Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. High Troller Loyal Player

    or have the option to get them as an enhanced item... tagged as large or as a brand-new style. marketplace style... vendor exclusive dlc item.. anything. take my money.
  2. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Oh there are plenty of items that they could put in the marketplace and I’d gladly buy it. No need to find a cohesive way to work it in.
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  3. C Level Active Player

    Some more chest pieces that enlarge emblems would also be awesome.
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  4. DinahLance Level 30

    Birds of Prey Hairpack please :)
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  5. Zoe· Loyal Player


    Black Lantern Wonder Woman will be a perfect style event for a Time Capsule style. The loin cloth is so cool and the chest & Tiara with the emblem looks so cool. Please consider :D
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  6. thedemonocus Dedicated Player

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  7. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    Just here to repeat an previously mentioned post from long past. STYLE ZOOM. Squinting at the screen and trying to guess what I look like is a bit of a pain. Maybe not have multiple controls, per se, but have the camera drop and zoom to the potions being worked on.

    Head/Face: Higher body mass, option to increase/decrease zoom from there slightly
    Gloves/Waist: Lower center mass, option to increase/decrease zoom from there slightly.
    Chest/Emblem/Shoulders: Full upper mass (including arms)
    Legs: Obvious by now...
    Back: Full body option we currently have...
  8. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    You can already make a very reasonable facsimile in the game if you grabbed the 80th Anniversary Batman Emblem:



    I'm certain I could get it even closer if I really optimized every style piece I used in order to match that look as closely as possible. But who knows when or even IF we'll ever get the long-eared cowl, and the cape that wraps around to the front is extremely unlikely to ever happen due to this game's technical limitations.

    Lastly, the last time Warner Brothers Studios licensed official movie & TV likenesses to Daybreak for use in the game, it didn't go well. It's very highly improbable we'll ever see Daybreak license ANYTHING from Warner Bros. ever again, and it's even MORE highly improbable that if by some fluke it ever DOES happen again, that it would be for a 30-year old movie. :oops:
  9. thedemonocus Dedicated Player

  10. WhiteContractDC New Player

    Please put the Original Auras in the Quarks Vendor or make them buyable from the MP.. you Keep releasing ugly Auras but all People ask for are the originals…
  11. DarkAvenger Well-Known Player

    I need his whole outfit and hair
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  12. Engendro Nefasto Active Player

    Without going into the "alien head" polemic, summer is getting close, can we please have this?
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  13. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    1) So, yeah, you picked the wrong time to take such a long break, because you missed out on a lot of limited time Iconic stuff for both Batman and Superman, stuff that's now gone and never coming back. You snoozed, and you lost. You probably shouldn't oughta have done that. :oops:

    2) I already mentioned we don't have the cowl with the taller ears... well, except for the Batman Beyond one, but that makes the part of the face that's normally exposed on Batman's cowl the same color as the rest of the mask, so that one won't work, sadly. :(
  14. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    You could use the Batman Beyond cowl and it could just be what Terry would be like if that series started in 1989 instead of 1999.
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  15. thedemonocus Dedicated Player

    story of my life,i was requesting that emblem since i started in 2013 and when do they bring it out,of course while i'm away but thats just my luck. same thing happened to me with the og nimbus aura ,i bought $300 worth of booster bundles and never got meanwhile other people opened 1 and got it and i felt very burned by this,hardly seems fair and was 1 of the things that lead to me leaving in 2016,never really got over that one and it still bugs me to this day.

    Those booster bundles were also the last i ever bought and i stayed away from the time capsules or any other random drop items for the same reason,i refuse to ever pay for that stuff again because its shady and just because all the mmos do it does not make it right. I know this emblem probably won't come back but that also does not mean i'm going to stop asking for it. I'll tell you this much it really sucks having to see other players with that emblem knowing i can't get it,at least i have the BvS set of emblems so it hurts a little less.
  16. Halcyon81 Level 30

    it looks cool and all but it is DCUO not DMCUO, probably have some kind of licensing issue.
  17. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    Before the 80th Anniversary Emblem was released, there was a somewhat similar (but of course nowhere near identical) emblem released based on one of the Dark Knights Metal characters, and some players used that to simulate the classic emblem with the yellow oval. And unlike the limited edition BvS and 80th Anniversary Emblems, those Dark Knights Metal Emblems CAN still be obtained in-game, either from the Time Capsules, or the Broker, and EVENTUALLY they'll be available from the Boo$ter Gold Vendor in your HQ once the Time Capsules they're in are completely retired.

    You'll most likely just have to settle for that, because DC Comics has been very strictly controlling regarding the Superman and Batman styles in-game the last few years. The likelihood of that Emblem being brought back for, say, the 85th anniversary in another 4 years is as close to zero as makes no odds, In My Opinion. :oops:
  18. DarkAvenger Well-Known Player

    It doesn’t hurt to barrow things from other series to please your customers also this game has already took small things from other shows like the DBZ inspired auras like ultimate aura which is basically a super saiyan aura and fourth world new god aura which is super saiyan blue both was asked by players in the aura thread they listened and made it happen
  19. Zoe· Loyal Player

    I saw that art of Alex Rose and hoped with can get a similar Donna Troy style
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  20. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    Polymorphic styles that change based on your CR, Power/skills, and such so characters can stand apart from each other while showcasing their strengths.
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