Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

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  1. XEMD Well-Known Player

    that's awesome! good job!
  2. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    [quote"]that's awesome! good job![/quote]
    Thank you. You can feel free to rip it off if you want or copy then make changes.
    Head: Retro Biohunter
    Shoulders: HIVE
    Hands: Mercenary’s Malice
    Waist: Antifreeze
    Feet: Alien Tech
    Chest: Sector Agent
    Legs: Sector 3601
    ...I even went through every wing type I had and added Silver material...but none of them looked right.

    And To get back on topic before I’m told to get to the costume contest thread. I think we are at
    -Grifter torso (high collar trench coat with weapons or bullets/explosives across the chest and a belt with weapons)
    -engine Joe
    -Jeroen Thorndike
    ...and maybe a few more I’m forgetting. I think Gen13 came up once.
  3. recoil2 Dedicated Player


    can we get the horned variant of swamp thing from injustice as the next spring seasonal 2019 style? i think that'd just be neat ;). that and maybe something trigonic for halloween this year, i seriously need some large facestyle antlers.
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  4. recoil2 Dedicated Player


    can we get a style modeled after the james kim butcher ^?
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  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

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  6. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    YES! A great example of what several have said about “We need extraterrestrial styles that look more extraterrestrial-ie. Less Terran, more alien.
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  7. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Totally agree about Trigon. Can we get a face that gives one multiple eyes? Even if it’s just 2 pair of tiny eyes, and a head that has big-*** horns. Like ram horns.
    And Swamp Thing, a face to make the Swamp Thing face would be good I think. After all, we have antlers as a head style. So a face that says Swamp Thing.
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  8. Megzilla Developer

    Thanks all! I see all the latest requests even if I don't respond directly :)
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  9. Volle Active Player

    Traditional Japanese Samurai Kimono Set Kendo Gi + Hakama Pants + Haori Jacket

    Head and face Masks
    Bullet belts
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  10. Kaveman1089 New Player

    New iconics like the 2018 batsuit and 2018 flash
  11. Kaveman1089 New Player

    Some torn up shorts too want to make hulk character
  12. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Voodoo legs are torn up shorts.
  13. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Thanks for keeping up. Totally understand there isn’t always time to respond to every single one. And any update on whether I’m any closer to getting y’all to give up and make an Atomic Axe staff, creature styles (multiple arms, multiple eyes, cyclopes, etc), or adding Legion of Superheroes? lol
  14. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    The 2018 Batman, I’d be good even with just the multi-colored cape. You know, black on the outside, purple on the inside.
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  15. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    HI, Megzilla*

    So far i have been working and trying to find the best website for The dark Knight Rises Christian Bale's Batman.
    it has 8 gear pieces already. It's from The Dark Knight Rises (mobile game)

    Here is link Megzilla.

    it shows the model so you can get a better look at the gear style

    Here is one more link.

    I really hope If you Megzilla and the DEV Team can make it happen... As Christian Bale's Batman is my favorite Batman ***

    Ps It's the *only* gear style i want from Batman I'll pay anything if it is in a time capsule OR limited time in Marketplace.

    "Please Megzilla, Mepps, The DEV Team** please make it happen. That's my only wish
  16. The 14th Doctor Dedicated Player

    Don't know if it's already been suggested, but I got excited over the thought: battle worn versions of current styles. Like, a lot of the styles in-game now, but with faded colors and pieces missing or falling off. Torn slimlines and cracked Demonic gear. Stuff like that. Helmets with holes in them. I think it'd be cool
  17. Megzilla Developer

    I can't speak much to state of weapons since it's all super internal right now. I will say that weapon styles are not off the table - once we get farther along in how we are approaching them then it'll start opening doors to get more styles in. Basically, stay tuned but I don't have any news right now.

    Trigon eyes was an idea that seemed popular but I don't know when we can fit it into content. When we start getting more cosmetic things rolling this'll be easier to implement. I don't know bout arms tho. Face styles are easier.

    No idea bout LoS lol. Definitely not this year though.
    just wait
    Even though it is a DC property it doesn't mean we have access to it. It's a licensing and legal obstacle. If it is in the comics, we can probably use it.. But if it's from movies, tv shows, other games (like that mobile game, Injustice 2, etc), we can't use it. I can do inspired-by's but currently don't have a plan for a Batman suit right now. I hope you understand and I'm sorry for crushing dreams. :<
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  18. XEMD Well-Known Player

    I'd like to see a robe like this.
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  19. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Even though I know there is probably no point.
    How about...give me a minute...gotta kill time until I think of something solid enough that it won’t be “...that guy’s and idiot” lol
    Ok, got it:
    -Planetary and The Authority have access to time travel and the ability to navigate the Bleed. So, what if one (or both) get lost in the Bleed and end up in a universe where magic is the primary force of the universe, rather than science. That could satisfy people that might want more multiverse, more magic, or other stuff that I’m forgetting. That could also give the opportunity to release supernatural/ET styles for faces/heads/backs. Like Trigon eyes, horns, tentacles growing from the head, an elongated skull, or tails. Or other magic-ie character stuff, like a more slovenly looking trench coat that has the tie loosened (because it would be based on a magic-practioner from comics) and maybe even styles from nevermind, Authority and Planetary are easily pull-offable with current styles. So no point mentioning it this time.

    -If the Great Darkness Saga were done, then LoS could be introduced. And since they are fighting Darkseid that has a group of servants resembling nineties and noughties heroes that might be simpler since they’re already in the game (my alter ego is a cashier, so I don’t know how all this works, but in my head it sounds easier). And even if they don’t directly appear, it could open to Fatal Five, specific Legionnaire, or other Apokoliptian styles.

    And if either of those are just “too hard”, “absolutely not”, or “that’s dumb” you can just say. I will be ok and will understand.

    And not having access to some or all media stuff, I also understand. Even if it is inconvenient or dream smashing, still completely understand that’s the way it is and it’s not your choice.

    ...oh, and sorry about the length.
  20. Megzilla Developer

    Alien-y and creature-y stuff is always good material for seasonal rewards or perhaps future marketplace bundles. I guess we could do multiple arms as some kind of back piece but not sure how good it'd look. This is all definitely on my list since I am here to gather what players are looking for. :) I have gotten a lot of not-human requests so I do know our team here is aware of it. Don't lose hope!

    I haven't heard anything for content plans next year so we could always explore LoS! My reply above wasn't a "no" at all, we just haven't planned out next year whereas this year was already locked in for content. I've seen quite a few LoS requests so I'd be curious if we end up making an episode about it.

    Please don't be shy or anything bout posting! And yeah it stinks we can't touch some things (I know people were asking for Batman Ninja earlier in this thread). But maybe some future slimlines and mix/matching could get you the look you're after. ;)
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