Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    Ok this one should be easy, on the test server, back when fight for the light first came out. There was a rifle style called Alien, was this intestine looking rifle with a eyeball at the end, sickest thing I've ever seen, never made it to the live end. if its still there I'd love to have it accessible.
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  2. Avenger 0ne New Player

    Is there any chance that we could get a version of Guy Gardener's Vest that can have emblems placed on it ?
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  3. FoolsFire Devoted Player


    The Chest and Legs could be very form fitting, showing all musculature, which we could use to put a material/chroma on. Something we currently can't do with skin. It would be a good compromise.
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  4. Brandon-richard Active Player

    Jet Boots movement style please(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧. Like the ones Toyman's robots use.
  5. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    [quote = "Wholesome Pervo, post: 4224712, membro: 391633"]
    você pode, por favor, permitir que os jogadores que são usuários gratuitos ou que não pagaram por um mês ou dois pela assinatura usem todo o seu dinheiro como quiserem?
    eu entendo que as pessoas não têm os mesmos privilégios sendo jogadores gratuitos ou premium, mas vamos usar nosso dinheiro no jogo, não posso colocar coisas no corretor, mas deixe-me comprar coisas se eu tiver dinheiro para isso, deixe-me comprar coisas com o dinheiro que ganhei por jogar.

    as a premium player I usually buy episodes because it is an acquisition forever and I would like to be able to buy a higher limit in percentage of what I earn and spend in game money, 3 thousand is little and barely enough to repair broken equipment, they should sell a percentage of won during the game and not only have the option of a 7-day card
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  6. Darth_Andrea Well-Known Player

    Or a simple jet boot animation that has flames and a smoke trail, I have a black suit depowered superman character who uses flight boots but without the jet appearance it really doesn't sell what I'm going for. And the smoke trail alone isn't really enough. Really need the visual and a sound.
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  7. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    What about something like the vengeful surgeon only blades? Like instead of the guns pointing straight down, it’s swords going straight down. Instead of the bombs, maybe knives or stakes or something like that.
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  8. GoranUzumaki New Player

  9. GoranUzumaki New Player

    ohh i really wanna see this kind of swordstyle

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  10. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Agreed. A hard agree. We need something similar but legally-distinct to that sword style.
  11. Johnny_Stains New Player

    For the momentous 10th anniversary, what about a set of iconic emblems? Maybe a Kingdom Come style Superman emblem, a Batman Begins style emblem, an actual Robin Emblem, Old School Wonder Woman Eagle?
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  12. BIZZAR0 New Player

    Would love to see a bizarro symbol!! Maybe even a bizarro episode!!
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  13. sweetbabysabes Active Player

    I'd be happy to be able to put emblems on all styles and have it noticeable whether its a regular style, chroma, aura, enhanced etc. I think we have very limited things to put our emblems on and we need more especially shoulders, capes and sometimes I would love to be able to see certain ones on boots or legs. I'm not sure how this hasn't happened yet.
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  14. sweetbabysabes Active Player

    Also random thought for styles, be it pet's, accessory section whatever, it would be pretty cool to have the ability to mix, match or customize your pets and have them to the same damage instead of having certain ones do more damage than the others. That way for instance, I could have a mix if I'm nature, maybe I could have a plant, giant wasp and vines attack instead of the same ol pets everyone has. I wanna be techy, maybe allow me to have brainiac bot, a luthor bot, and a machine turret. I like to have a decent variety. Ninja would maybe like to have a bow, sword, sais, and staff. However, the most important part of this tho, is orbitals, which would also be cool to color change and adjust, need to all do the same damage. I've watched a ton of videos and it's crazy that because I like a certain henchmen for my build, say water powers, I take the water orbital and the henchmen from the the episode content, but they do less damage than another build. Needs to be the same across the board, unless an artifact can buff it similar to source artifact for the pets
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  15. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    The Shined brass shield style, as a back piece. Emblem slot included!
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  16. EvilDeeds Active Player

    Would be nice to get some red auras like this one
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  17. Shazammm Well-Known Player

    It's not necessarily a costume style exactly.....but I'm really diggin' the Flash Ring that gives you the super-speed movement style in the Anniversary vendor. Could we get more items for other movement styles? A Legion ring that gives flight, a Green/Yellow Lantern ring that gives skimming and maybe a Robin or Bat-themed styled item that gives acrobatics. It would be awesome if I could have different armory builds have different movement styles. As a bonus, how about an Aquaman themed item that gives you the "swimming" movement style from the Atlantis episode?
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  18. Brandon_Harper New Player

    A Simple Bandage Handwrap, It would be really helpful for those who want to make a Killer Croc or a Wildcat. [IMG]
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  19. an81angel Well-Known Player

    tiara that sits on top of the head, and NOT across the forehead. [IMG]
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  20. Mr.W Committed Player

    Any chance we can get the curly high top fade like the soldiers in war torn village?