory build and transition back as another just as the iconics do.
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  12. 0verhaul New Player

    I would like to see a wheelchair leg style...please.
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  13. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    Still waiting for the police uniform. 10 years and counting.
  14. Brandon-richard Active Player

    Red X outfit From DC's Future State. Could be similar to the Spyral Operative set.
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  15. Curse Bringer Most Wanted


    to this day, more then anything, just an emblem spot for this chest piece
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  16. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    As an alternate hand style to the Speed Force collection, what about a Flash ring or Reverse Flash ring (since the gloves are now part of the chest style you can have a ring as an addition (this could also work for folks who have a Legion flight ring)
  17. EvilDeeds Active Player

    We seriously need better spandex slimline boots and gloves with no ugly detail on it" like the boots on the Kryptionian Flexsuit legs. They do look more like a the boots from a real superhero then all the other chunky looking feet styles.
    Kryptonian Flexsuit boots on the leg item do look more like Green Lanterns, Supermans , but its a leg piece with other weird stuff on.
  18. Volle Active Player

    Item wish list! Time For a Change...

    Clothes Styles
    1. Bulletproof Vest + T shirt
    2. Bulletproof Vest + Shirt & Tie
    3. Dual Katana - Back Style
    4. Cargo Pants With Dual Gun Holsters
    5. Short Coat Jacket
    6. New - Casual Clothes
    7. New - Slim Suits
    8. New - Skin Animal Re Texture
    New Upgrade NPC Texture
    1. Gotham Police Force - New Texture
    2. Science Police - New Texture
    Travel Power Styles
    1. Matching Class Travel Powers
    General Pointers
    Update Color Palette Options From 4 sloth to 10x We get to use 3 color sloth's for the gear and that fine. It Just that i dont see why we cant have more Palette sloths. We are so limited to use just 4 colors for everything. This need to change... A SuperHero game like this deserves more color options.
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  19. Batman2099earthcold Committed Player

    A long ear Batman cowl which you can see the mouth and use face styles
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  20. LoganCaron Active Player

    I dont know if DCUO team reading this since its an old post...but i got 2 ideas..First: Make blue- red and black composite materials without the neon..just the composite..Second: give us a option to choose the scale of the emblems:)
    One more thing..try to bring back the BVS Emblems;-)