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Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Heliotropix Level 30

    i'd like to see some lairs that have garages, and hangars. and some vehicles to place in them. maybe we all get a movement power, but if it's good enough for batman....and how about a boat house, with combat equipped jet skis, speed boats, submersibles.....?
    maybe some windows with a view of the sidewalk far below with some pedestrians wandering by? all the houses are in the city, but all the windows have these bucolic countryside views...except the bat signal window, and there's no downward view to it.
    maybe cameras that work with a monitor, that will flash views of the rooms in your lair.
    and i know we're super heroes and villains, but even super powered people have to eat. how about a normal sized stove, a microwave, a counter with a sink and a dishwasher, because i ain't washing dirty dishes....
    a few more coffee table sized tables would be nice, and something besides luxurious bucket chairs or 100 year old antique chairs.
    those brown leather armchairs in many instances would be nice.
    my biggest wish is for more object placement options. i don't want all my amenities on those pink circles....i'd like all the circles to disappear when you open free placement. all of them, including the pink ones....
    and the ability to place object on top of other objects...i'm not littering the floor of any of my lairs with empty pizza boxes, but i wouldn't mind having a couple on the kitchen table, along with a take out container or two.
  2. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

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  3. Irmensul Well-Known Player

    Brilliant ,yeah devs please take note..
    Styles.I don't think it's too far off topic to say.npc style changes like where they've changed Jim Lee's or whoever's Superman to a new skin & Aquaman..I don't like them so much..I'd like to see a miore Classic Aquaman eg lower neck on the shirt for player styles we very much need some wider belt styles like wider girdles
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  4. Psycho Tech Well-Known Player

    wouldnt mind new iconic styles sprinkled throughout old content to keep ppl running it. you rarely see ppl running Khandaq for example, most ppl can hop over that. throw in Black Adam's Sash (Account Bound Styles) & now youll have ppl running everything if they want these new styles. cant throw your wallet at it, actually have to run content
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  5. Psycho Tech Well-Known Player

    new batch:
    ¤Animated Chainsaw back style
    ¤Skulls Belt/Trophy Belt using the same tech that makes the primeval legs move, i want my trophies to bounce around in a realistic way as i run around
    ¤Overalls legs BUT they cover the chest a bit so u can wear a different shirt underneath
    ¤Collar shirts, great for an Overalls undershirt ^
    ¤Butcher Apron
    ¤Werewolf Top & Bottom (something fitted for the set, including tears in the fabric etc, other clothes look goofy with the werewolf set in trying to make a classic werewolf
    ¤Eyepatch, Hook, & Peg Leg alternate side (1handed weapon + current hook... is a bit unrealistic)
    ¤Pocket Watch Shoulder (Shoulder draping down onto the chest) or Pocket Watch Belt
  6. Barbara Lopez Well-Known Player

    I see you are pretty hard working on hairstyles, and thank you. But my heart aches for men's hairstyles, they haven't received something for themselves for long, most of them use the old hairstyles, could we have the new designed ones added, Shazam's or new Superman's Damian's hair look great.
    Also please can you consider New Zatanna's net legs style, bc the old nets look low quality.
  7. zedalfo New Player

    Some nicer male hairstyles would be nice. Maybe a bundle of cool regular civilian clothes (I know its a superhero/villain game so we wear costumes), but just for RPing reasons; it would be nice to wear regular clothes or at least have more options than the ones already in game.
    Also a bit of a stretch, but maybe adding customizable tattoo options?
  8. Barbara Lopez Well-Known Player

    Can we finally have a skirt like this which moves like capes? Something like Circe's

    The Hula style was good, I think you had spent a lot of time to design it.
    I can't wait to see a new Tala costume like the others.

    Secondly I know we have said it many times before but we literally lack a simple and normal straight hairstyle both for men and women, the new Circe's hair is DOPE :) But Batwoman's would be fine too.

    also a beard like this :confused:
    I literally have no male toons, but think we have nothing similar in the game.

    Please add this hairstyle too, we've got very good ones previously but the Classic hairstyle (Short Straight) is very low quality and ugly. :( Also the uniform and cape are cool.

    Important : As you see the middle part of the Power Girl's uniform, it some type of fabric I guess called Nano which has those tiny dots inside it that Superman's style and modern cloths have it too, the scuba style is not that bad already, but can we have a chest and legs style with no extra design that look like this, this is necessary.


    Canary's net and chest are burning me.



    The Jacket.



    Miss Martian New 52 Uniform (Prime Earth)
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  9. Jayross Well-Known Player

    O would like to see the return of the dandy hat. It's not available on switch
  10. Burning_Baron Loyal Player


    All of it. The Hairstyle (which is pretty unisex) and outfit. The shoes too.

    I'd also like mOre animal head styles similar to the wolf head.

    Leopards,lions, Tigers and Bears would be cool. We have the Minotaur head as well but that is a bit hard to get.
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  11. Shadow Force Committed Player

    That should never happen exclusive is exclusive deal with it.Missed the chance well tough that is life.
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  12. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

  13. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

  14. Psycho Tech Well-Known Player

    Id like to see the remainder of classic skins redone. Undead especially.
  15. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    These guys have been in the game since Day One, pretty much...

    S.T.A.R. Labs Heavy Trooper

    LexCorp Gladiator

    And while Player Characters can achieve a similar look with the LexCorp Salvation Style Set, it is NOT identical, because there's one very important piece of the costume that's missing...


    Here's what Player Characters can have...

    NO GUNS :(


    Devs, I think you know what you need to do! ;)
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  16. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    Yeah devs you heard the man. Take away their guns. It's not fair they get toys we don't.
  17. DarkAvenger Level 30

    Devs can we finally get a alien head style something like this

  18. Hurly-Burly Active Player

    Unless Batman wore it, I will say no.

    I am just messing with you man. I doubt it because, as I posted, since this thread was created, we have not seen any iconic alien, or alien styles.

    As a former business student, one thing I learned in all my years on the scene, is smart businesses are not afraid to borrow things from other companies that worked.

    If memory serves me, DBZ Xenoverse and it's sequel is like the 14th and 15th best selling fighting franchise of all time. I would wager more people play the Xernoverse series compared to DCUO & Injustice. I would also wager those people would start to play DCUO if they could look like a popular character.

    Business is all about pulling as many people in as possible. Sometimes, businessmen get stuck in their "Brand" hence forget that.

    I get why they continuously push out Batman costumes instead of Super Saiyans, buster swords wielding men or aliens.I get that hardcore DC fans want to see this instead of non-DC items. All I am saying is trying to reach as many people as possible could not hurt.

    I am not saying rip of an IP; just saying what if you happen to stumble upon an alien purple cone-head alien in DCUO......
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  19. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    Superman's hair, stubble, and glowing irises from the opening cinematic would be awesome.
    Plus the future Superman suit which is the classic suit but have it like battle worn with a big gash where Luthor speared Superman. Like we wear his suit in honor of our fallen hero or villains wear it as a sign of Luthor's supremacy over the last son of Krypton.
    Superman's Tattered cape that actually looks like cloth and not teflon like the original house of el cape and we can color in the S shield and background.
    And just the classic superman look.
    And doomsday's spines I mean we have been exposed to mutated versions of the doomsday virus many times starting in smallville and Kandor and Doomed metro
    I would love those tusks and claws and shoulder spines for my tank role.
    And somehow get Hecate's tattooed skin or just her tattoos.
    And the Superman Rebirth and Ultraman styles. Just make the chest have a large emblem slot instead of a fixed emblem and you can cut down on a lot of the work as the only real difference is the emblem belt boots and the cape
  20. Psycho Tech Well-Known Player

    Another batch of ideas:
    ¤Hypnotic Eyes (tintable)
    ¤Emblem Numbers 11-100 & Letterman Emblem 1-100
    ¤Greek Alphabet Emblems
    ¤Basketball Jerseys? (emblem slot & your characters name on the back)
    ¤Rat Shoulder (like the spider one)
    ¤Marionette String back style with movement
    ¤Windup Key back style
    ¤Button Eyes
    ¤Corpse Paint? (like pretty much every black metal band, im sure you can come up with a design)
    ¤Man-bun (since that seems to be what all the kids are styling these days
    ¤the glasses with the big nose & eyebrows/mustache for April Fools this year
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