Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Megzilla Developer

    The extra life accessory is valkyrie wings on the head; this'll be shown more in the future I'm sure.

    Fitted or not, players are typically crouching or doing crazy anims; the mesh of the dress always stretches and it just looks awful. Has nothing to do with the fit of the dress. Currently we dont have cloth sim on legs/chest as an option as far as I know.
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  2. Megzilla Developer

    I have it written down. I don't remember if it was set up to be ripped off for players or not though.
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  3. Kuno Loyal Player

    Any chance to get Fatality and Carol Ferrys mega glamourous big hair? We need longer hairstyles! I love those two.
    Maybe you guys can put a couple of hairstyles bundles or sell them separately on the MP.
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  4. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Oh Starnbock going on about hairy chests reminded me of something. Are we gonna get updated versions of skins like tattooed and youthful? Forgive my ignorance, but isn’t it just a matter of adding decals to the new skins? On that note, maybe this time we could get variants for all three skins instead of just one? Also could we get pointy eared and some kind of muscular skin for females? Really miss how hench mesas/large bodies looked with the old skins.
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  5. djcrossfade Committed Player

    I want to buy the vengeful spirit hair style with real money .. it would be good if I can buy the good guy styles for my bad guy and get fts for it to .. it would be a great way for you guys to make money .. same with my good guy buying bad guy styles instead of us having to buy the sop plz :)
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  6. Raven Roth Well-Known Player

    I want Raven's mask under her hood and her cloak which is black on the inside

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  7. Megzilla Developer

    They're on my list.
    I know we would love to keep building on the library of new skins, I think right now it is a matter of making time for them.
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  8. Catastrophic Repercussion Well-Known Player

    I suppose disband your quest at appropriating Chinese culture is in order, and with your plan cancelled we'll appropriate Vietnam's Ao Dai instead.
    I'm semi serious and more on that below.
    *Eagerly awaits more hair ornaments*

    I know the system has limitations's probably plausible?
    When players ask for qi pao they're probably asking for the modern incarnation with a high split, and this characteristic could make it function differently than the Opera/Wizardly styles so the technical challenges of creating it...might be different than what you'd imagine?

    The first thing I thought is Circe/Raven's loincloth, which looks fine on their own because it's really thin, but if it's made wider the crazy clip will be nakedly exposed (ha) also fixed model's benefits might be applied I'm not sure about that
    Trench coats like Detective have their lower parts free flowing but not touch the legs, so my first instinct was well, Ao Dai does have some similarities to qi pao but it's split is hip/waist high and is a top instead of a one piece, so it could probably be made within the same limits, have less complication than deciding whether or not you need to cut the qi pao style in two, and players can choose to be more authentic by wearing pants/dress or get complained on twitter be wearing a thong!
    Batman's who laugh's chest style looks like it's made on the same basis as the other trench coats, but upon closer inspection it only floats below the butt, so...maybe a one-piece qi pao could be made the same way with reference to this, with ancient divine sorceress the drowned's skirt as a basis for how the boundaries on the front can be managed? A thigh-high cut might not be out of the realm of possibility after all?

    These are everything I can observe so this player can't really know what other limitation not being considered here is in play but...I'm not one asking for a qi pao so none of my business hehe

    [Also by fitted it's more about the waist rather than the hips part. I don't think any game that has the option to run can pull of the hip-fitted variant (that's also historically accurate!) convincingly anyway.]
    [Also I only remember the Drowned after I edited the post a few times (Sorry!) and I'm not bothering to rewrite that paragraph or do any reexamination but yeah, can't that just be the starting point for these ethnic styles?]
    [Also I know it's grammatically incorrect to use also now but also I don't give a funk]
    Is it possible to file any tattoo, facial hair and eye shadow requests (however long it may took) under the "skin additions" banner instead of the "alternate skin" banner, as in they have their own separate tag? I hope this makes sense?
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  9. Psycho Tech Committed Player

    can we please get Mammoth's hair? all the other pirates laugh at my pirates wimpy beard and well washed hair. stop the bullying Meg xD o_O
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  10. LLSmoothJ Level 30

    Okay, if we don't get any real high heels, maybe some heel alternatives? For example...

    What about some of the heels from the NPC women? Or does that fall under unique-for-npc models?
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  11. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    The qipao I’m imagining has more in common with the Drowned or Ancient Divine sorceress set than it does the wizardly or druid set. It’s just a top with ankle length cloth flowing from the hips at the front and back.

    I think the character creator and split personality heel styles are in a nice sweet spot, they’re nice and long but not long enough to interfere with animations.
  12. LLSmoothJ Level 30

    Didn't they mention that it was done using an older format for modeling compared to the new one, though? Don't get me wrong, the heel length is fine as it's not too high. But I thought they mentioned that as a reason why they couldn't create new high heels so easily.

    Also, adding a bit of a design wouldn't hurt either. Specifically using the wing-tipped shoes design for example.
  13. Nogreen Active Player

    I want Cyborg/Batman/Superman/Robin/Daredevil with dual wielding Sticks at start and not something you can only get at 30 and CR230.
    That is also with the Emblems or Emblems at cost of Max 70 Quarks and 2xxCash each.
    Kinda ruins the will to play when you cant even play your favorite Hero.
  14. Megzilla Developer

    If we have a good place to put something like the qipao that's not just the marketplace, I can inquire what our options are. Do men have something similar?
    Drowned cloth sim elements and the trenchcoats have clothsim on the chest portion. Is the Wizardly dress thing just chest piece or is the skirt part the pants as well? We don't have cloth sim on legs as far as I know.

    Putting facial hair on skins might be an interesting alternative to get around our hair/facial hair problem.. maybe make them take up the "make up" slot or just have their own skin entirely. When we get ready to get going on skins again I will revisit this with the character team and see what we can do. One of our ideas to achieve fishnets is to put it on the skin like a tattoo (since fishnets just wont work with the new skin shaders).
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  15. Psycho Tech Committed Player

    nuuuuu dont do thattt xD my pirate is kinda dead. unless his beard is gonna give him living flesh again. #MagicWhiskers
  16. Megzilla Developer

    Haha. Ill write it down, cuz that is definitely a look.
    I think we have some old AF pumps like this, but I feel we are due for new ones. The unique-for-npc style shoes usually are ones that are just too tall for players (otherwise animations start looking stupid, because heels actually cut into the mesh, not add on, or we sink them in the ground - Zatanna's boots how they are for example, might be too tall for players. Zatanna is a custom mesh so she can do what she wants)
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  17. drac0nisw0lf Level 30

    I would like to see a real Native American outfit. Or more. There are so many. And a werewolf chest and legs style. That is all for now. Thank you.
  18. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Murder Machine's style with an enhanced version. (Cyborg Batman from the Dark Knights)

    Preferably from the next episode on the vendor.
  19. Psycho Tech Committed Player

    yay! just saw it made your special list :) thx! another really unique request, would be Hotstreak's 2 toned hair and soul patch, from the Static Shock tv series. im not sure it would conflict with licensing as its not a specifically "iconic" hairstyle in any sense
  20. tokidokij Active Player

    I’d like to see the original hairstyles be able to have two tones like the ombré or similar to Starfire’s two tone hairstyle.
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